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Europa League Soccer Betting 2020

The leagues in Europe are some of the most popular in the world since the sport is deemed to originate from the continent. With approximately almost 4 billion soccer fans in the world, it puts into perspective just how popular the sport is. Follow our soccer betting guide on one of the most competitive leagues around the world. We look at the different soccer teams vying for the Europa League competitions to bet on and find out which teams to bet on at US online gambling sites.

Best Europa League Sportsbooks US

What You’ll Find In Our Europa League Betting Guide

International – UEFA Europa League Qualification Predictions

The Europa league is the second continental knockout competition in Europe, behind the UEFA Champions League. Teams from different European countries qualify to play the competition based on their position in the league. There is a qualifying criterion for each league determined by UEFA governing body. The tournament is held annually and the Europa league final destination is chosen from the leagues that compete in the competition.

Europa League Betting

Betting on Europa League Games

US players would have to follow both the Champions League games as well as the Europa League matches in order to make informed bets at top sports betting sites. This is because the tournament is ranked below the Champions League, and once they reach the knockout rounds, teams that didn’t qualify for the Champions League last 16 will be relegated to the Europa League last 32 round. They will then compete for the trophy with the remaining teams that made it out of the group stages.

UEFA Europa League Tips

The Europa League tournament starts from August and ends in May. Held annually, the competition always features multiple surprises, with big teams that are relegated from the Champions League also finding it hard to win. Punters typically choose teams from the five major leagues in Europe. These teams are from England, Spain, France, Italy and Germany. These leagues are renowned for their competitiveness and ability to lure big-name players to their shores.  In the last 10 years, eight of the 10 teams that won the tournament were from these five major leagues.

Notwithstanding the history of winners in the competition, punters should also be wary of the teams form as well as the team they are playing against. This works for and against teams. That is, smaller teams get buoyed to play against big teams while big teams don’t pitch up on match day. The soccer betting odds will indicate which team is pegged as favorites and which team are the underdogs.

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The History of Europa League

The Europa League competition has gone through many changes since it was first introduced in 1971. It replaced the then intercontinental competition called the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup. It was soon called the UEFA Cup in 1999 after the UEFA Cup Winner’s Cup was abolished. They were banded together to usher in the winners of domestic cup competitions.

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