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Africa Cup of Nations Betting Sites

top-afcon-betting-lines-usaAfrican Cup of Nations betting (also known as AFCON betting) generally tends to get popular around June/July of every second calendar year, when the only other popular betting option available to United States bettors seems to be baseball. The tournament brings together 16 of the best teams on the African continent to compete against each other. With these national squads being filled with top talent, exciting matches filled with flair are the norm, and the only way to make them better is to have some money riding on them, and bettors can expect to find loads of exciting lines at the top US online gambling sites.

Although many US bettors may be unfamiliar with AFCON, we here at are here to help you navigate these unfamiliar soccer betting waters. Below we have a look at the types of bets gamblers can place on AFCON matches, how to read odds and some top betting tips. So, read on and get the most out of the Africa Cup of Nations betting experience.

Best AFCON Betting Sites

Looking for the best AFCON odds? Well, you can’t go wrong with these sportsbooks. Not only do they feature some of the widest wagering options available on soccer matches, but they’ve got the most competitive odds you’ll see online too.

What You’ll Find In Our AFCON Betting Guide

Popular AFCON Betting Lines

Most online US sports betting sites offer the following betting lines on AFCON matches. Be sure to have a good look at the odds available on each team before placing your bet though:

  • 3-Way Moneyline – these bets see bettors attempt to predict the outcome of the match. In general, soccer matches can end in one of three ways: a victory for one team or a draw.
  • Spread Bets – the team traditionally favored to win the match is given a handicap in order to even the odds between the two teams. The team favored to win needs to overcome the handicap in order for bets placed on them to be successful.
  • Totals – these are bets made on the total score of the match. Soccer is a low-scoring sport, so many bettors try to avoid placing over/unders bets on these matches, but we think that is just absurd. The fact that it is low-scoring should make outcomes easier to predict.
  • Futures – these are bets made on matches that will be played some time in the future like the final. These bets tend to offer amazing odds due to the fact that they are very hard to get right. We don’t recommend making too many future bets though.
  • Props – these are bets made on something specific to take place in a match. An example could be betting on a specific player to score a goal.

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AFCON Betting Odds

Every soccer betting site will have odds for AFCON, but part of being a good sports bettor is finding the sportsbook with the best odds on value teams. The only way to do this is to scope out the offers at every online sportsbook recommended on this page.

In general, teams like Egypt, Cameroon, Senegal, Ivory Coast and Nigeria will always be given strong Africa Cup of Nations outright odds. The reason being is that these sides have either done historically well in the tournament or frequently field teams filled with world-class players. Placing a future bet on any of these teams should give a good payout but not as high as those seen on teams less likely to win. (Bear in mind though, that these teams are considered less likely to win for a reason.)

Another popular betting area involves the race for the title of top scorer. Currently, there are a load of really good strikers in Africa. Bettors can expect sportsbooks to provide competitive African Cup of Nations top scorer odds on players like Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mané, Percy Tau and Nicolas Pépé.

With regards to matches in the lead-up to the final, we recommend that players have a look at the odds available at each sportsbook, in addition to doing research on the teams involved.
best african cup of nations betting sites usa

Africa Cup of Nations Betting Tips

Like any sport that you choose to wager on, you need to do your research before placing your bet. If you are looking for some hot AFCON betting tips to help you make better wagers, read on down below:

  • Egypt is Generally a Good Future Bet – Egypt has won the AFCON Cup more times than any other nation. The team always generally tends to perform well and seeing as they are hosting the 2019 AFCON tournament, we seriously recommend placing a future bet on them, especially with Mohamed Salah in the squad.
  • Study the Performance of Participating Teams – make sure to have a look at the squads and performance history of the teams you would like to bet on. Yes, you could probably win a fortune if you place a future bet on Zimbabwe to win, but are they really likely to do so? Probably not based on recent performances. Clue yourself up about your AFCON betting picks before you make them to make the best bets.
  • Shop for Odds – once you know which team you want to bet on, check the odds available for the team. Compare the odds from different sportsbooks to see which one offers a better payout. You don’t want to miss out on making extra cash due to choosing the wrong sportsbook.

Make sure to have a look at our blog and Twitter feed for our latest African Cup of Nations final predictions. We constantly have a look at upcoming matches and provide some predictions on the go.

Previous Africa Cup of Nations Winners

Here is a list of every team that has won the AFCON Cup since the tournament was launched in 1957. It is easy to see why Egypt is considered such a big favorite to win each time the event is held.

1959United Arab Republic
1992Ivory Coast
1996South Africa
2015Ivory Coast
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