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Washington Redskins vs. Philadelphia Eagles Madden20 Sim Picks, Predictions & Odds 5/07/20

Tonight’s set of simulations features an NFC East clash with the Washington Redskins at the Philadelphia Eagles. If betting sites allowed moneylines on simulations such as these, we’d say that the easy pick would be Philadelphia. The Redskins are coming off a horrendous season, and the people in charge of player Madden ratings were not favorable to Dwayne Haskins. (It always difficult to judge a rookie’s true capabilities in their first year in the league, but he still played fewer games than Case Keenum.)

But simulations can be a bit weird. Even though we expect them to go as they would on paper (especially as it is literally a computer crunching numbers), this doesn’t always happen. So, we had a look at the two teams and some of the trends with results. Read on to find out how we think this game is going to end.

eagles vs redskins madden20 predictions

Washington Redskins vs. Philadelphia Eagles Madden20 Sim Predictions

So, here are some notes to take heed of:

  • The Washington Redskins do not have a highly rated squad. Only a single player is ranked above 90, and that is left tackle Trent Williams. Aside from Williams (who is now a 49ers player), there is right guard Brandon Scherff with an 88 rating and tight-end Jordan Reed with an 84 rating.
  • One area of concern with the Redskins is that quarterback Haskins is rated 70, which is extremely poor. His potential for turnovers is pretty high against tougher opposition.
  • As already mentioned in previous predictions, the Eagles have a strong squad with a kitted out offensive line that can provide Carson Wentz with enough time to throw the ball. Wentz is rated at 83, and you can be sure that he is going to be trying to connect with Desean Jackson because of Jackson’s high acceleration and speed ratings.
  • With regards to overall team ratings, the Eagles appear to be far superior to the Redskins. It seems that the only way that the Redskins have a chance in this game is if the simulation has the team playing more defensively and with a focus on the running game.

Our Prediction

As we said at the start, if you could place a moneyline on this game, we’d go for the Eagles. However, you can’t, so what should you focus on?

Well, BetOnline is running a -+10 spread. We think that you should stick with the Eagles on this one. The Redskins really have very little to offer in the game, and the Eagles have picked up a few wins since betting sites begun to focus on simulations. We think that if it seems like the game’s algorithm is favoring a team, it is best to stick to betting on it.

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