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UFC Betting

top-ufc-betting-odds-onlineUFC betting is becoming increasingly popular among bettors in the United States. The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) circuit which periodically hosts events in Las Vegas. Each tournament features ten weight divisions and follows a set of rules. Fights involve various forms of martial arts and allows full contact between fighters.

The MMA circuit is currently one of the fastest growing in the world, with millions of viewers tuning in to watch mesmerizing bouts between some of the world’s deadliest fighters. Placing a bet on such events only makes watching a fight so much more exciting.

If you would like to learn more about UFC betting online, such as how to bet and where to bet, along with many other related concepts, then you have come to right place. Below is our ultimate guide to betting on the sport where we explain all you need to know MMA betting odds, rules, tips, and more, so that you’ll make the best bets online. We also provide you with a list of the best online gambling websites to make sure you make the most money possible.

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Understanding Online UFC Betting Lines

Just like boxing, betting on UFC fights is very simple. Typically, there are many UFC betting markets offered on a bout. Our quick UFC betting lines explained section will explain the most popular at US sports betting sites:

  • Outright Winner or Money Line – betting on who the winner of the fight will be. This tends to be the most popular wager at the best UFC betting apps and sites.
  • Method of Victory or Fight Outcome – a bet on how the fight will end – either a knockout, technical knockout, submission, disqualification, or corner stoppage.
  • Fight to go Distance – betting on whether the fight will last until the end or not. This is usually decided by the judges’ decision. It’s important to note, if a fighter wins by decision, bettors can bet on the type of decision too – unanimous, split, or majority decision.
  • Round Betting – betting on which round the fight will end.
  • Total Rounds Betting – betting if whether the number of rounds will be under or over a specific number.
  • Parlay Betting or Accumulators – placing a single bet on several outcomes. For example, bettors can, on a single card, pick three fighters to win by KO.
  • UFC Live Betting – these are bets placed while the actual match is taking place. Odds will shift based on the performance of the fighters.

UFC Betting Rules

Usually, a UFC match lasts a maximum of three to five rounds. Each round lasts for five minutes. The importance of the fight is what determines the number of rounds. For instance, a title match in UFC will have five rounds, while a match which is not as important will only have three rounds.

Moreover, there are fighting rules associated with UFC fights. The United Rules of Mixed Martial Arts regulates things like weight categories, ring attire and fighting styles. Moves that are not allowed in the ring include hair pulling, head-butting and kicking, eye gouging, spine strikes, and biting, among others.


Outcomes on UFC Fights Explained

As you may already know, there are several ways to win or lose a fighting match, which means a load of wagering options at MMA betting sites. Here is a quick brief on each of the outcomes on UFC fights.

  • Knockout – when a fighter is rendered unconscious by a legal strike from the opponent and is unable to continue with the match.
  • Technical Knockout – when a referee deems that an opponent won’t be able to continue with a fight.
  • Submission – this is forcing an opponent to submit. It is done by using different techniques. A fighter signals a submission by tapping the ground.
  • Corner Stoppage – also known as ‘throwing in the towel’, this is when the fighter’s team deem that the fighter cannot continue with the match.
  • Decision – the decision rests with three judges who have been scoring the rounds of the fight until it finishes. So, two of the three judges will determine who the victor is. Draws are also possible.

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UFC Betting Odds Explained

Many US bettors wonder how do betting odds work in UFC. Well, the short answer for this is that they work pretty much the same way as odds in any other sport.

The odds for betting on UFC matches vary on betting sites. Usually, a shorter price on a favorite leads to a much bigger price on the underdog. Furthermore, other bookmakers may tend to focus more on big fights. So, bettors must make sure to shop around to get the best UFC offers.

Best UFC Betting Tips

There are loads of different tips you should take in consideration when making wagers to make sure you give yourself an edge in winning a UFC betting pool. Some such include the following:

  • Focus on Fighter’s Combat Style – MMA combines a variety of fighting styles – boxing, wrestling, Muay Thai, karate, and Jiu-Jitsu. The styles and techniques vary from fighter to fighter. So, it is wise to study the styles of each fighter in order to make an informed decision.
  • Study Fight Previews and Odds – More so, check fight previews and betting odds that bookies place on a fighter. The bookmakers featured on our site are experienced in UFC betting. They provide the best odds on matches. Every bettor needs to make sure that they shop around for odds to make sure that they win the most money possible.
  • Consider Taking the Underdog – remember that there is very little separating fighters in the UFC. The seventh ranked fighter could easily knockout the champion if given the chance to fight him or her. It is for this reason we implore that US bettors take a good look at underdogs before placing their bet as there could be more money to be made there. Just make sure to take calculated risks.

For our latest UFC betting predictions, make sure to follow our blog. We constantly post our latest UFC betting picks for upcoming bouts there.


How to Bet on UFC

Bettors can bet from wherever they are via mobile betting apps or websites. All you need to do is follow the following easy steps:

  • Pick your favorite bookmaker(s).
  • Register.
  • Navigate to the MMA or UFC section of the site.
  • Choose a fight you wish to bet on as shown on the schedule.
  • Add your selections on your betting slip by simply clicking on the odds.
  • Make a deposit or select the amount you wish to wager if you’ve already made a deposit
  • Confirm your bet.
  • Done!
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