NHL Betting Lines 2019

nhl betting lines

National Hockey League betting (also known as NHL betting) is extremely prominent in the USA. With the league being the most popular ice hockey league in the world, this is really not a surprise. The NHL sees 31 teams from the United States of America and Canada battle it out to win the Stanley Cup trophy. This trophy is the oldest professional sports trophy in North America, adding to the value of lifting the cup. US bettors can get in on the action by placing a bet on their favorite team and players achieving a certain score.

Find out all you need to know about online NHL betting down below. We go through the different betting lines available, NHL rules and tips to keep in mind when betting on the league. So, read on and begin your ice hockey betting journey today!

Best NHL Sports Betting Sites

If you are looking for the best NHL betting site to place wagers online, look no further than the sportsbooks we have listed below. They will provide you with everything you need to make profitable wagers.


NHL Odds to Win Cup

NHL betting, in essence, is not that difficult to understand. It is a low scoring sport which means that the odds of predicting the scores correctly are in your favor. Players should note that NHL betting odds are not fixed. Different sportsbooks promote different odds to suit their bottom line. The hockey bet odds change based on how the betting community choose to bet. The more punter bet on a favorite team, the less the payout potential. In order to understand how the odds work for ice hockey, you have to know the different hockey betting lines.

NHL Hockey Betting Lines

Hockey betting lines are not too different from other sports. However, they do have their own unique betting structures and jargon. Here’s a list of the types of bets you can place on an NHL match.

NHL Puck Line Betting

A puck line hockey bet (also known as NHL handicap betting) is similar to spread betting in which there’s a set amount of goals that a team needs to win or lose by in order for bettors to win. National Hockey League bookies place these offers as means of balancing the scales for the underdog teams when playing against favorites.

NHL Moneyline

Moneyline betting is the most popular betting option It involves selecting the winner of a hockey match. It is wise for inexperienced bettors to use the moneyline bet calculator to find out the payout potential before they bet. Moneyline bets pay out the least when you bet on favorites.


NHL Over Under Betting

Across the USA and Canada, gamblers that make NHL over-under picks are more likely to win. Also known as totals betting, it involves predicting the overall score of the game using the points scored by both teams. Having mentioned how the game of hockey is a low scoring sport, the NHL betting odds are pretty favorable with over unders.

NHL Futures

NHL futures are predictions on which team will win championship games. Futures bets contain large payouts due to the fact that wins are projected over a long period and anything can happen during the regular season.

Understanding NHL Public Betting

This type of wager involves paying attention to NHL betting trends to see which way the public believes the match will end. This way you can make a more educated bet. As a general, betting against the public seems to be a good strategy.

Top NHL Betting Tips

We won’t claim to have the best NHL betting strategy, there are a few general tips for betting on the sport we recommend using when wagering online. These include the following:

  • Be Flexible with Your Betting Portfolio – make sure that you don’t just focus on moneyline bets when having a look at NHL gambling lines. Ultimately, there is a load of cash to be made on puck lines and totals too if you are keen to learn how.
  • Consider Live Betting – live bets are a good way to make extra cash. Although we don’t recommend that you make rash decisions with these betting options, we do suggest that you make the most of them if there seems to be a good opportunity to make cash.
  • Focus on Defense – often good defensive lines are better at doing their jobs than good offensive lines. We recommend that you pay good attention to teams with a good defense as they often tend to go further in the league than those who just focus on offense.
  • Pay Attention to Line Changes – it is important to note that betting lines often change. When they do, it is generally for a good reason. We recommend paying good attention to these changes and trying to capitalize on them.

For more of the latest NHL sports betting tips, we recommend that you keep it here at Gambling360.com. We often cover the latest developments in the NHL in our blog.

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NHL Hockey Rules

As in any formal sporting code, there’s general terms and conditions that bettors need to abide by. Here are some of the standard NHL rules on how to bet on hockey in the US:

  • US gamblers must understand that all bets are based on the regular period of the game. Overtime scores do not have any bearing on the original bet.
  • For individual player bets to apply, the player must be on the field of play or risk being considered a “non-runner”.
  • Unless stated otherwise, bets and winning scores are calculated on the selected period. This relates to the 1st, 2nd or 3rd Period bets in ice hockey.
  • The outright winner of the regular season bet will only be valid once all teams have played all their games.

This NHL hockey review covers each type of hockey bet you can find when betting online . While bettors will find different odds and betting lines from different sportsbooks, the general premise remains the same. Choose any of our recommended US bookies and bet on your team to win.

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