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Keno Online – Best Online Keno Real Money Casinos

best online keno casinos

Keno is a game you are probably very familiar with even if you aren’t sure about the name. Essentially, keno is a lottery game in which you pick a set of numbers and then wait for a set to be drawn randomly. If the numbers you selected match those drawn by the casino, you win a prize. Often, the cash prizes available in keno online games enters the millions. Many online gambling sites now offer you the chance to play this game any time you like..

If you are looking to find out more about playing keno online real money, keep it locked here. On this page, we have created an all-you-need-to-know keno guide that features so many helpful tips about the game, including how to play it, where to play it and things to keep in mind while doing so. So, read and find out how you can enrich your gambling experience by playing keno online at top casino sites!

Play Keno Online Here in 2020

If keno is what you want to play, the casinos listed below will sort you out! So, why not try the game online today!

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How to Play Online Keno

Keno is a gambling game that is very easy to learn how to play. If you have ever bought a lottery ticket before, you should already know how it works.

However, if you are still keen on reading about the ins and outs of the game, here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Find a casino that offers online keno for real money.
  2. Study the variations available. Check the pay table and rules of the games. In general, keno games require players to select between 10 to 15 numbers from about 80 options. You payout differs based on how many numbers you are able to match. (For example, three matched numbers may pay 1/1, four matched numbers 3/1, and so on.)
  3. Decide on how much you would like to wager on the game. Remember that you will be made to place your wager before you begin the game.
  4. Choose your numbers. The game is entirely based on luck so there is no strategy involved. Some players recommend choosing numbers in a sequential pattern.
  5. Wait for the numbers to be drawn and find out whether you have won anything.
online keno tips

Keno Online Casino – Tips and Tricks

Keno is a game based on luck, so there isn’t much a player can do to influence the odds. However, that said, there are some tips you can follow to make your experience more rewarding, including:

  • Make profitable bets – your winnings are based on how many numbers you are able to guess correctly. In general, we recommend limiting your bet to an amount that can be matched by getting three balls right.
  • Pick wisely – in saying this, we reference the number of numbers a player picks. The greater the number of numbers you pick, the larger your potential winnings. However, also understand then that you’ll need to guess more correctly to cover your losses.
  • Have fun – we don’t recommend playing keno if you don’t find it fun. Yes, the game promises you big winnings if you are lucky. However, it is so difficult to win, so you can never count on a victory.
  • Use bonuses – if a casino allows you, use your bonus funds to play keno games. It is a good way to ensure you meet the wagering requirements of a bonus while getting to play more games.
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Real Money Keno App

There are many keno apps available on online stores such as the Google Play Store and Apo Store that allow you to play the game for free or real money on your mobile device. This means that you don’t have to wait until you are sitting at your personal desktop to play the game online.

If you do not find a keno app that meets your needs, you can access casino sites through your mobile web browser. Most casino sites have adapted their platform for mobile.
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Keno Online Free Games

Interested in playing free online keno games? Every casino recommended on allows you to play keno online for free.

While some layers may not see the point in playing free games, there are several benefits, including the following:

  • Playing online keno games free of any charge allows you to learn how online games work in a risk-free environment. You don’t want to bet your entire bankroll on a single card accidentally, or make any other similar errors.
  • Free games give you the chance to play the game even if you’ve bust your bankroll. This means that the fun doesn’t have to stop when you’re broke!
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Live Keno Online

It is possible to play keno live online! Before signing up at a casino, your need to check that it does have a live casino option. If it does, then navigate to the game selection area, and select the keno option.

In a live game, you will see a live dealer/croupier draw random balls via live stream. You will need to ensure that you have a stable internet connection to ensure you have the best gameplay experience.
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History of Keno

Although the term “keno” has Latin roots, the game actually originated in China. It is unclear as to when the game actually came into existence, but there are some theories that suggest that the Chinese government may have used the game to help fund the building of the Great Wall of China during its earliest stages.

The original game was played with letters of the alphabet and not numerals. This actually made it harder to win as a total of 120 characters were used. (Today’s games make use of 80 numbers or characters.)

Over the years, the game made its way across the world and continued to be used as a fundraising tool for governments around the world. During sometime in the 20th century, keno made its way to the United States.

Although keno was illegal in Nevada (the state where gambling has been legal the longest), the game was still available under the name racehorse keno. A lot of the odd terminology used in the game comes from this period.

Today, the game remains a favorite throughout the world and it is even possible to play keno online. It seems that the game will remain very popular for years to come.

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Keno Online Game – FAQs

Can you play keno online?

Yes, you can play keno online. Many casinos and national lotteries allow players the chance to play online.

Where can I play Keno?

You can play keno online. Here are the top five best casinos for keno:

  1. BoVegas
  2. Irish Luck
  3. Cherry Gold
  4. Supernova
  5. Lucky Red

Can you play keno on your phone?

Yes, you can play on your phone. Most casinos are accessible through your mobile web browser.

What numbers hit most in keno?

Overall, there are five numbers that seem to keep coming up in keno games around the world: 1, 4, 23, 34, and 72. While they come up often, they aren’t sure to get you wins.

What are keno cold numbers?

These are numbers that come up less frequently. To be considered a cold number, a number needs to be absent from 15 consecutive games.

How do you win at keno every time?

There is no way to win keno every time. The game is completely random so it is impossible to devise an effective strategy that will get you wins on a regular basis.

How do you increase your odds in keno?

There isn’t any real way to increase your odds in keno other than buying more than one ticket. Otherwise, the game is completely random as stated above. The only other way to increase your odds would be by cheating.

How many numbers should you play in Keno?

This depends on the version of the game you are playing and the operator. Players may be required to choose anything between 10 and 15 balls from numbers between one and 80.

What are the odds of winning in keno?

This all depends on how many numbers you are required to select and how many numbers are available to select from. Essentially, if you are playing in an 80-ball game that requires you to select 10 numbers, your chances of getting them all right is 1 in 8911712.

What are keno payouts?

This depends on the game you are playing. Different operators have different pay tables attached to their games. So, be sure to study up on the pay table before playing the game.

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