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Latest NBA Consensus Picks

NBA consensus picks are general public betting trends, or in other words, the outcome the public thinks is most likely to happen. This information is usually denoted as a percentage, and can be very helpful in informing future bets. US bettors can use the information in a multitude of different ways. For instance, obtaining this information may give a bettor a new perspective on the potential result of an upcoming basketball match. Or, bettors may identify an opportunity to make loads of cash by betting on the nba consensus picks usa

Every US bettor should be interested in learning and finding out more about the best NBA consensus picks, which is why we created this helpful guide to making such bets. Below we have a look at how exactly NBA basketball consensus public picks work, and how betting against the public can be profitable. We also provide a list of the best online gambling sites for placing NBA bets. So, what are you waiting for? Read on; you have nothing to lose!

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What You’ll Find In Our NBA Consensus Picks Guide

How Do NBA Consensus Picks Work?best nba consensus picks usa

Despite what some might think, NBA consensus picks aren’t all that difficult to understand. Essentially, a sportsbook or sports betting related platform attempts to measure the outcome the public is most likely to happen by looking at the total number of bets placed on a game, and then providing the percentage of bettors that selected each outcome.

For example, let’s say the Golden State Warriors take on the Chicago Bulls, and that 68% of all moneyline bettors believe that the Warriors will win the game. In such a case, the public consensus is that the Warriors will win.

The advantages of such information shouldn’t really have to be explained. Knowing how the public is betting on a particular matchup can help inform your bet by making you aware of factors you may not have been aware of. For example, you may in the above match-up, you may have missed the news that Stephen Curry will be out of action. Alternatively, you could identify opportunities to bet against the public and make more money, which we elaborate more on below.

NBA Public Consensus Picks and Betting Against the Publicfree nba public consensus picks usa

As a general, many betting experts believe that NBA public picks tend to be incorrect more often than not. The belief stems from the idea that most of the public bet with their gut as opposed to doing proper research before making a selection.

For instance, a bettor who does not keep up with basketball betting may decide to place moneyline bets on the Chicago Bulls as the team was famously a good pick during the 1990s when Michael Jordan was in his heyday. However, these bettors may neglect to take note of the fact that the team hasn’t made it to the conference finals in a fair number of seasons, and has not won a title since the 98-99 season. They are hardly a team that is unlikely to lose in any give regular season game.

However, if most bettors are unaware of this fact and choose to bet on the Bulls anyway, an opportunity to win an obscene amount of money may open up by betting on their opponent in the NBA, and you should exploit it. Remember that line changes are sometimes initiated by how the public bets; the team that most members of the public choose to bet on is always likely to have lower odds, even if they aren’t always the team most likely to win.

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