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Casinos in Nebraska

Nebraska GamblingNebraska gambling is much like gambling in any other state – restricted. It does, however, offer players some leeway by offering horse racing, a state lottery, and charitable bingo. The Nebraska state lottery sells scratch-off tickets and it also hosts live lotto drawings. Nebraska has four racetracks where players can enjoy live racing and simulcast betting is allowed at these venues. Establishments where alcohol is sold, including racetrack venues, are permitted to host live keno drawings. The state, unfortunately, has no casinos. All neighboring states have casinos. The closest states are Iowa, South Dakota and Kansas.

The estimated tax revenue received from Nebraska gambling sits at $38 million. Overall gambling revenue collected is estimated at $160 million. The current age limit is 18 for horse racing and bingo, but players must be at least 19 years old to participate in the lottery and keno. Smoking is banned in all public places where permitted forms of gambling take place. All other forms of gambling, including online gambling is illegal in the state.

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Gambling Laws in Nebraska

We know now that the state lottery, charitable gambling and keno, and horse racing are the only forms of gambling permitted in the state. But, each type of event has its own laws that regulate how the game operates. It’s important to familiarise oneself with the various laws to ensure that you do not trespass and possibly land in trouble.

The gambling laws in this particular state are very strict. Any plans to expand the industry must be aligned with the constitution of the state and also requires a state-wide referendum. All attempts to expand the industry have failed thus far. The law is also very clear when it comes to what is considered an offense and what is not. Small gambling crimes are considered misdemeanors for first-time offenders only. Gambling behavior that results in debt, however, is considered a class III felony.

Gambling laws in Nebraska are also very specific when it comes to racetrack betting. Only horses are allowed to compete in racetracks. Racebooks are legal in the state. The only requirement for the opening of a racebook is that the venue host at least one horserace every year. Both forms of racing that include racetracks as well as off-track betting must be licensed by the Nebraska state racing commission.

The law regarding the state lottery is just as specific. The lottery may only offer two kinds of games, scratch-off tickets, and live lottery drawings. The fortunate bit is that the Nebraska lottery can participate in interstate drawings and it often does. This allows players to participate in Powerball and Mega Millions games in other states.

Tribal Casinos in Nebraska

We’ve mentioned previously that there are no legally operating casinos in Nebraska except the ones that operate on tribal lands. Tribal casinos in Nebraska are not obliged to obey the laws of the state because tribal lands operate independently of the state. There are currently 4 tribal casinos in Nebraska. Two of the casinos are managed by the Winnebago Tribe, while the other two is owned by the Santee Sioux Tribe and the Omaha Tribe. Another aspect of tribal casinos is they don’t pay taxes to the state in which they operate, they also do not have to report how much money they’ve earned over a specific period.

Nebraska Gambling Casinos

Racetracks in Nebraska

There are currently four race tracks in Nebraska. Each of these racetracks has their own individual racebooks where bettors can place wagers. These racetracks are easily located, especially for residents of the state. See the list of racetracks below along with their addresses.

Casino Name Address
Horsemen’s Park6303 Q Street Omaha
Lincoln Race CourseLincoln 7055 South 1st Street
Fonner Park700 East Stolley Park Road, Grand Island
Columbus Exposition and Racing822 15th Street, Columbus

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Nebraska Gambling History

Not much happened in the Nebraska gambling industry before 1934 as all forms of gambling in the state were banned before then. Live horse racing was the first form of gambling to be legalized in 1934 by means of a constitutional amendment. Charity bingo followed in 1958, and keno much later in 1985. Off-track betting was legalized soon after keno in 1988. The Nebraska Lottery was introduced in 1992.

No efforts are currently being made to expand the industry, and we know that all previous efforts have failed. Although the future of gambling in Nebraska looks stagnant at this point, gambling in some neighboring states seems to be on the rise and players can always enjoy themselves there.

Nebraska Gambling FAQs

Is social gambling permitted in Nebraska?

This is a grey area in the Nebraska gambling law because it doesn’t outrightly state whether or not gambling in a private setting is legal or not.

Is online gambling permitted in the state?

On paper, gambling on the internet is not legal in Nebraska.

What are the age requirements for gambling in the USA?

You have to be at least 18 years old to participate in horse racing and charity games, while the age requirement for lottery and keno games is 19.

Are casinos legal in Nebraska?

There are no casinos in Nebraska at the moment so players need to travel to neighboring states to play.

What factors should I consider when choosing an offshore gaming site?

There are a few aspects that we feel players should never compromise with when it comes to selecting an offshore gaming website. These include reliability, level of customer service offered, bonuses and rewards on offer as well as safety.

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