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Irish Mafia Don Leaves Thoughtful Google Restaurant Reviews

Christopher “Christy” Kinahan, also known as “the Dapper Don,” is a big name in the crime world. He started the Kinahan Cartel, a group known for doing illegal things across the globe. Even though he’s wanted by the police all over, he’s managed to make his mark online.

Irish Mafia Don Leaves Thoughtful Google Restaurant Reviews (1)

Unveiling the Google Reviews

Using the name “Christopher Vincent,” Kinahan has written lots of reviews on Google about restaurants. He’s been doing this from 2019 to 2023. These reviews might seem normal, but they give us a peek into his life, despite his criminal activities.

Insights into Kinahan’s Reviews

In his reviews, Kinahan talks about everyday things like waiting a long time for food and how it can be hard to eat out with kids. It’s interesting to see this side of him, considering his bad reputation.

The Criminal Legacy of the Kinahan Cartel

The Kinahan family is known for doing a lot of bad stuff, like selling drugs and guns. The Irish courts call them a “murderous organization.” The US government even offers a big reward for catching them.

Residence in Dubai

Kinahan and his sons, Daniel and Christopher Jr., are said to be living in Dubai, where they’re believed to have a lot of power. They moved there after a big fight with another gang in Dublin.

A Surprising Online Presence

Despite being on the run from the law, Kinahan’s online profile shows he’s a big traveler. He writes reviews about food from all over the world, which is unexpected for someone with his background.

Request for Formality

In one of his reviews, Kinahan asks to be called by formal titles, even though he’s in a casual setting.


Christy Kinahan’s online activity shows us a different side of him. Even though he’s known for doing bad things, he’s still interested in normal stuff like food and travel. It’s a reminder that people can be complex, even those involved in crime.

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