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Best MLS Betting Sites 2020

best mls sportsbookMajor League Soccer betting (also known as MLS betting) has never really been as popular as betting on other national sports leagues in the United States. However, this does not mean that US gamblers ignore the league entirely. Since the league’s first season in 1996, it has gone from strength to strength, growing from eight teams to a total of 24 over the years. The scope of MLS betting has also grown with the league, with sportsbook lines more competitive than ever before! There are now loads of Americans looking to get in on the action!

If you are interested in learning how to bet on the MLS, you are in the right place. We have drafted the best MLS betting guide you’ll come across on the internet. Below we have a look at how to read MLS soccer betting lines and odds in addition to providing some tips for your next wager. So, read on and find out more about the USA’s quickest growing sporting league and how you can bet on it at top online gambling sites.

Bet on the MLS Here

If you are looking somewhere to wager on your MLS picks for the week, the sports betting sites listed below offer some of the most competitive odds available on soccer games.

Top Sites In America

MLS Betting Links

Popular MLS Betting Lines Explained

Avid US sports bettors can expect to find all the most popular soccer betting lines available for MLS games. This includes the following bet types:

  • 3-Way Moneyline – gamblers attempt to predict the outcome of the match. This bet is exactly the same as a normal moneyline but due to the fact that a draw is a common result in soccer, this option is factored in. This usually means higher odds for certain bets.
  • Spreads – these bets see the team favored to win a match receive a handicap in order to even the odds. This means that the favorite to win a match will need to win by a certain scoreline in order for bets made on the team to be considered successful. The point handicap hardly goes above a goal or two.
  • Totals – these are bets made on the total overall score of a match. For example, a one-all draw would be two. Totals are generally comparatively low in soccer betting.
  • Props – the best way to describe these bets is that they focus on specific events taking place during a particular match. For example, betting on which team will win the coin toss or which will be the first to score.
  • Futures – these are bets made on events that will only take place sometime in the future. For example, betting on which team will win the MLS Cup or Conference finals halfway through the season. MLS outright odds are generally very high because they are so difficult to win.

Be sure to have a look at the MLS lines available at the sportsbooks listed above. There are loads more bets than those listed here!

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MLS Odds

Understanding MLS soccer odds is pretty easy regardless of whether you are a new or experienced bettor. With regards to odds, the first thing to take note of is that there are three formats popularly used by online sportsbooks: decimal, fractional and American (moneyline).

Unsurprisingly, American odds are the most popular in America. Thus, we’ll focus on try to explain this format. So, when you visit an online sportsbook, betting lines will look like this:

DC United +145

Philadelphia Union -147

Draw +227

So, in this match-up, there are three different possible outcomes. Philadelphia Union is favored to win the match while a draw seems very unlikely. We are able to tell this by looking at the symbol located next to the team name. A plus symbol demarcates a result that is less likely where as a minus symbol demarcates something that is more likely to happen.

So, if bettors were to bet US$100 on DC United, they would win $145. However, they would need to bet $147 on Philadelphia Union to win $100. A draw would payout $227 on a $100 bet. We know this by looking at the numerical figure located next to the team.

The one thing we can not urge enough is that you shop around for odds before placing your bet. You never know where you are going to get the best deal.

mls betting odds

Top MLS Betting Tips

MLS soccer tips are easy to come by online, but this doesn’t mean that taking in consideration when making a bet. We won’t claim that our bets are the best on the internet, but we will say that they will get you to consider your wagers more carefully, which could lead to more wins.

  • Follow Tipsters – we know we said that you shouldn’t listen to everything you hear on the internet but there are some good tipsters out there with some amazing MLS betting predictions. Make sure to have a good look at tipsters’ records.
  • Weather & Climate – it is important to take note of the weather conditions surrounding a particular game. Some teams tend to fair better in wetter conditions whereas others flourish during the summer.
  • Hometown Advantage – teams playing at home tend to have an advantage over visitors. Just look at Portland and Seattle – these are two massive MLS giants who have made their fan presence known.
  • Standings & Statistics – sometimes having a good look at standings and statistics helps bettors make more informed choices. You would not want to place a high total bet on a team that is struggling to score.

Be sure to keep checking our site for the latest MLS betting predictions. Our experts have a look at games in the league weekly and provide wagering advice for upcoming fixtures.

MLS Predictions for 2020 Teams

A total of 24 teams compete for the MLS Soccer Championship. However, MLS guidelines are being changed and three new teams will be added to the league between 2020 and 2021. Teams are divided equally into MLS Eastern Conference and MLS Western Conference, with every team playing against each other twice, both home and away.

The team that collects the most points in the MLS’s regular season gets the Supporters’ Shield trophy. The top 12 teams at the end of the regular season move on to the MLS Cup playoffs. The MLS’s playoff format lets six teams from each conference enter the post period after the regular season has ended. The playoffs culminate in the MLS Cup final, which is a highly-anticipated match that always draws attention and offers good value odds.

While it is a bit early in the season to begin focusing on MLS betting picks, we recommend that gamblers have a good look at what takes place during the draft and transfer season. The last five years has seen five different teams win the MLS Cup, so it really is anyone’s ballgame at this point. This all means that MLS odds to win should be pretty competitive.

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