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Sporting KC Odds

Sporting KC Betting PredictionsSporting Kansas City soccer team has been the crown jewel of the city of Kansas for a long time. The professional American soccer team takes part in the Major League Soccer, on the Western Conference division. In the past, the team featured in both the Eastern and the MLS Western Conference until they made the switch back to the West. These changes have taken place in conjunction with the team going through a rebranding phase from the Kansas City Wizards to Sporting KC.

Of late, the club side has tasted success and even went on to meet the then president, Barack Obama at the White House in 2013. Find out how the team has faired in their MLS over the years since it was first inducted into the league in 1996. Bet on Sporting KC matches at top US sportsbooks online and start winning for supporting your team’s colours. Find a list of the most popular online gambling sites that have competitive odds below and sign up today.

Best Sporting KC Betting Sites

What You’ll Find In Our Sporting KC Betting Guide

Sporting KC Standings 2019/2020

You will not regret betting on Sporting KC, one of the few teams that have won the MLS Cup on more than one occasion. The golden years seemed to have dissipated until they shocked the world in 2013, earning them a trip to the White House. With the team failing to add more quality to the team, the odds of Sporting KC not making it into the playoffs look more realistic than the team would like it to be. Find the latest SKC results, along with the away games form and how the team has fared on home court in our sports betting guide.

Best Sporting KC Betting Sites

Bet on Sporting Kansas City Fixtures

Find out who is Sporting KC playing tonight on our fixture list of the teams home and away games in the MLS. We have the latest Sporting Kansas City schedule, which features Sporting KC next game to wager on. We urge bettors to watch the latest highlights of MLS games to find out how their team performed. These are not solely based on the score, but on the overall performance. For instance, a team may lose based on external factors such as bad weather conditions of possibly losing their star player to an injury. Check out our tips on how to bet on Sporting KC for more information.

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Bet on Sporting KC Tips

If you want to learn how to bet on Sporting KC football club and win, we’ve featured a couple of soccer betting tips that will set you on the right course. You will need to follow these tips and strategies to the tee to have any chance of winning. Our expert gamblers collated the information looking at the history of the team, the odds of each game and how the public bet in general.

  • Research – always take the additional step of looking at previous performances as well as head-to-head results of the teams involved. This will give you an impression of how the team is performing and the probability of Sporting KC winning their next game.
  • Public Opinion – fans of the sport generally have an idea of which teams are favorites and which teams are underdogs going into the game. Depending on how you think the game will go, you can go against the public and get a great payout or seemingly agree with the public and opt for parlays.
  • Sporting Kansas City roster – ensure that you check which players are available for each game. The line-up of a game is usually released days before the game and bettors can get an impression of how things will turn out if the player on form is injured. This allows you to make better bets at MLS betting sites.
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