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CONCACAF Champions League Betting

The Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF) was founded in 1961. The federation has 41-member states and betting on CONCACAF is a big sideshow on its own. In previous decades, soccer was not as big as American football . However, that has changed. Soccer in the US has become a favorite of many a sport fan. It comes as no surprise then that betting on soccer especially CONCACAF is huge. Below are the top US online gambling sites.

Best Soccer Betting Sites

What You’ll Find In Our CONCACAF Champion’s League Betting Guide

Betting on CONCACAF

If you are familiar with soccer tournaments you will know they span almost two months. Through that period, there’s various stages and US gamblers can bet on each one as the tournament progresses. Each stage has its own odds and bets that would work. Naturally, it’s easier to bet on the favourites during the beginning knock out stages. The middle part of the tournament is always tricky because it starts to look like it may be anyone’s game. The big money bets are usually the quarter finals, semi-final and finals.

The knockout stage is your chance to use your soccer betting tips and odds knowledge to win big at the best US sports betting sites. If it’s hard to clearly decide who will come out on top rather wager on a low scoring match bet or just one team scoring. Also, keeping tabs of what games your chosen team play before the tournaments will help your bet placing. If players are injured in previous games, the odds of the team performing well is lowered.

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Types of Bets

Many soccer betting sites have the standard sports bets i.e. Totals, Correct score, halftime line bets moneyline, single straight bets, Parlays which include multiple, double and treble bets. Multiple bets have great rewards, but also great risks. A type of multiple bet is a double bet where you bet on two different teams in different matches and both must be accurate for the bet to win. A treble is a bet on three teams and all must be accurate for a win.

There are other non-standard bets which are specific to soccer which can be very profitable during the CONCACAF. These are bets like First Goal, where you bet which team will score the first goal. Betting on a draw for instance, either at half time or full time. First Goal-scorer bet is a wager on which player will score first. There are two related bets to this one, Last Goal-scorer and anytime goal-scorer. Scorecast merges the aforementioned bets but this bet only applies to goals during normal time not extra time.

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