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Free Online Consensus Picks

Consensus picks (also sometimes referred to as public betting) refers to how the public believes a particular sports event is going to go. Researching this information can be quite helpful in placing better wagers as you learn why the majority is betting in a particular manner, and then get the chance to adapt your decision accordingly. Experienced sharp bettors tend to rely on this information quite a bit as sometimes (especially with big games) consensus figures get heavily influenced by casual bettors making bad decisions.

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Here at, we provide bettors with access to consensus picks at the top online gambling sites. If you’d like to learn more about what consensus picks are and why they are important, make sure to keep on reading. We also provide bettors with a list of sportsbooks to try your luck by betting with or against the public. So, what are you waiting for? Begin making money today!

Bet on Consensus Picks Here

Looking to get the edge on some lines using consensus picks on all the biggest upcoming sports events? Well, have a look at the odds on offer at the sportsbooks listed below! US bettors are sure to be impressed!

What You’ll Find In Our Consensus Picks Guide

What are Consensus Picks?online consensus picks usa

To understand what consensus sports betting picks are, bettors will first need to understand what is meant by the term consensus in sports betting. So, essentially, consensus refers to the overall number of bets being placed on a competitor in a sporting event (this is also sometimes referred to as betting percentages.)

Essentially, the competitor that most bettors are placing their wagers on is the de facto consensus pick. There is a lot to be gained with learning how the public is betting as bettors get the chance to see whether their opinion lines up with that of the public or not. Basically, it acts as a rough litmus test for your selections.

In addition, it also gives bettors the chance to capitalize on line movements, especially if you plan on betting against the public in a particular situation, which can prove to be very profitable for some very lucky gamblers.

Betting Against the Public Explainedbetting against the public usa

Betting against the public (also known as fading the public) is one of the most popular betting strategies out there, particularly when it comes to big games like the Super Bowl, NBA Championship, World Series or Stanley Cup. The whole idea is to bet against the team favored to win, and take advantage of the odds being placed on the underdog.

The reasoning behind this strategy is that casual bettors tend to bet based on their gut and are less likely to bet based on analytics. Such bettors are more likely to say that the New England Patriots will win the Super Bowl, just because they are the New England Patriots.

Many experienced bettors (also known as sharp bettors) like to exploit situations, especially in situations where it seems that both the public and the sportsbook have made a mistake. It gives them an opportunity to win loads of cash on a single wager.

As with all strategies, betting against the public does not guarantee you a win any more than using computer picks. Sometimes you may think that a decided “underdog” has a better chance of winning a game than a decided favorite, but then bookies and public betting trends are proven correct.

It is also important to note that many sportsbooks have rules against sharp bettors, so make sure that you don’t get drawn into making too many of these bets on a regular basis and then getting banned from your favorite site.

Popular Sports with Free Consensus Picksconsensus picks sports

Sportsbooks provide consensus picks on pretty much any event that is possible to wager on. Some of the most widely sought-after sports betting consensus picks include the following:

MLB Consensus Picks

Baseball consensus picks are very popular with US bettors, despite the fact that betting on the MLB can be very difficult to get right due to the league’s unpredictability. Fading the public is quite a popular strategy when betting on the league, which is why we provide our bettors with free MLB consensus picks.

NBA Consensus Picks

Basketball consensus picks generally tends to follow a pattern, and that pattern is the favorites always win. This is because the NBA is generally a sport with very predictable outcomes. That said though, this does provide a good opportunity for sharp bettors to make a lot of money on certain picks.

NFL Consensus Picks

Super Bowl consensus picks are widely searched for year-after-year. With the NFL being the most popular sporting league in the country, this really is no surprise. There is a lot of potential to make a lot of money by studying consensus picks in the NFL.


NHL Consensus Picks

Even the most experienced bettors will admit that betting on hockey can be very difficult. With so many games each season, and certain players making a huge difference to a squad, it can be very difficult to make correct bets. Sometimes, sports consensus information can help you in doing so.

College Basketball Consensus Picks

Everybody knows that college basketball is not as predictable as its professional counterpart, and leaves room for more upsets at lower levels than many are aware of. Perhaps, NCAAB consensus picks can make you aware of such line changes.

College Football Consensus Picks

The inverse is true with NCAAF consensus picks, with more quality players being selected by schools with bigger budgets, which is why it doesn’t hurt to have a look at how the public is betting.

Best Consensus Picks FAQsbest consensus picks

What is a consensus pick?

A consensus pick – usually displayed as a percentage – refers to what percentage of the public chose to wager on a particular outcome in a sports event. In layman terms, it basically refers to how the overall majority of the public thinks a particular wager will turn out.

What is betting against the public?

This refers to when a bettor actively wagers against the outcome favored by the public. This often means better odds and the chance to win bigger pools of cash, but it also could go wrong if you have made the wrong calculation.

What is a sharp bettor?

Sharp bettors are simply experienced bettors who are able to produce winning betting percentages over a solid history of hundreds if not thousands of bets. These are bettors that are more often than not on the right side of a wager.

What is reverse line movement?

Reverse line movement occurs when a sportsbook moves the betting line in a direction that is apparently opposite to what makes sense. Lines begin moving when loads of bettors begin betting in a particular manner. This is especially true in events where there is no clear favorite.

Do all sports offer consensus picks?

In general, most sportsbook will offer consensus information to bettors for any sort of wager they would like to make on all the most popular sports.

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