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Tennessee Titans at Baltimore Ravens Picks, Predictions & Odds 1/12/20

The NFL playoffs are officially upon us and this means that football is as exciting as it can ever be. This Saturday will see the Tennessee Titans at Baltimore Ravens for one of the two AFC Divisional Playoff games. Baltimore comes into the game strong favorites to take it following Lamar Jackson’s phenomenal season in the league, which saw him top the leaderboard for passing touchdowns in addition to making the top 10 for total rushing yards. There have been some worries about his fitness following a bout with the flu. Ravens’ fans will be hoping that he will be able to lead the team to their first Super Bowl since 2013, starting with a victory over the Titans.

The Tennessee Titans are coming off a big victory over the New England Patriots who are the most successful playoff team in the NFL and were heavily favored to win the matchup. The Titans will be hoping to ride the wave of success into the Ravens game despite a tumultuous regular season, which saw a starting quarterback change six games into the season. Will the Titans be able to upset the Ravens too and make their first Conference Championship game since 1999?

Tennessee Titans at Baltimore Ravens Prediction

Well, before we get into the prediction making, here are some things you got to keep in mind about both the Ravens and the Titans:

  • The Tennessee Titans (10-7) come into this game following a Wild Card victory over the New England Patriots. The game saw the team lock the victory with an interception returned for a touchdown. That said, the game seemed to be pretty slow with Ryan Tannehill only attempting 15 throws and making eight in addition to throwing a touchdown and an interception. This begs the question: did the Titans make it through because they are a good team or because of Tom Brady’s bad game?
  • Ryan Tannehill has been the starting quarterback for the Titans since October. Since taking up the role of starter, he has thrown for 2742 yards and 22 touchdowns against six interceptions. The matchup against the New England Patriots was his first-ever playoff game.
  • The Baltimore Ravens (14-2) have been the team to watch this year, winning the AFC North and topping the overall regular season table. They come into the game on a 12-game winning streak. In the last game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, the team put on a squad of mostly backup players and still managed to walk away with 28-10 victory. Most players should be fully rested to play in this upcoming game, which can be a good and bad thing.
  • As already mentioned above, Ravens starting quarterback Lamar Jackson is having an incredible season. Throughout the regular season, he threw for 3127 yards and 36 passing touchdowns against six interceptions. In addition to this, he rushed for 1206 yards, scoring seven touchdowns in this manner. His incredible stats point to the Ravens being a strong potential candidate to take the Lombardi Trophy soon.
  • Statistically, the Ravens outrank the Titans in pretty much every offensive and defensive statistic worth mentioning, expect or average passing yards per game and third downs percentage (defense). When taken at face value, the stats really seem to indicate a win for the Ravens.

So, with all this in mind, here are our betting predictions for the Tennessee Titans at Baltimore Ravens AFC Divisional Championship matchup:

  • Moneyline – it seems clear to us that the Ravens have got the best chance of winning this game. They are on a 12-game winning streak, quarterback Lamar Jackson is in fine form and they are playing a team that seems lucky to have made it this far. We are not saying that upsets don’t happen but everything seems to be pointing towards a Ravens win.
  • Spread – the moneyline does seem to be less profitable than many would like if betting for a Ravens win. If you are one such bettor, try your luck on a -9.5 spread bet on the Ravens. With their dual threat quarterback, we think they’re good for it.

Tennessee Titans at Baltimore Ravens Odds


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