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National Bank Cup Tennis Betting

The National Bank Cup established in 1993 is relatively a young tournament as sports disciplines go. The tennis tournament attracts talent from all over the world. There are 24 singles, 32 main competitors and 8 doubles teams who play to qualify for the main 16 doubles teams. Due to its success the National Bank Cup has drawn investment into the elite event. Naturally as with any successful highly competitive sport, gamblers enjoy betting on the tennis games at this event. Betting on The National Bank Cup tennis matches requires some knowledge of what types of bets and when to place them. Below are top online gambling sites where you can place your wagers on the different matches.

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What You’ll Find In Our National Bank Cup Betting Guide

National Bank Cup Match Betting

Betting on Tennis much like betting on any other sport requires you to understand the rules of the game. The game can be played one on one or you can pair up against another pair (doubles). The game is won by scoring four points and two or more points more than the opponent. However, it’s not just one game that determines victory. A tennis game is essentially a set of six games. The best of three and best of five wins for women and men respectively.

When you bet on a large event like the National Bank Cup, the volume of players who come to the tournament makes odds a bit more tricky to figure out. Additionally, these players are the best of the world so trying to pick an outright winner based purely on skill is also difficult because all the players are highly skilled. This makes odds at US sports betting sites very competitive.

Five Factors to Consider when Betting on the National Bank Cup

  1. The players strengths or weaknesses
  2. The type of court the match is played on – Players will perform differently depending on whether it’s a grass, carpet, clay or hard court. The balls and player’s speed is influenced by the court surface.
  3. Is one or both players right handed or left handed? If you study your stats and players well then you will know how they play or serve when pitted against a right- or left-handed opponent.
  4. The players style of play – Are they big slam servers, baseline players, defensive, all-rounders or they like to play close to the net?
  5. The players’ records and statistics – How do they perform one on one and in doubles? This will inform your betting decisions well.

Types of Bets at National Bank Cup

  • Moneyline bet – this is a bet to determine who the outright winner of the match is. It is very popular at tennis betting sites.
  • Handicap bet – a bet where the underdog is given a number of sets to level the betting field against a favorite or “better” opponent. This is similar to the (point) spread bet in many other sports or puck line bet in hockey.
  • Total Games Bets – gamblers bet on how many games the players will engage in before the match is decided. i.e. the best three or five sets are won.
  • Outright Bets – these are easy to understand outright winner bets. Bettors wager on who will be the individual outright winner of the tournament.

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Interesting Facts About National Bank Cup

  • The National Bank Cup is 26 years old, it’s marked its 25th anniversary in 2017.
  • It was established 1993 in Canada
  • It’s a tournament for women Tennis players only and is a branch of Women’s Tennis Association (WTA)
  • Many international investors have tried to buy rights to the prestigious National Bank without success
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