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MLS Eastern Conference Betting Sites

best-mls-eastern-betting-usaMajor League Soccer Eastern Conference betting (also known as MLS Eastern betting) makes up a good part of all betting on the United States’ premier soccer league. Although the conference is thought to be the weaker of the two, with only five teams having won the MLS Cup, there are still some pretty good prospects in the conference. In fact, DC United, Atlanta United and New York City FC have been viewed as some pretty big contenders for the Cup in recent years.

Betting on the MLS Eastern Conference is very exciting. If you would like to learn more about wagering on this prestigious league, then make sure to keep reading. Below we go through all things MLS Eastern, including the types of wagers gamblers can make, current odds on teams to win the conference and betting tips to keep in mind when planning your wager. So, read on and learn all you need to know about betting on the MLS Eastern Conference at online gambling sites.

Best MLS Eastern Sportsbooks 2020

Looking to place a bet on an upcoming MLS game? Have a look at the sportsbooks listed down below. They have all got a great list of lines and odds for US bettors.

MLS Eastern Betting Links

Popular MLS Eastern Betting Lines

When visiting top US sports betting sites, gamblers can expect to find the following betting lines on MLS Eastern Conference games:

  • 3-Way Moneylines – with these bets, gamblers attempt to predict the outcome of the match. Matches can end in one of two ways: a win for one of the two teams or a draw.
  • Spread Bets – in this scenario, the sportsbook sets a handicap on a team favoured to win. US bettors ten bet on whether the team will be able to overcome the handicap.
  • Totals – with the wagers, gamblers try to predict the overall score of the match; both teams combined. As this is soccer, we generally recommend going low instead of high.
  • Props – these are bets made on happenings during the match. If gamblers are betting on a big game, like the Eastern Conference Championship, they can expect to find a load of standard and exotic prop betting options. Some examples include betting on the coin toss or who will score first.
  • Futures – these are bets made sometime before a big game like the Eastern Conference final and or the MLS Cup. They offer big payouts due to high odds often being attached to them.

Have a look at the sportsbooks listed above to find more lines on the MLS Eastern. You never know when it will be your lucky day!

All MLS Eastern Conference Teams

Currently, these are all the teams competing in the MLS Eastern Conference. Click on the links to find more team-specific betting tips:

Top MLS Eastern Betting Tips

If you are looking to place some wagers on the MLS Eastern, make sure to keep the following tips in mind in order to place educated bets that give you a good chance of winning:

  • Research Team Line-Ups – research the latest news and updates on MLS Eastern teams before placing your wager. You don’t want to place a bet on DC United winning an upcoming match if Wayne Rooney is out injured or on international duty. The only way that you would know that he is not playing an upcoming game is by keeping up-to-date with pre-match news.
  • Homeground Advantage – MLS teams as a whole tend to win more games at home than on the road. If you are looking at placing moneylines or spreads, we really urge you to look at backing the home team unless other factors really are telling you not to.
  • Follow Tipsters – make sure to have a look at following some good MLS betting tipsters, but have a look at their overall betting record before following their advice though. There really are some experts out there that make consistently good picks that US bettors as a whole could profit from.
  • Research Stats and Past Results – part of keeping up-to-date with the form of a team is having a look at their past results against other teams and the tournament as a whiole as well as through researching their most recent stats. For example, if a team is struggling to score and is playing against the best defensive side in the Eastern Conference, you do not want to bet Over.

Current MLS Eastern Championship Odds

Think you know which team is going to win the MLS Eastern Conference this year? Well, why don’t you put some money on it? Below are some of the current odds on teams to win the Eastern Conference this year. Newcomer New York City FC leads the way as their strong showing this year has made bookies believe that they have a real chance of winning the MLS Cup this year.

The 2018 Champion, Atlanta United follow behind as they have also been doing pretty well this season. It seems like it is going to be a real toss-up!

New York City FC+275
Atlanta United FC+370
DC United+370
Philadelphia Union+370
New York Red Bulls+570
Montreal Impact+1250
Toronto FC+1600
Orlando City SC+3150
Chicago Fire+3575
New England Revolution+5650
Columbus Crew+8500
FC Cincinnati+34000

MLS Eastern Conference History

The Major League Soccer Eastern Conference was formulated in 1996 when the league first began. It makes up one of the league’s two overall sporting conferences and initially comprised of a total of five teams in the league’s first season; one of which – the Tampa Bay Mutiny – no longer exists.

Since formation, the team has seen many alterations with several teams joining and leaving the conference. Currently, it comprises of a total of 12 teams, with the latest addition being FC Cincinnati who joined in 2018. It is expected that Inter Miami will be the next team to join the conference in coming years.

As previously mentioned, the MLS Eastern is seen to be the weaker of the two conferences despite Atlanta United FC and Toronto FC having recently won the Cup. It has often been suggested that the travel time associated with playing in the conference has a real impact on the teams’ abilities to play well. That said, both New York City FC and Atlanta United look to have strong line-ups this year, which may mean that they have a good chance of winning the Cup this year.

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