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Washington Redskins at Miami Dolphins Preview, Predictions & Odds

Week 6 will see the two biggest disappointments in the NFL this year take each other on with the Washington Redskins at Miami Dolphins. Both teams enter the matchup with winless records and a lot of negative energy around them. The seemingly purposely tanking Dolphins are hoping for a number one draft pick next season and a win against the Redskins may derail these hopes.

The Redskins, who actually seem to want to win games, fired established coach Jay Gruden after their absolutely terrible start to the season. Assistant head coach Bill Callahan has taken over Gruden’s role for the interim. Meanwhile fans are desperately hoping that this may change the team’s fortunes in upcoming games, but this remains to be seen.

Washington Redskins at Miami Dolphins Prediction

In what seems to be a battle to determine the biggest loser of the 2019 NFL season, it may be a little difficult to make a good prediction. So, to help us, here are some stats for both teams coming into the matchup:

  • The Dolphins are 5-0 in their last five games against the Redskins at home. It may also be important to note that Dan Marino was still quarterback for some of these games, so use this stat cautiously.
  • The Dolphins have scored only two touchdowns throughout the whole season. Josh Rosen, who has started the last two games for the Dolphins, currently holds a season rating of 57.7, has thrown only one touchdown, been intercepted three times, and sacked 11 times.
  • The Redskins have been struggling to find a good starting quarterback. After Case Keenum failed to lead the team to victory (and suffered an injury), he was replaced by Colt McCoy, who is also struggling to perform well. At the very least, the Redskins have scored more than two touchdowns this season, actually managing to make some scoring plays. The team is yet to name a starter for the game.
  • Unsurprisingly, with their problems finding a good quarterback, the Redskins are dedicated to focusing on their running game. Interim coach Bill Callahan stated as much in recent interviews.

So, with that out of the way, let’s make some predictions:

  • Moneyline – the Redskins are favored to win the matchup, and for good reason. They have actually been able to make scoring plays against many of their opponents. The Dolphins also seem intent on gaming the system for a number one draft pick for the purposes of rebuilding the squad (even if there are better ways to do this).

Kim’s NFL Record so far: 12-9 (Parlays: 0-2)

Washington Redskins at Miami Dolphins Odds


Teams BetOnline Sports Betting MyBookie Bovada Intertops
Redskins -175 -175 -190 -175 -180
Dolphins +155 +155 +160 +155 +160


Teams BetOnline Sports Betting MyBookie Bovada Intertops
Redskins -102 -102 -110 -105 -105
Dolphins -118 -118 -110 -115 -115

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