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Stanley Cup Odds

stanley-cup-betting-odds-usaStanley Cup betting is one of the most popular forms of National Hockey League (NHL) betting in the United States. So, popular in fact that sportsbooks offer a whole load of exclusive betting lines just for the Stanley Cup. That’s right; ice hockey’s most famous event isn’t just limited to futures bets. US gamblers can place all sorts of bets on the final, including the strangest exotic bets you have ever seen, such as whether a team mascot will perform a backflip.

With Stanley Cup betting being as popular as it is, it makes sense that there are a lot of online gambling sites that allow players to place bets on the event. If you would like to learn more about betting on the NHL‘s final, keep reading on down below. We have created a guide featuring information regarding how to bet on the cup and how to maximize your winnings.

Best Stanley Cup Betting Sites 2020

If you’re looking for the online sportsbooks with the best Stanley Cup Finals odds, look no further! The sites listed below offer some of the greatest odds on this world-famous hockey occasion:

What You’ll Find In Our Stanley Cup Guide

Popular Stanley Cup Betting Lines

Stanley Cup Finals betting lines differ slightly from those available in normal games only in the fact that there are more possible wagering options. These deviations usually come in the form of more exotic prop bets, but for some sports betting sites this could also mean more live betting options. We have listed the most popular betting lines available on the Stanley Cup down below:

  • Puck Lines – these bets work in the same way as point spread bets where the underdog is given the advantage to level the playing field. So, the favorites will be given odds that feature a scoreline with a plus symbol while the underdog will have odds that feature a scoreline with a minus symbol.
  • Moneylines– this bet is on which team will win the game without considering any other factors such as how many points the team will win by.
  • Totals– the bookmaker will set a suggested overall scoreline, and you have to bet on whether the goals scored by both teams will be over or under the set number.
  • Futures– this bet is usually made after a season has ended or right before a new one begins. Bettors attempt to predict who will win the next Stanley Cup Final.
  • Props – these are bets made on based on something happening in the game. Prop bets range between bets on things that very well could happen in the game to crazy specific events that are related to the overall event, but not really to the game as a whole. For example, bettors could wager on Alex Ovechkin scoring the first goal for the Washington Capitals in the final or on whether his undershirt is red or blue if the sportsbook wants to go deep into the realm prop betting.

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NHL Stanley Cup Betting Odds 2020

Finding the best NHL odds is not a simple task because you have to search through different sportsbooks to do so. You have to compare their odds against each other to see which one will give you the best odds for your wagers. What can make it easier is to keep a record of your betting to know your past wins and losses and compare the odds available.

It is important to note that NHL betting odds to win Stanley Cup shift throughout the season as it becomes more clear which teams are in form and which ones aren’t. Make sure to try and time your bet so that you make the most possible money.

If you are struggling to read odds, visit our general betting odds guide. There we explain how to read the three types of odds formats so that you can know whether a bet is worth placing or not.

best stanley cup betting lines

Stanley Cup Betting Tips

While we won’t claim to be professional tipsters, there are a few things you need to keep in mind when thinking about Stanley Cup Final betting. The tips listed below aren’t guaranteed to get you wins. However, they will help you make better bets.

  • Pay Attention to Public Betting Patterns – some betting experts always suggest that gamblers should bet against the public as the public generally tends to be filled with inexperienced bettors who go with their gut rather than their head. We won’t tell you to blindly follow that advice as sometimes there are factors that the others take into account that you may not be aware of. Basically, just make yourself aware of the public opinion on a game and work on from there.
  • Don’t Stick to the Favorites – in 2019, the Tampa Bay Lightning had a record-breaking regular season taking home the President’s Trophy without any hassle. However, the team then proceeded to be swept in the first round of the playoffs by the Columbus Blue Jackets who had qualified as a Wild Card team. Moral of the story is don’t stick to placing futures on favorites as when playoff come around anything can happen.
  • Zigzag Strategies Work – during the post-season, series often tend to see one team win a game and the other team retaliate until a winner is found in the seven-game series. Thus, it makes sense for gamblers to bet on one team and keep on switching if the two sides are evenly matched.

How to Bet on the Stanley Cup

It is relatively easy to bet on the Stanley Cup. Just follow the steps below:

  • Choose the option that you want to bet – There are two that you can choose to make your wager. You can choose to wager on a game by game or the entire hockey season. When you choose game by game, you will have to choose lines to bet on.
  • Find out more about the team you want to bet on – Do your research on the previous games the team has played and find out how they were played and any other factors that may have affected the game. This will let you know on the current performance of the team and whether they are doing well or not.
  • Choose which team you want to bet on – This is an easy decision when you are betting on the entire season. However, when you are betting game by game, it may be difficult because the performance of a team can easily change. But it may present opportunities to change who you are betting on when the team has changed in performance.
  • Do Some Line Shopping – When you get to this point, you should already know which team you want to bet on. Now you have to find the right lines to bet by searching for the best odds. When you find the best odds, when you win you will get good payouts.
  • Place your Bet – Once you have found the best odds, you are now ready to place your wager. However, before placing the bet, always double check your information first.

Current Stanley Cup Champion Odds

It is important to note that Stanley Cup playoffs betting odds are always changing. Although the 2019 champion has already been decided, below are some of the preliminary odds for next year’s final. Unsurprisingly, Tampa Bay Lightning lead after an insane 2018/19 regular season:

Team2020 Stanley Cup Odds
Tampa Bay Lightning6/1
Boston Bruins6/1
Toronto Maple Leafs10/1
Vegas Golden Knights10/1
San Jose Sharks14/1
Colorado Avalanche14/1
St.Louis Blues16/1
Washington Capitals16/1
Pittsburgh Penguins16/1
Winnipeg Jets20/1
Calgary Flames20/1
Montreal Canadiens40/1
Vancouver Canucks60/1
Edmonton Oilers60/1
Ottawa Senators300/1
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