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Which Hand is Considered the Worst in Blackjack?

Blackjack hands are not all the same. There is a best hand in the game., But there is also the worst hand. If the total value of your hand is 16, you have got what is considered the worst hand in blackjack.

Your chances of losing the round increases 54% with a hand total of 16. This means that the probability of winning is less than half with that total. There are different blackjack cards that can reach that total. And, it means the procession of the game will also be different every time.

Go through our page to find out what is the worst hand in blackjack and what is considered the best way to react to improve your odds of winning. This guide also evaluates your chances of winning with a 16 hand versus different hand totals. We will compare that to the dealer’s hand and suggest the best way to win.

Worst Hand in Blackjack

For the hand to be recognized as having the worst odds of winning, it has to be compared to a better hand that has far better chances of winning. Here’s a list of the worst hands in blackjack:

16 vs 10 Blackjack

When the player draws a card total of 16 versus a dealer that has a 10 upcard, it is considered a bad hand. The best approach thereafter is to surrender, which means that you lose half your money.

16 vs Ace Card in Blackjack

Equally as bad a card hand is the player’s total of 16 vs the dealer with an Ace card. The odds of winning are still not good, with the next draw potentially leading to a bust. Once a player has this card value, it presents the fewest chances for the player to build a hand that can win.

Which Hand is Considered the Worst in Blackjack?

16 vs 9 Blackjack

If you are dealt cards totaling 16 for your two cards and the dealer gets a 9 as an up card, you can only salvage the game by knowing when to hit or choosing to stand. While not the most desirable option to have, it also proves to be the worst hand in blackjack because about 77% of the time, players lose.

It is wise for players to understand blackjack rules when they encounter such a hand. It will help you know the best way to proceed. You won’t always get the best hand in blackjack. Thus, it is important to use a good strategy when you don’t improve your chances of winning.

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