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Best Online Casinos That Payout USA


The best payout online casino sites provide you with great payout percentages. If you are a new gambler, you may not really understand why it is so important to find casinos with good or instant payouts. Essentially, these percentages tell you how much a casino pays players out a regular basis. The figure is calculated using hundreds of thousands of player wagers made over a certain period of time. While playing at casinos with good payout percentages does not mean you are guaranteed to win, you increase your chances of doing so.

If you are looking to find the best payout casino sites and how to spot them, read on. We explain what payout percentages are, how these figures are calculated, and list the games you should be playing if you want to increase your odds of walking away with some winnings. We also list some top online gambling sites with great payout percentages so you can get started.

Best Paying Online Casinos for US Players in 2020

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Online Casinos That Actually Payout – Payout Percentage Explained

Payout percentages are used to display how much USA online casinos have paid out to players in relation to how much money has been spent at the casino. These figures are often also referred to as return to player percentages (RTP). In general, trusted casinos post these figures every month.

We strongly advise you to avoid casinos that don’t publish this information, or update it regularly. This is often seen as e a mark of a rogue casino. Usually, trusted auditing agencies that govern casino sites, such as eCOGRA or Technical Services Testing (TST), calculate these figures, ensuring that they are legitimate statistics.

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Instant Cash Out Casino: Calculating RTP Percentages

If you are still unsure about how RTP percentages work, and what the percentage means, we’ve provided an example here that may clear things up. Now, let’s say you sign up at Irish Luck Casino, which posted a 98% RTP percentage last month. The figure states that the casino paid out $98 for every $100 spent.

Now, while this is a high figure, keep in mind that this does not mean that you are guaranteed to win 98% of the time, or that you are only at risk of losing 2% of your bankroll. Essentially, all it means is that the casino has a higher likelihood of paying you out, not that it is guaranteed to happen.

You have got to remember that your odds of being paid out are also affected by which game you choose to play and the type of bets you make. If you stick to placing even money bets on European roulette, you are more likely to receive your winnings than when you play progressive jackpot slots with high variance.

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Best Online Casinos That Pay Real Cash: Average Percentages

So, what sort of RTP percentages can you expect to find at the best paying casino sites? Well, generally, the sites with above average payout percentages post figures between 95% and 97%. Sometimes, figures may even exceed 100%.

You can expect to win more often when playing online. The reason for this is that games have lower house edge percentages than their brick-and-mortar counterparts, for reasons we’ll explain in the next section.

As previously mentioned, you need to keep checking the percentages posted at the real money casino you are playing at. The figure may change and another casino may post better figures over time.

Average Percentage at Brick-and-Mortar Casinos

High payout percentages for land based casinos are still substantially lower than those of casino sites. The reason for this is that the operating costs of physical casinos are so much higher than their online counterparts.

Think of this way; if you visit the Bellagio in Las Vegas, you are visiting an entertainment resort with a hotel and live event schedule aside from the casino floor. Loads of people have to be paid to man these attractions creating for a very expensive experience.

As a general rule of thumb, players can expect the RTP percentage at brick-and-mortar casinos generally sit between 60% and 75%, which is far below that seen at top paying casino sites.

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Top 10 Payout Casinos

Here is a list of the casino online with the best payout percentages:

  1. Lucky Red (Best for Realtime Gaming Slots)
  2. BoVegas (Amazing for Welcome Bonus)
  3. Club World Casinos (Great for Rewards Program)
  4. Golden Lion (Outstanding for Mobile)
  5. All-Star Slots (Excellent for Slots)
  6. Irish Luck Casino (Superb for Bonuses)
  7. Cherry Gold Casino (Magnificent for Table Games)
  8. Manhattan Slots (Perfect for Payouts)
  9. Eclipse Casino (Top for User Interface)
  10. Supernova Casino (Splendid for Games)
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Best Payout Casino Games

Each casino game has its own payout percentage. The general rule when it comes to picking a game is that if you want regular wins, you should stick to table games. Usually these are the games with the highest payout rate.

However, if you want instant big wins, you should stick to slots. The jackpot size can usually be used to determine whether or not the slot has one of the highest payout percentages.

Here are the most popular online casino games and their generally accepted payout percentage rates:

  • Baccarat – 99%
  • Online Blackjack – 99%
  • Roulette – 97%
  • Slots – 95%
  • Video Poker – 99%

You stand a better chance of winning while playing card-based table games. This is unsurprising as many allow you to use betting strategies to reduce house edge. With regards to the best paying casino slot games, each game features its own payout percentage, so some may give you better returns than others.

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Top Paying Casinos: How to Choose

While looking at the payout percentage of casino sites is very important when looking for a place to play, it is not the only to look at. There are a few areas you need to consider when picking a casino, including:

  • Withdrawal speed – it won’t matter if you win any money, if it takes 50 years for the casino to pay you. Thus, make to have a look at payout speeds. Focus on the processing speed of the casino and the time attached to withdrawal options.
  • Game selection – it doesn’t matter if you want to play the games that are easier to win or games that offer once-in-a-lifetime jackpots, you should sign up at a best online casino fast payout site that offers both. This means that when you get bored, you will have options available to you.
  • Casino bonuses – bonuses extend your playtime. Thus, make sure that you sign up at best paying online casinos for that offer you ample opportunity to earn bonus cash with fair wagering requirements.
  • Mobile Casinos – most gamblers play casino games on the move, which is why you should be checking whether the casino you would like to join is accessible on mobile.

Find the Highest Payout Online Casinos – Banking Methodshigh payout casinos

Here is a list of the most popular banking options at high paying casinos. Our list includes both withdrawal and deposit options:

  • Cryptocurrencies – as far as same-day withdrawals go, the closet USA players will ever come is through the use of cryptocurrencies. All you need to do is wait for the casino to process the transaction. Also, most bonus offers involving a banking method involve Bitcoin.
  • Credit cards – credit and cards are the most widely accepted banking method at internet casinos with real money games. Just know that while you can make quick deposits with this method, you won’t get quick payouts.
  • Electronic wallets – e-wallets are a popular casino payment method but not all of e-wallets are accepted at casinos. Neteller and Skrill are the most widely used. But just know that it is going to be hard finding casinos accepting PayPal accounts.
  • Bank wire transfer – this is a pretty old banking method but for many casinos, it is the only way to withdraw your money. The drawback of this is that it takes about two weeks for you to get your payment.
  • Check – many casinos also offer checks as a payment method. If possible, we recommend that you avoid this option.
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Best Payout Casinos: How We Review Them

If you are wondering how we select our best USA payout online casinos, we have outlined key areas of our review process below:

  • Every casino website we recommend needs to be safe to use. To ensure that the casino is safe to use, we have a look at whether it makes use of security features, such as 128-bit SSL encryption, and gets regularly audited by trusted online gambling authorities.
  • Then, we have a look at whether the casino’s user interface is easy to use. You don’t want to struggle to get to where you need to be.
  • After we have seen that the casino does not make players jump through hoops to play games, we have a look at the game selection and deposit and withdrawal methods. The site should have diverse selection of both.
  • Finally, we have a look at whether the casino has a great customer service team on standby. You don’t want to be left in the dark should you experience issues during your game session.
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Which Online Casinos Payout Quickest?

Looking to get the fastest withdrawal at a casino possible? Here is a list of some of the fastest payout casino sites:

  1. Intertops Casino
  2. BoVegas
  3. Irish Luck
  4. Cherry Gold
  5. Crypto Reels
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Best Online Casino That Pays Real Money – FAQs

Do online casinos actually pay out?

Yes, they do! As long as you sign up at a registered and regulated casino, you should have no problem getting your winnings.

What casino game has the best odds to win?

Table games are the best paying casino games because you can implement betting strategies that reduce house edge quite significantly. If you want to win big jackpot prizes instantly, you will have to play slots. Slot machines have a payout percentage of anything between 82% and 98%, so they’re harder to win.

Which online slots payout the most?

Here is a list of some of the best paying slots:

  1. Plentiful Treasure (Realtime Gaming)
  2. Good Girl Bad Girl (Betsoft)
  3. Texan Tycoon (Realtime Gaming)
  4. Greedy Goblins (Betsoft)
  5. Cosmic Quest 2 (Rival)

Do people actually win on online slots?

Yes, they do. The issue is that slots offer great jackpots but are notoriously difficult to beat. So, some people start believing that games are rigged when they don’t win big jackpots within their first few gaming sessions.

Which casino has the best payouts?

The best paying casinos are the following:

  1. Lucky Red
  2. BoVegas
  3. Club World Casinos
  4. Golden Lion
  5. All-Star Slots

What casino has best slot payouts?

The casino with the best slot payouts is Crypto Reels. The slot dedicated casino lets you gamble with Bitcoin, which makes for some truly large payouts.

How do you win at the casino every time?

There is no way to win at a casino every single time you play. You can implement strategies to increase your odds but there really isn’t much else you can do to affect outcomes.

Can a casino kick you out for winning too much?

Yes, they can. Internet casinos aren’t in the business of handing large amounts of cash on a regular basis. So, if they see you costing them a lot of money, they will tell you to take your winnings and go.

How much does the average person lose at a casino?

Based on population averages, it is suggested that in the United States, an adult loses between $500 and $600 to gambling each year. However, this isn’t a true figure as it takes the average amount of cash lost to gambling ($40.2 billion) and divides it by the population (in a country where some states have explicitly banned gambling.)

The true figure is probably much higher. The only way to ensure that you do not lose too much money gambling is to set a bankroll limit you are comfortable with.

What percentage of gamblers win?

It is estimated that less than 10% of gamblers win. There are several reasons for this but probably the most prominent is that most gamblers don’t know when to walk away from a good thing. Remember that you should never get greedy after a big win.


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