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Best Sports Betting Picks

Every US bettor is trying to get an edge over sportsbooks, and one popular way to do it is to look for the best sports betting picks online. Aside from analyzing betting trends and searching for the lines with the most competitive odds, to get the advantage, gamblers will need to pay mind to sports picks offered by professional betting services. These sites are run by individuals who make it their lives to provide spot-on sports gambling picks to make themselves money, and those who use them money too. They thoroughly research upcoming match-ups, teams and events to ensure that they are able to predict any sudden

If you would like to learn more about sports betting picks, and the value they add to the whole online gambling with real money experience, we recommend staying on this page. Below we provide players with the best sports picks guide available online. We have a look at what picks are, why they are so important and tell you why you should trust in out expert handicappers. So, read on, and begin placing better bets today!

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What You’ll Find On Our Sports Betting Picks Page

What are Expert Sports Betting Picks?best-expert-sports-betting-picks

Sports betting picks are basically predictions regarding an upcoming betting line. Anyone who makes a bet technically makes a pick. However, expert picks are those made by professional bettors or sports picks services. The experts have a proven track record and know the factors to look in an upcoming sports game to make an accurate prediction more often than not.

The value in following such bettors is that you begin to learn about the factors they look at that makes them so successful in their trade (as they usually substantiate their predictions). You can later apply what you’ve learnt to the betting line you consider wagering on to make better bets.

US bettors will notice that some sites providing such services require them to buy sports betting picks, but we’d warn against just jumping ahead and doing that without asking any questions. It is always important to be wary of two things when looking to buying picks, and that is making sure that the site you would like to purchase from is legit and that the experts in question have a good record.

Gamblers always need to keep the fact that there is no such thing as guaranteed sports betting picks in mind. Everybody gets it wrong sometimes, and thinking that just because you paid for services that you are sure to won is erroneous. Ultimately, any sports bettor who has a positive record is worth following as this means he or she is turning a profit. However, this doesn’t mean that this bettor doesn’t have days that they go 0-5.

How do Sports Betting Picks Work?sports-betting-picks-usa

Aside from the fact that US bettors can buy or get sports betting picks for free at top sportsbook guides, there are three different types of picks. We go through each type down below:

Professional Betting Picks Services

It doesn’t matter if a professional betting picks service is free or bettors have to pay a premium to get it; the goal of professional handicappers remains the same, and that is to provide bettors with picks as well as an explanation for their picks.

If a professional refuses to provide an explanation for their choices, we do not recommend using their services. The reason for this is that you have no proof that they adequately went through the analytical data required to make an educated guess on a game. (You may as well be picking names out of hat then.)


Sports Betting Consensus Picks

Consensus picks refers to the betting trends taking place on a particular match at a certain sportsbook. These are often referred to betting percentages. Most sportsbooks allow bettors to view such figures before placing a particular wager.

The one big gain of taking a look at consensus picks is that you get insight into how the public feels a particular event is going to turn out. With this knowledge in mind, you can then make a call on your own potential future wagers.

Sports Betting Computer Picks

Computer picks remove the human element from betting, which is often clouded by some sort of bias (such as thinking that your favorite team is going to win “just cause you believe”.) Basically, all the relevant stats are input into a program and then it spits out a winner based on this information.

It is important to note that while computer picks tend to be more trusted than those of professional handicappers, they aren’t always accurately able to predict outcomes. There’s no accounting for random upsets as numbers don’t always indicate those.

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What to Look for in Betting Servicesbest-expert-sports-betting-picks-usa

When having a look at betting services, there are a few things that you will need to check in order to find a legit sports betting service. Some of the most important include the following:

  • A Good Winning Percentage – anyone can advertise themselves as an expert sport bettor and offer access to so-called pro picks for a fee. A good way to separate the trash from the legitimate bettors is to have a good look at the expert’s winning percentage and whether it is verifiable. You need to make sure that the expert is making bets before the events they bet on actually take place.
  • Low Costs – you should never pay an excessive amount of money to get access to sports betting picks. The reason is that there are scams out there, and you don’t want to lose a load of money on something that may not be real. In addition to this, you should really be checking if the expert has reviews and others bettors have actually made use of the service.

Are Free Sports Betting Picks Worth It?best-free-sports-betting-picks-usa

Sports betting is an undeniable growing market, so there are hundreds of gamblers out there providing picks on a number of different platforms free-of-charge. Many of them are looking to become the next James Holzhauer in becoming renown for making winning picks on a very regular basis, and a few will inevitably succeed in doing so, although many won’t.

There are loads of places US bettors can source free sports betting picks today. Aside from recommending our own blog (which we update on a daily basis), we’d also recommend having a good look at social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter. Find the threads or users focusing on the sport you’re interested in and pay mind to their selection.

Again, we wouldn’t just jump into using the picks made by these people right away, but you can personally keep track of their suggestions by paying attention to end results. Keep a track record of their picks and see whether the person is making money, or is just clueless about the whole ordeal.

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Popular Sports for Expert Picksbest-sports-picks-usa

Below we have listed the sports most US bettors are interested in searching for free expert sports betting tips:

NFL Sports Betting Picks

The biggest sporting league in the United States is also one of the most bet on. Bettors want to get the edge over their sportsbooks when placing bets, and sometimes use the aid of expert handicappers to do so. This is especially true seeing as games can be particularly difficult to predict for new bettors who aren’t used to looking at the stats needed to make accurate picks.

NBA Sports Betting Picks

With the NBA being as popular as it is, it isn’t really a surprise that NBA sports picks betting is in popular demand. The NBA is seen as one of the more predictable leagues in the United States, so it makes sense that many bettors would be looking to follow an expert handicapper who is able to guess NBA picks.

MLB Sports Betting Picks

Tipsters who focus on baseball sports betting picks have been known to get a large following as the sport can prove to be pretty profitable to learned bettors. If you are able to find a bettor with a positive record in the MLB or any other baseball league for that matter, we recommend that you follow their suggestions closely because they probably know what they are doing.

NHL Sports Betting Picks

There are over a thousand NHL games played each and every season, which make for loads of betting opportunities for US hockey lovers. The NHL is often deemed a very difficult sport to wager on due to it being so unpredictable, which is why many bettors do look to find expert sports betting handicappers in this area.

College Sports Betting Picks

College sports are considered more predictable than professional leagues due to competitive (and financial) unbalance between big schools. From time to time, there can be upsets, especially in NCAA basketball games, but more often than not the most likely teams win. Despite this, we still provide free daily sports betting picks on both football and basketball.

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