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Best NBA Betting Sites 2020

best nba betting lines usa

NBA betting is one of the most popular forms of sports betting due to the famed basketball league being one of the most widely followed sports around the globe. With a regular season that spans 82 games per team, there are loads of NBA betting opportunities to be enjoyed by gamblers. All of the best online gambling sites feature a wide range of exciting NBA betting lines, which really does make it seem as if the possibilities are endless!

If you are keen to find out more about NBA betting online, we have created the ultimate betting guide for new gamblers down below. Not only has it got a list of the best sports betting sites for basketball wagers but it also provides a range of very helpful NBA betting tips in addition to teaching new gamblers how to bet on the sport. So, read on and learn more about betting on the NBA online!

Get the Best NBA Betting Lines Here

These are the best NBA betting sites currently available to bettors. Find the most profitable NBA betting lines today!

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best nba betting usa

Top NBA Betting Lines

Most of the NBA sports betting sites recommended on offer the betting lines listed below. We go through each of the selection to teach you how to bet on NBA games


  • Moneyline – these are probably the simplest bets you could ever make on a sports game. All you have to do is pick the winner of the match. As games tend to be a little bit predictable, most bettors will find that these NBA basketball betting lines aren’t always that lucrative.
  • Spread Bets – NBA spread betting is very popular. Basically, betting sites will determine a favourite and an underdog for a particular matchup. They’ll then set a scoreline they believe the favourite to beat the underdog by. The bettor then bets on the favourite to beat the NBA betting spreads or the underdog to perform beyond expectations.
  • Totals – these are also known as over/under bets. Basically, a sportsbook sets a scoreline for a particular match. Bettors then try to predict whether the overall combined scoreline will be over or under that figure.
  • NBA Prop Bets – these are bets made on something happening during a match. For example, bettors could wager on whether Kevin Durant will be the first to score in the next Golden State Warriors game.
  • Futures – futures are bets made on something that is due to take place far in the future. NBA futures bets include picking which team will lift the NBA Championship at the end of the season or NBA draft bets i.e. which player will get picked first, second, etc. NBA MVP betting odds has grown mighty popular over the last few years.
  • Live Bets NBA – this option allows gamblers to bet on games that are currently being played.

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nba betting tips usa

Best NBA Betting Tips for New Bettors

There are so many NBA betting tipsters who claim to provide advice that is guaranteed to get you some wins, but the truth is anyone can claim that. While we don’t claim that our NBA betting advice will get you wins, it is likely to help you make better thought-out bets:

  • Learn Betting Markets – it is important to learn stats in the game that may prove to be helpful in making bets. Remember that certain bets require that you pay attention to particular areas of the game, such as which are high-scoring teams and which teams are more likely to lose in certain situations. Others, such as NBA draft betting, may require you to have a look at college-level players and assess their skills.
  • Pick Teams to Bet On & Stick to Them – there are 30 teams in the NBA. There is no way that you can learn the ins and outs of every single one of them. A sound NBA betting strategy suggests that you need to be knowledgeable about all the teams you like to bet on. So, pick a few and make sure you learn the stats needed to make successful bets.
  • Pay Attention to Momentum – if you see that a team is in good form, try to take advantage of it. When a team finds their rhythm, they tend to win a number of games in quick succession. The same can be said about losses.

Be sure to have a look at our blog for our experts’ latest NBA betting predictions as well as the latest betting tips.

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nba public betting usa

Top NBA Public Betting Guide

When speaking of the most popular NBA betting strategies, it is almost criminal not to mention public betting or consensus picks. This strategy focuses on following public NBA betting trends as a means of making a more informed bet.

Basically, a bettor will look at the latest NBA betting percentages to determine the outcome favored by the public. For example, if you are making a moneyline bet, this could mean which team most bettors think is going to win the match

While this information could be used to solidify your selection, many gamblers use consensus pick to hunt for opportunities to make sharp bets. A “sharp bet” refers to a bet made on a line where the public and bookies thought that the result was just a little too obvious, with game featuring a clear favorite and underdog. Sharp bettors know this not to be the case and thus bet on the underdog in an effort to win extraordinary profits.

While we won’t say that this is a great strategy to follow all the time, we will say that you need to stay on your toes for those times where the numbers at NBA betting sites just don’t add up.
best nba odds usa

NBA Odds Explained

Very often, we find that most potential sports bettors are scared away from the hobby because they do not understand how odds work. Well, if you are on such person, we are here to tell you that odds are very easy to read and understand.

In the United States, most basketball betting sites default to the American/Moneyline odds system (even though it is possible to switch to other formats if you so desire.) So, odds on a betting line will generally look like this:

Toronto Raptors +200

Golden State Warriors -200

Now, bettors are able to calculate how much they could potentially win by wagering on either of the two teams in the matchup by looking at the mathematical sign next to them. The plus sign denotes the underdog and the minus denotes the favourite.

Basically, bettors who bet $100 on the Raptors stand a chance to win $200 (not including their bet.) However, they will need to bet $200 on the Warriors to win $100.

With all this said, you should be able to calculate how much you could potentially win on any betting line now. All you have to worry about now is finding some good NBA odds finals for when the playoff season rolls around.

top nba betting sites usa

How to Pick the Top-Rated NBA Betting Sites

When picking an NBA betting site, there are a few key areas that you need to look at before signing up and making your first deposit to ensure that you are getting the best deal. These include the following:

  • Bonuses – every betting site offers gamblers access to some or other type of welcome bonus. The trick is to search for site that offers existing bettors a wide range of deals.
  • Betting Lines – the best NBA betting sites offer bettors loads of different betting lines on both regular season and playoff matchups. Don’t join a site that does allow you to make the best you want to make.
  • Banking Methods – you don’t want to join a site only to find out later that it does not offer the deposit or withdrawal method you would like to use. Have a good look at both deposit AND withdrawal methods before signing up. Often bettors sign up upon seeing their preferred deposit method but neglect to see whether a preferred withdrawal method is available.
  • Customer Service – make sure that the sportsbook has a customer service team available to answer questions and resolve issues when you need them to. You don’t want to be left in the dark should you have a pressing problem with the service.
  • Safety & Security – nobody needs to live through the hassle of having their personal and financial details stolen. Thus, before you share anything with a sportsbook, make sure that it is safe to use. Ensure that they use 128-bit SSL encryption to secure the details you share with them.
  • User Interface – nobody wants to spend hours looking for lines because of a betting site’s layout. If you are struggling to get where you want to be on sportsbook, then there is no point using it.
nba online betting usa

Popular NBA Online Betting Team Guides

If you are looking at betting on a specific team in a particular conference, we do have dedicated team guides that take a deeper look into each of the listed teams.

Eastern Conference




Western Conference




best nba championship betting odds usa

Get Top NBA Finals Betting Odds

As far as NBA playoffs betting lines go, there is none more than those made for the NBA Championship. When the biggest event in the basketball comes around, betting sites make sure that lines to suit every bettor’s needs are available. In addition, NBA Championship betting odds are also always very competitive!

Many new gamblers specifically want to know how to be on NBA final because of all the new types of props that get introduced just for the game. Well, on that we say make sure that you do your research behind every bet you place and avoid making too many exotic bets. Exotic bets are those funny, unpredictable wagers that are meant more as a novelty, such as will the players dump water over their coach if they win, etc.

If you are ever looking for the best NBA Championship odds, remember that all of the recommended sportsbooks on have got competitive lines that are sure to keep you in the money.
best nba mobile apps usa

Top-Rated NBA Betting Apps

Most gamblers are looking to make NBA bets on the move, meaning that there is a growing demand for betting apps or at the very least sites that are compatible with mobile. Well, here at, we can proudly say that all of our recommended NBA betting sites allow gamblers to place bets on the sport on the go.

This means that you can place bets on big games even if you’re stuck at work doing overtime and have no way of getting to your desktop in time to make your winning wager. Join one of our recommended NBA mobile betting sites above and unlock the wealth that has awaited you since the first time you picked up a basketball.
nba betting history usa

NBA History

The NBA was initiated in 1946 in New York City and it is the premier men’s professional basketball league globally. The National Basketball Association is an energetic associate of USA Basketball

The league went from 11 franchises to eight in the 1950s. The 24-second shot clock was applied in 1954. In the 1960s, Wilt Chamberlain and Bill Russell became the greatest competitions in team sports. At the beginning of the 1964 season, the lane was broadened from 12 to 16 feet mainly due to the supremacy of Chamberlain. In the late 1960s, the league grew from 9 to 14 teams.

The NBA expanded quickly from the late 1960s into the mid-1970s and stretched to 18 franchises until four ABA contracts also joined the league to make 22 NBA teams by the 1976 season. Today, the NBA consisted of 30 teams with 29 in United States and one in Canada.
best nba betting online usa

Best NBA Betting FAQs

How does NBA betting work?

NBA betting is simple. All you need to do is sign up to a trusted NBA betting site, make a deposit and navigate towards the NBA section on the site. Once you are there, search for the line you would like to bet on, select the outcome and confirm the bet. You are then good to go. Hopefully you win!

What’s the NBA betting line for today?

With NBA games taking place practically every day, any attempt to list odds would be futile. However, we do implore you to have a good look at the odds listed at our recommended sports betting sites.

What is spread in NBA betting?

NBA spread betting sometimes confuses new bettors because it seems complex but it really isn’t. Basically, sportsbooks try to even the odds in a matchup by giving the favorite a handicap. This means that the favorite will need to win by a certain number of points in order for bets on them to be successful. If the favorite fails to win by the set scoreline, bets on the underdog win.

How do you win NBA bets?

The one thing most bettors neglect to acknowledge about sports betting is that there is a fair amount of luck involved. The only way to improve your odds of winning is to study the stats associated with the teams and players involved in a matchup. This will aid you in making more educated bets but will not guarantee wins as anomalies may occur.

As long as you are studying the odds and stats surrounding the game you would like to bet on, you are already giving yourself the best chance of winning a bet.

Who is the public betting on NBA?

The answer to this question changes every day as match lists are updated every day. So, instead of listing selections here, we have a dedicated NBA consensus picks page. Bettors who are interested in finding out who the public is betting on the latest NBA matchups can find out there.

Is NBA betting legal?

The answer to this question is more dependent on the state in which you live rather than NBA itself. If you live in a state that has legalized sports betting or at the very least has no laws against it, then you are placing bets on NBA basketball games is not illegal.

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