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Best High Roller Casino Guide USA

best-high-roller-casinos-usaA high roller casino is one of those casinos which are specifically designed to please players in the United States who love spending loads of US dollars while gambling on casino games. The casinos often have specific programs created to please these players that gives them access to all sorts of wonderful rewards, including vacations to exotic destinations and expensive sports cars that are manufactured by Italian motorsport geniuses. It really is no wonder then that so many US players seek to play at the best high roller online gambling sites available in the USA.

If you would like to learn more about high roller casinos and how exactly you can get your name on the VIP list, then stick around. In our dedicated guide below, we have a good look at how US players can become high rollers and the advantages associated with being one. We also list the best high roller online casinos available in the country at the moment. So, read on and find out more about these prestigious casino sites.

Top High Roller Casinos for US Players in 2020

If you are looking for a casino that is going to reward you for spending tons and tons of cash on your favorite gambling game, then you will do well by signing up at one of the casino sites listed below. Not only do they have great VIP programs, but they also have tons of amazing bonuses to extend your play sessions!

Top Sites In America

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What is a High Roller?

A high roller is a player that spends much more than the average player at their selected online casino site. Most players generally have misconceptions regarding how a casino determines which players are dubbed high rollers. Many believe that players need to spending thousands of dollars on each bet they make, but this isn’t particularly true in the online casino industry.

The reason for this is often associated with the speed at which online games are played. Players sometimes fail to notice that they can play four blackjack hands online in the time it takes to play a single hand in a brick-and-mortar casino. This means that instead of betting US$100 on a single hand, you can make four US$25 bets and still have spent the same amount of cash. It is also due to the speed at which games are played that we recommend players ensure they stick to the budget they have set for a game session.

In addition to the fact that you can spend the same amount as a big bettor in a short amount of time online, casinos also look at your average bet size and game session, and the games you choose to play online. Basically, if you meet the necessary criteria, you should pretty much be admitted as a high roller at an online casino no matter what. At brick-and-mortar casinos, you may have to wait for the approval of a pit boss though.

How to Become a High Roller

While every casino pretty much has their own criterion for determining which players are high rollers, they usually boil down to the same thing. If players make enough big deposits and big bets within a certain time frame, they will be invited to the casino’s high roller program where they will get access to all sorts of wonderful perks.

Exactly just how much a player needs to spend in order to reach this status is entirely dependent on the casino in question. Some casinos may require players to spend as little as US$1,000 to become part of the program, whereas others are not as attainable. Some casinos make use of a point system, where money spent is converted into points, which then determines your status. But this not true of all sites.

Essentially, if you are very interested in becoming a high roller, the criterion required to designate such a player is something you need to check before signing up at casino.


Advantages of Being a High Roller

There are many advantages associated with becoming a high roller. While we would never suggest that players spend obscene amounts of money at a casino just to be accepted in the elite circle, we cannot deny that the benefits of being part of the program aren’t somewhat appealing. Some of the most attractive include the following:

  • High Roller Casino Bonus Codes – when a casino designates you as a high roller, you get access to bigger bonuses. If you are spending a lot of money at a casino site, this shouldn’t really be such a huge draw for you. But always remember that the option to get this extra cash and opportunities to win big real money prizes is always there.
  • Larger Cashback Rates – it doesn’t matter what sort of player you are; everybody likes the idea of getting some of their money back if they’ve gone bust. This perk just sees that the players who spend more money at the casino earn more of their money back.
  • Higher Banking Limits – if you gamble regularly, you won’t want to stick to the minimum deposit and withdrawal limits set by casinos. Often, these are too low for US high rollers, which is why an added perk of being in the high roller program is that you get increased limits.
  • Designated Host – many of the best casino sites give their high rollers access to their own private account manager. High rollers also get their own designated support line that sees players skip the queue and get their query dealt with immediately.
  • Higher Bet Limits – it makes sense that if you’re a high roller, you may want to bet more than the max set for a game. Well, you can expect to do so if you’re part of a casino’s VIP program.

Top High Roller Real Money Casino Games

High roller casino games really only differ in one way to those available to average player, and that is in betting limits. US players can still expect to play all their favorite slots and table games, such as blackjack, baccarat, and roulette among others.

With regards to the betting limit difference, players can expect massive increases. For example, slot games may increase their max bet from US$1-US$100 per spin to anything between US$20-US$5,000 per spin. With regards to table games, players can expect to be able to bet anything between US$1,000 and US$20,0000 on a single hand of blackjack, baccarat, or poker.

An increased betting limit means the potential for bigger wins but also the potential for bigger losses. It is always important to bear this in mind when making these big bets at casino sites and to play responsibly. If you can’t afford to spending US$5,000 on a single spin while playing Bubble Bubble 2, don’t bet max.


High Roller Casino FAQs

What is a high roller casino?

A high roller casino is one that rewards players that spend a significant amount of cash at the site in question. Each casino has a different criterion that needs to be met before players can be considered such, but one thing always remains the same – you need to spend a ton of cash before you are even considered.

Which are the best high roller casino sites?

Each of the casinos listed above offer players access to worthwhile programs that see them get exclusive access to so many great high roller bonuses and perks.

Are there any high roller casino games?

Most casinos do give players access to exclusive casino games with higher limits if they are made part of the high roller program. As mentioned above, these games greatly raise the betting limits available in the game.

Are there any benefits associated with being a high roller?

Yes, there are loads of benefits. Some of the most popular include more bonuses, higher table limits, private event invitations, extra rewards of an exotic nature (not just cash bonuses), higher banking limits, and a VIP host among others.

How can I become eligible?

This is dependent on the casino in question. Some casinos minimum requirement is that players make a deposit of at least US$1,000 in a month, whereas others may require them to spend more than US$10,000 in the same period.

What is a VIP host in a casino?

It is a VIP host’s job to ensure that all the needs of a very important and loyal player are met in an adequate and timely fashion. At US casino sites, this usually means giving a player a dedicated account manager that deals with all issues that may arise.

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