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Best MLB Betting Sites

top-mlb-betting-sites-usaMajor League Baseball (MLB) is undoubtedly a huge part of American culture. Even those who may not be fanatics of the sport know of its legends. Naturally, MLB betting is equally a big part of US sports culture. What makes baseball betting so exciting is the great payout you can win by placing a wager on games. Furthermore, unlike in years past, players know the sport is well regulated and less likely to have rigged games. It is for this reason it has become one of the biggest wagering options at US online gambling sites.

Nowadays, fans of the sport even have the opportunity to bet on their favorite teams online. If you are looking to learn how to bet on the MLB online, you have come to the right place. We have outlined a few tips and odds to help you to win real money when betting. We have also listed the top US Major League Baseball betting sites. So, read on and find out more about MLB betting online!

Best MLB Betting Sites 2020

This is the best list of sports betting sites in the United States. Test your MLB betting strategies here today!

Top Sites In America

Latest MLB Betting News

What You’ll Find In Our MLB Betting Guide

Popular MLB Betting Lines

There plenty of different bets players can make on the MLB. We will briefly go into the most popular types of lines in baseball betting. MLB betting odds are affected differently by each type of bet. Players need to understand how each of these bet types work to gain the most out of their wagers.

  • Moneyline – these are bets made on a team to win. The starting pitcher of the defending team and the batters on the batting team are the top two factors that influence odds in this bet.
  • MLB Run Line Betting – this type of bet is a bit more complicated than a moneyline bet. However, it is quite rewarding when you know how you use it. It is also strikingly similar to hockey’s puck line betting. Basically, sportsbooks declare a favorite and an underdog and then set a scoreline for the favorite to win by. If gamblers bet on the favorite, the team will need to beat the runline. If they bet on the underdog, they just need them to ensure they lose by less than the predicted scoreline stated.
  • Totals – are a simple gamble on the total of a certain category in the game. For example, the total score of the whole game being less or more than the sportsbook prediction.
  • Futures – these are long-term bets on who may win a particularly important game. For example, bettors can place future bets on who may win the World Series at the beginning of the season. These bets have high odds meaning bigger payouts. They are also extremely difficult to win.
  • Props – these are bets made on something specific taking place in a game. For example, betting on Giancarlo Stanton to score a home run in the next Yankees game.

MLB Odds

If the only thing preventing you from engaging in MLB sports betting online is understanding how odds work, well then, we have got good news for you. We are about to explain how to read odds down below.

First, we’d like to note though that there are three different odds systems: American/Moneyline, Fractional and Decimal. It goes without saying which US sportsbooks tend to prefer, however, if you would like to learn about the other two you can do so in our odds guide.

So, when you visit a sportsbook, betting lines on MLB games will be displayed in the following manner:

Chicago White Sox +178

Washington Nationals -190

Now, when calculating how much you could potentially make from a bet on either of these two teams, you need to pay attention to both the symbol and number next to the team names. The plus symbol denotes the underdog whereas the minus symbol denotes the favorite. The figures also use US$100 as a baseline for bets.

So, in the above example, bettors would need to bet $100 on the White Sox to win $178, whereas they would need to bet $190 on the Washington Nationals to win $100.

Now that you understand how odds work, you are ready to bet on the MLB!

mlb betting odds explained

Best MLB Betting Tips

It can be tough to come up with good MLB betting systems, which is why we have listed some of our best tips to help you out. These tricks are sure to get you making better bets in no time:

  • Focus on a Handful of Teams – there are 30 teams in the MLB and over 2430 games played each season. It would be stupid to think that you could learn the ins and outs of every team. Rather pick a few and learn all that you need to make good bets.
  • Pay Attention to MLB Betting Trends – pay attention to MLB public betting trends. While we don’t suggest that you always go with what the public is saying, sometimes this information can open you up to new perspectives on a game you would like to bet on.
  • Follow Tipsters – it seems that every person who shares their MLB betting picks on social media claims to be a pro tipster. While this may not be true, there are some truly knowledgeable people out there who can give you some good wagering tips on upcoming games. Be sure to have a look at their records before blindly following what they say though.
  • Avoid Betting on Favorites – remember that the MLB is unpredictable and that the favorites don’t always win. This is especially true with future bets.

For more MLB tips, have a look at our daily blog. We often post our experts’ latest MLB betting predictions there.

How to Bet on MLB

In order to bet well on any sport, you need to understand how the sport is played. Major League Baseball teams play with nine players each. Each team takes turns to bat and the aim is to score as many complete runs round the four bases. If you’re keen on betting on a team, follow the steps below:

  1. Choose what team you’re betting on. Once this is done, you can then decide what type of bet you are going to place
  2. Depending on the MLB standings and how well you know the team you can decide on whether you will place a moneyline bet, run line or total bet
  3. Place a wager amount it is advisable to begin with the minimum bet and build from there

Best MLB Team Guides

Looking for some advice on betting on some upcoming fixtures? Or, perhaps maybe you’d like to know which teams we feel have the strongest chance of winning the World Series this year? Well, have a look at our dedicated team guides down below. They are sure to help you make better overall picks, especially when it comes to futures.

American League

National League

MLB World Series Betting

The World Series is the biggest event in baseball, and US bettors can be sure that the best online sportsbooks will be offering a load of betting options on the big game. Not only do gamblers get the chance to make the regular bets they’re pretty much able to make on every game, but they also get the chance to make a load of different exotic prop bets that aren’t often seen throughout the season. This could include anything strikeout options to will be named MVP of the match.

Avid US gamblers are also able to place futures on the World Series throughout the season. Overall, we recommend having a good look at teams through some part of the season before placing a future. That way gamblers are able to see just how each team is performing and whether or not their pitcher is up to standard before committing.

All-Star Game Betting

Each season, all-star games create a load of excitement among baseball fans and sports bettors alike. The game sees the best players in the American League go up against the best players in the National League. But, how exactly does one go about betting on this game with all the talent to go around?

Well, we recommend having a good look at some standout stats about each game and whether or not the starting pitchers are in anyway comparable. Sometimes, there is a star performer in the league, and the team carrying that player is just more likely to win.

With our recommended sportsbooks, betting on the MLB all-star game is no problem at all. You’ll be surprised by the wide variety of lines available to you.

History of Major League Baseball Betting

Baseball has been part of America since the 18th century. Baseball betting has had a rocky road in the US. For almost a century, it was illegal in many states. To add on, there have been scandals in betting on baseball where, for instance some players were accused of throwing games intentionally in cahoots with bookies. However, technology and strict regulation over the years has made betting on baseball a safe and trusted pastime.

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