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Best Online Pai Gow Poker Real Money USA

online-pai-gow-poker-casinos-usaOnline pai gow poker has really grown to amass a big following in the United States in recent years. With so many great casinos offering players the chance to play this wonderful variation, it really is no surprise that this game is such a hit with US players. It combines the fun styles and strategies of two classic gambling games (pai gow and poker) to create a wonderful experience that is filled with exciting adrenaline-filled moments. Players are required to use all their wits, in addition to having luck on their side in this game, which is available at all the best real money online gambling sites!

If you would like to find out more about playing pai gow poker online, make sure to keep reading. We have created the best guide on playing pai gow poker online casino games. Not only do we direct players to the best casinos that offer the game, but we also teach US gamblers how to play, share some tips, and explain the best way to play the game. So, read on and play pai gow poker with bonus online today at top US online casinos!

Play Pai Gow Poker Here in 2020

Play pai gow poker online in the United States at any of the casinos listed below. Each has got a range of wonderful poker games available to players, including that of the pai gow variety!

Top Sites In America

What You’ll Find In Our Pai Gow Poker Guide

How to Play Pai Gow Poker

Pai gow poker is essentially just another variation of poker. So, if you know how to play poker you’ll know how to play pai gow in card form. If you’re still a little frazzled, just follow the steps below and you should be good to go in this casino games online:

  1. Players start each round by placing a bet before any cards are drawn. This is called the ante bet.
  2. Once they have placed their bet, players will be dealt seven cards with which they will be required to build two hands (one consisting of five cards and the other of two cards.) We recommend that you try to make your five-card big hand the stronger hand.
  3. It is important to note that the rules surrounding the big hand are of regular poker whereas the highest combination with the small hand is a pair.
  4. After crafting both their hands, players are ready for the showdown. They show their hands to other players and a winner is declared.

Pai Gow Poker Rules

Although pai gow poker house rules may differ from casino to casino, the general rules consist of the following:

  • This variation makes use of a standard 52-card deck including the Joker. The Joker acts a wild that either be an Ace or can complete flushes and straights.
  • Players are dealt seven cards with which they are required to build two hands – one consists of five cards and the other of two cards. It is the aim of the player to build two hands that are both strong.
  • General poker rules apply to the five-card poker hand, whereas the best hand players can build with their small hand is a pair of Aces.
  • If the draw results in a tie, the banker wins the round.

Online Pai Gow Poker Strategy

While we won’t say that we have the perfect pai gow poker betting strategy, we do have some tips and tricks that are sure to get you thinking about the game more strategically. Such tips include the following:

  • Try to make two strong hands – remember that it is your aim to try and make two hands that will beat the dealer’s two hands. If you have got a pair and a high card, try to distribute them between your two hands so that you have a better chance of taking out the dealer.
  • Your small hand should not outrank your big hand – always remember that your aim is to beat the dealer. A good way to do this is to make sure that your big hand remains strong at all times. This means that if your best hand is a simple high card, it needs to go in the big hand.
  • Practice efficient bankroll management – sure it is fun to win big real money prizes, but it is important for players to note that consistently making big bets is a sure way to your bankroll quickly and limit your game time. It is for this reason that we always recommend that players try to limit their bets to at max 10% of their bankroll.
  • Play free online pai gow poker games first – before playing online for real money, we always recommend that players gamble online for free first. This lets them get a feel for the online environment before risking their bankroll and potentially losing it due to user inexperience.

Top Pai Gow Poker Free Games

There are so many US players who wish to play pai gow poker for free online. Well, the great news is that it is completely possible to do so. All players need to do is sign up at a casino that offers players access to free versions of their games. Luckily, all of the casinos listed on do just that!

There are loads of reasons US players should consider giving pai gow poker online free games a chance in addition to the reason already mentioned in our tips section. Some such include the following:

  • Free games act as somewhat of a pai gow poker simulator. This allows players to test out new strategies and determine whether or not they will potentially work in a live environment without any risk.
  • The one thing that really is terrible about blowing your bankroll is the inability to play games even if you do it just for fun. Well, free games allow players to keep playing the game even if they don’t have any funds to do so.

Play Live Pai Gow Poker

Although it is not a staple at US casino sites, some do offer players the chance to play pai gow poker with a real-life dealer. If you are keen on getting the full online pai gow poker experience – social interaction and all – you need to make sure that you sign up at a gambling site that features a live casino pai gow poker offering.

Many of our recommend casinos do offer live dealer sections. We recommend that all players have a go at live pai gow poker online. However, we do caution them to understand how the game works before doing so. If you are going to play with a live dealer, know that it is always going to be for real money.


History of Pai Gow Poker

Pai gow poker is a relatively new casino game, having been invented in 1985 by California card room owner, Sam Torosian. Torosian was inspired to create the card game after a Filipino customer told him about Pusoy – a Chinese card game based on poker hands that requires players to create three different hands from 13 dealt cards.

Torosian thought that waiting for player to build three hands slowed down the game, thus shortened it to two. Furthermore, instead of players being dealt 13 cards they would only be dealt seven, and this is how the pai gow poker game into being.

Soon after its creation, pai gow poker became exceedingly popular and soon spread to the Las Vegas Strip, where it also proved to be a hit. Today, the game is played worldwide and is even available online. We heartily recommend that all players give the game a go if they are a fan of poker as once you’ve tried it, you’ll love it too!

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Pai Gow Poker FAQs

What is pai gow poker?

Pai Gow Poker is yet another poker variation. This one is derived from a Chinese gambling game called Pusoy (the name seems very deceiving though.) Players are dealt seven cards and are required to make two hands from these cards. One that features five cards and one that features two cards. The player with the two best hands wins!

What are pai gow poker odds?

If you’re talking about house edge, the pai gow poker house edge sits somewhere around 2.84%. However, if you’re thinking about the odds of receiving a particular hand during a particular game, the odds work as follows:

  • 7-Card Straight Flush – 5000000 to 1
  • Royal Flush and a pair – 2000000 to 1
  • Five Aces – 140000 to 1
  • Royal Flush – 6000 to 1
  • Straight Flush – 750 to 1
  • Four of a Kind – 500 to 1
  • Full House – 36 to 1

Can you win in pai gow poker?

Yes, it is very possible to win in pai gow poker. All players need to do is arrange their two hands in a way that they both feature two high combinations. If a player is able to beat both of the dealer’s hands, they win the game.

What is a royal match in pai gow poker?

This is a hand that is extremely hard to get but pays out very well. Basically, the hand features a royal flush and then an additional King and Ace of the same suit. Bear in mind that this is only possible if the game uses more than one deck.

What is a pai gow hand?

A pai gow hand is a winning combination of cards featured in the famous poker game.

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