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English Premier League Betting Odds 2021


The English Premier League (EPL) is the biggest soccer league in the world, drawing as many as 4.7 billion viewers around the world each season. Thus, it stands to reason that English Premier League betting is also prevalent. You will probably have more trouble finding a sportsbook that doesn’t offer EPL betting odds than one that does.

The best thing about betting on sports with a significant viewership is that sportsbooks are more likely to offer more lines than the standard betting options. Yes, you’ll still get to place moneylines, spreads, and over unders; but the list of props seems endless.

For example, you can bet on the next Premier League manager to be sacked (fired) throughout the season. Not many other leagues other than perhaps the NFL has as many unique betting lines.

So, if you are a soccer fan and would like to find out more about all the opportunities available with Premier League betting, stick around. We have created the ultimate EPL betting guide below where we discuss:

  • The lines available on the EPL
  • How to read odds
  • Betting tips to keep in mind

We also list the online gambling sites with the best betting odds on the Premier League, so you can get started with your first wagers as soon as you feel ready.

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Popular EPL Betting Lines

As mentioned above, there are many betting lines available on the Premier League, including standard sports betting lines and some unique offers. Below we have a look at some of the lines that most bettors take an interest in:

3-Way Moneylines

Soccer moneylines are a little different from those seen in football, basketball, or hockey. In soccer, a draw is a very real possible outcome. As such, moneylines work 3-ways: a win for either team or a tie.

The additional outcome means that odds on each outcome are a little more rewarding. However, if there is a firm favorite in the match-up, you still won’t earn all that much money by betting on the favorite.


Spreads (often called handicaps in European markets) see sportsbooks name a favorite and an underdog in a match up. Oddsmakers then set an expected scoreline they expect the favorite to win by.

You can then bet on either the favorite or underdog to beat the line. Spread bets can seem a bit confusing to people who have never placed a sports bet before. So, here’s an example that may make more sense to you.

Let’s say the following spread line is on offer at a sportsbook:

Manchester United -1.5 -101

Crystal Palace +1.5 -119

The sportsbook expects Manchester United to win the game. We can see that with the -1.5 figure next to their name. The number indicates that United needs to win by at least a two-goal difference for bets on them to be successful.

However, for bets on Crystal Palace to be successful, Palace needs to keep the loss to a one-goal difference or less. We are able to determine this by +1.5 next to their name.


Over/unders (also known by some as totals) refers to many lines based on the scoreline of the game. Essentially, a sportsbook will set multiple lines on the total scoreline of the game (the score of team A + the score of team B).

You can then bet on whether the game’s total scoreline will come under or above the prediction. Beginner sports bettors usually start with over unders because there is a little more room for error.

best premier league betting odds


Props are event-based bets rather than outcome-based bets. For example, you can bet on a specific team or player to score a goal in a game. Once this has happened, you get paid out. It doesn’t matter whether the team wins or loses.

There are many types of props available. Most have to do with scoring a goal but not all. Here are some examples of popular props:

  • Team to score the next goal
  • Team to score the last goal
  • Both teams to score
  • Odds/evens
  • Highest scoring half


Futures (known as outright bets in European markets) are bets on an event set to take place in the future. For example, a futures bet on the EPL could be betting on who will win the title before the first game of the season (although this is dangerous).

There are loads of interesting futures available on the Premier League, though. Some prevalent examples include:

  1. Premier League season winner – this is a bet on a team to win the season title long before it is decided.
  2. Relegation bets – do you think you know which team is likely to get relegated to the Championship this season? Well, you can bet on it with relegation bets!
  3. Top goal scorer – you bet on the player you think will be named top scorer at the end of a season.
  4. Top four – finishing in the top four is a massive deal in the EPL because these teams qualify automatically for the UEFA Champions League. Do you know which teams will perform well enough to finish in the top four?
  5. Club region betting – most soccer clubs in the EPL come from a handful of areas, such as London or the Greater Manchester area. You can bet on which club in a sub-region will perform the best in a season.
english premier league betting

Premier League Betting Odds

To bet on the Premier League, you need to know how to read betting odds. Before we get into it, we should mention that there are three types of odds formats:

  1. American/moneyline
  2. Fractional
  3. Decimal

Most of the sportsbooks we recommend allow you to switch between all three. We will be explaining American/moneyline odds below. But if you would like to learn about the others, please head over to our dedicated how to read odds guide.

So, with the American/moneyline format, odds are displayed as follow:

Chelsea +192

Liverpool -126

Draw +250

In this line, Liverpool is expected to win the game. We can see this by looking at the mathematical symbol next to the team name. Usually, a minus denotes an event that is likely to happen, and a plus means an event that is less likely to happen.

However, there are cases where each event could have a plus or minus. In such situations, you need to look at the numbers to see which event is perceived to be most likely.

To calculate how much you could win off a bet with American odds, all you need to do is use the applicable formula below:

  • Positive Odds – Odds x (Stake/100)
  • Negative Odds – (100/Odds) x Stake
epl betting tips

Best Premier League Betting Tips

There is no foolproof way to ensure that you win every bet you place. However, you can increase your chances of making better bets by researching games before betting on them. Doing such will make you aware of things you did not before.

Here are some of the areas we suggest you focus on when researching your bets:

Home Advantage is Real

Statistically, when teams play at home, they are more likely to win the game. Of course, it is essential to take this in the context of a team’s performance throughout the entire season. But usually, this is a good indicator of which team has a slight edge, especially in derby games.

Context is Important

Look at the context going into a game before betting on it. Some teams are more likely to play better line-ups in an FA Cup game, so their league line-up will suffer. Alternatively, some teams may play more robust line-ups in league games if they are fighting against relegation.

Look at Team Schedule

If a team plays many games in quick succession, they are more likely to pick up a loss. For example, successful teams often have full schedules as follows:

Date Game League
16 September Liverpool vs. Real Madrid UEFA Champions League
19 September Liverpool vs. Bournemouth FA Cup
22 September Liverpool vs. Manchester United English Premier League

Unfortunately, at some point, the team (in this case, Liverpool) will suffer from the effects of fatigue, and they are more likely to pick up a loss somewhere along the line. However, it doesn’t always mean that it will be in the league.

Premier League Betting – FAQs

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