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Best Casinos in Alaska

Casinos in Alaska Casinos in Alaska are gambling facilities that are available in the state. Alaska gambling is entirely restricted in the US. Those who enjoy casino games can play them at tribal casinos in Alaska. However, you have to be aware that these games are also limited. Gambling in Alaska is quite controlled. If you are looking for a lottery, then you won’t be able to find it in Alaska. You might ask yourself, what are the legal forms of gambling that is allowed in Alaska? The basic truth is those tribal casinos are allowed to operate in the state. However, the casino games that are offered in these tribal casinos are quite limited. You will only be able to play bingo as well as a pull-tab machine. If you have never heard of pull-tab machines that are similar to slot machines. The only difference is that pull-machines use tickets instead of coins and spinning machines.

The other type of gambling that you will find in Alaska that is legal is charitable gambling. Even with this type of gambling, you can only play bingo, lotteries, raffles as well as small games of chance. If you want to find out more about Alaska state gambling, then all you have to do is read this guide further.

Top-rated Casinos in Alaska

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State Gambling Laws for Casinos in Alaska

Alaska has quite a set of restrictive gambling laws. Apart from the few charitable casinos that are available in Alaska. You might think that it is odd that Alaska has a limited form of gambling. However, it’s not that strange. Alaska is ranked 48th when it comes to population in the United States. Furthermore, the distance between population centers is quite vast. For many people in Alaska, it does not make sense to drive to buy a lottery ticket. It also does not make sense for them to drive to a casino in Alaska.

The fact that there is a small populace in Alaska has deterred many companies from campaigning to have gambling operations in the state. The small population in Alaska means that gambling facilities will not be allowed anytime soon.

Types of Legal Gambling at Casinos in Alaska

Online gambling – internet gambling is not allowed in the state of Alaska. There have been talks of legalizing online bingo. However, those talks never came fruition.

Land-based Casinos – No, however, you might find some bingo halls being referred to as casinos. But due to the limited casino games that are allowed.

Charitable Gaming – You will be able to play bingo games as well as pull-tab games.

Lottery Betting – Alaska is one of six statesthat does not have a state lottery.

Minimum Gambling – You have to be 19-years-old if you want to play bingo. The legal age for pull-tabs machines is 21.


Casinos in Alaska Gambling

Casinos in Alaska to Play Bingo

City Name of Casino Address Phone Numbers Details
AnchorageLucky Boniface Bingo360 Boniface Parkway, Anchorage, Alaska 99504-4908(907) 250-1737250 Bingo Seats
AnchorageNorthern Lights Bingo703 West Northern Lights Boulevard, Suite 100A, Anchorage, Alaska 99503-2644(907) 278-2975300 Bingo Seats
AnchorageTudor Bingo Centre1436 East Tudor Road, Anchorage, Alaska 99507-1034(907) 561-47111.114 Bingo Seats
Eagle RiverEagle River Bingo & Casino12130 Regency Drive, Eagle River, Alaska 99577-7712(907) 522-1616150 Bingo Seats
BarrowNative Village Barrow Pull Tabs1082 Kiogak Street, Barrow, Alaska 99723(907) 852-4411Pull Tabs
JuneauTlingit and Haida Community Bingo3235 Hospital Drive, Juneau, Alaska 99801-7809(907) 463-5690300 Bingo Seats
KlawockKlawock IRA Smoke Shop310 Bayview Boulevard, Klawock, Alaska 99925(907) 755-480760 Bingo Seats


Evolution of Gambling at Alaska Casinos

Gambling in the state of Alaska has not grown. However, there have been a few that have tried to revive gambling in the state. For a very long time, it was not possible to gamble in Alaska in any form. However, they soon change when gambling was legalized in 1960. You would find casino cruises that operated in Alaskan waters, this possible until 1995. You will find a timeline of Alaska Gambling below:

1990 – Voters in Alaska vote on the legalization of gambling. They also voted on Establishing a gambling board. 64% of the voters were against the legalization of gambling in the state.

1993 – the National Indian Gaming Commission signs the approval of a casino in Klawock.

1995 – State Legislators criminalize cards, wheel, and dice casino games. Many gambling organizations were affected. This includes non-profit organizations that rely on these games to raise funds. Many native tribes that wanted to open gambling facilities were immediately halted because of this decree. During this year, the Alaskan government decrees that casino cruises should not operate on Alaskan water.

2003: A bill allowing for state lottery is rejected. An attempt to allow large cities to have gambling operations is shut down. During this year, the decision to turn the non-working Alaska Seafood International plant in Anchorage into a casino was dismissed.

2005 – A proposal to vote on Alaska Video Lottery is rejected.

2008 – Alaska residents are asked to vote on whether they want gambling in the state, and the majority vote no to the proposal.

Frequently Asked Questions about Casinos in Alaska

What is the legal gambling age in Alaska?

If you want to play bingo games in Alaska, then you have to be 19 years old. If You are interested in pull-tab machines, then you will have to be 21-years and older to participate.

Is Social Gambling Allowed in Alaska?

There is no law in Alaska that bans free-play when it comes to casino games. However, the state has quite a wide definition of what actions constitute gambling. Therefore, those who enjoy playing games on social media platforms, such as Facebook, should be careful.

Is charitable gambling allowed in Alaska?

Yes. Charity organizations in Alaska are allowed to offer gambling games to people. However, those games are limited to bingo and pull-tab machine games.

Can I participate in off-track Betting in Alaska?

No. Off-track betting is not allowed in Alaska. You won’t find any off-track betting facilities in the state.

Are Sports betting Allowed in Alaska?

At the moment, sports betting is not allowed. However, there have been considerations to legalize sports betting in Alaska.

Is it Safe for Alaska Residents to Gamble Online?

There is a limited number of games that are allowed in Alaska. Online gambling is not permitted in Alaska.

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