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Latest College Basketball Consensus Picks

best college basketball consesnus picks usaCollege basketball consensus picks allow US bettors to get an overview of how the public thinks a particular matchup is going to end. NCAAB Basketball is known to be pretty predictable, so college basketball consensus picks allow bettors to analyze whether or not their selection is a popular choice and decide whether or not to change. Simply having a look at college basketball public betting trends can make gamblers look at factors they may have not have thought of when making their selection. Bettors also have an opportunity to discover to bet against the public at popular US online gambling sites.

If you would like to find out more about NCAAB consensus picks, we suggest that you stick around. Below we have a look at explaining what college basketball consensus picks are and why so many US bettors are interested in them. We also have a look at how consensus picks are related to betting against the public and when the best time to try the fade the public is. We also list some of the best college basketball online gambling sites for your convenience.

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ncaab consensus picks usa

What are College Basketball Consensus Picks?

The college basketball betting consensus refers to how the public is betting on a particular line at a US sports betting site. Some gamblers use the term betting percentages to refer to the consensus. The whole idea is to see what types of bets gamblers are making on a line.

If this seems confusing, perhaps an example may help make it a bit clearer. So, let’s say Baylor is playing Kansas, and you would like to place a moneyline on this game. Betting percentages show that 72% of all bettors have picked Baylor to win the match whereas only 28% of all bettors have picked Kansas to win. Baylor is then the consensus pick for this particular line.

Gamblers can use college basketball public picks to see if their bet selection is in line with public perception. As college basketball is pretty predictable, this second opinion can sometimes help in making better bets. Another reason this is important as gamblers can use this information to see if line movements may occur in the near future and bet against the public, which we get into a little more down below.

Best College Basketball Consensus Picks Servicescollege basketball consensus picks usa

As mentioned above, having a look at college football picks is important so that bettors are able to get more information on their bet and change it accordingly. Analyzing this data allows you to make a decision on whether it will be a good idea to bet against the public, which opens up the opportunity to winning big sums of money.

For example, let’s say you want to bet in the hypothetical Baylor vs Kansas game mentioned above. Well, the public may pick Baylor to be the victor because Tristan Clark is having a phenomenal year. However, if you know that Clark hasn’t been playing at 100% in his last few games due to a nagging injury, it opens up a chance to bet against the public and win bigger cash prizes.

While we wouldn’t recommend constantly betting against the public, we do believe that having a good look at consensus picks can help inform your betting decision. We encourage players to have a look at our blog for the latest NCAAB consensus picks.

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