NHL Hockey Betting in USA

Most people associate hockey with our neighbours in the north, however the sport has taken firm root in USA sports lifestyle. Americans all over the US partake in hockey betting regularly. The US has 24 teams in the National Hockey League (NHL), which originated in Canada, while Canada only has 6 teams. It’s plain to see that hockey is a big part of US culture. If you enjoy betting on hockey and want to make money off your love for the sport, hockey betting is the thing for you. Our hockey betting guide unpacks how to bet on hockey, types of bets, odds, tips, and strategies. In addition, we have a list of the best hockey betting sites in USA.

Top NHL Hockey Betting Sites


A Breakdown of Hockey Betting Lines

Hockey betting lines are a slightly more complex version of baseball-betting-meets-basketball-meets-football. So, it can be quite confusing to a hockey betting novice. Therefore, we have broken down the hockey betting lines to make them easy to digest. There are several types of bets in hockey games. We will tackle the three main types of hockey bets- straight money lines, Puck lines, and, total line bets.


  • Moneyline

The money line bet is also known as a straight-line bet. The bettor has to pick the winning team only. The exact scores are not important in this bet.

  • Puck Line

This kind of bet gives a range in which the favorite has to win by and the range by which the underdog has to lose or win by in order to get a payout. The puck line bet merges a point spread bet and a money line bet.

  • Total Bet

Also know as the over/ under, this type of bet is a prediction of the combined score from both playing teams. Bettors wager on whether they think the score will be above or below the score set by the bookmakers.

Hockey Betting Glossary

Hockey has a myriad of hockey specific terms, therefore it is expected that hockey betting has hockey specific betting terms. We have listed the top five common terms in hockey betting

  1. Moneyline – a modifier or representation of odds which, when it has a plus sign, represents the underdog. While when it has a minus sign, it represents a favorite. It is also a common bet type.
  2. Over/under – also known as a total bet, this refers to a total of the combined points in a game from both teams OR the number of games a team will win in the season. This is a bet that the total score in a game will be over or under what the oddsmaker projects.
  3. Puck line – This is the fixed spread or range of points by which the favorite team is expected to score over the underdog.
  4. Underdog – The team that is expected to lose/perform the worst.
  5. Parlay – a bet on multiple teams against the spread and all bets must win. The more bets placed, the better the odds

Hockey Betting Strategy

When betting in hockey, consider your knowledge and experience in betting. There are certain strategies suited for beginners, and others that an experienced gambler could take a chance on. There are bet types, games, and odds. Well maybe not as much but close. Due to the volume of variables, we will focus on the most important new and old variables US bettors can benefit from.

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Ice Hockey Betting Strategy: Goal Markets

The top bet types when using the goal strategies include:

  • ‘Total goals’ – Total goals or points.
  • ‘Total goals by team ‘- All points or goals by team.
  • A bet on whether the total goals will be an odd or even number.
  • A bet on whether the total goals come from both teams scoring.
  • This is a bet on what period 1/2/3 the goals are scored.
  • A bet on which player will score.
  • Players can even bet on the time of next goal (such goals happen during the match).

A bet of accuracy – get the correct total score to win big.

Total Goals Market

Within the goals betting strategy, punters can zero in and focus on the ‘total goals’ market. This strategy is a great safe zone for beginners if they do their research. The range of average goals per game throughout the seasons are generally consistent. Now, if you as a bettor knows the average total score per bet your likelihood of making a correct prediction in a total bet increases significantly.

A bit more research into participating teams will yield some insights on how teams play. When bettors know this, they can make safer bets on the total goals by team bets and both teams to score range.