American Major League Soccer Cup

The Major League Soccer (MLS) Cup is a professional soccer league competition, the highest competitive soccer level in USA and Canada. The MLS Cup is decided in playoffs unlike basing on the team with most points at the end of the season. However, the team that consistently performs and has the most points at the end of the season is awarded the Supporter’s Shield.

Major League Soccer was founded in 1993, when the United States was bidding to host the 1994 FIFA World Cup, which they managed to do. However, the first MLS Cup was held in October 1996. The first few years of the League’s existence were plagued with financial woes. In its early years the MLS teams played in near empty stadiums which did not help the establishment’s money troubles. Nevertheless, MLS managed to turn its fortunes and the league is now hugely profitable and popular.


Major League Soccer Betting

The league consists of 24 teams, three of which are Canadian teams and the remaining 21 are USA teams. Below is a list of sites that allow US gamblers to bet on MLS matches:


MLS Cup Betting Tips

The teams in the Major League Soccer roster are divided into two conferences, Eastern and Western. Often the final of the MLS Cup is played between a team from the East and the Western conferences. How does this affect the MLS Cup betting odds? Well, the teams hardly play against each other, they may play once against each other during the season. Therefore predicting the match’s outcome becomes a bit more complex and exciting since the teams don’t often play against each other. The game’s result in an MLS Cup final is much more unpredictable.

The unpredictability of MLS Cup finals and matches in general should not make you shy away from betting on MLS matches. Quite the contrary, looking at team stats and the history of Major League Soccer, US gamblers can make profitable bets on MLS Cup games. Generally, the MLS Cup often has “upset” victories, where teams surprise and take the lead unexpectedly. However, like we mentioned the teams don’t play against each other often so at first glance it looks like the game can go either way. However, there are three Betting tips US gamblers can use to further themselves and better their odds when betting on MLS Cup matches.

  1. Know the teams’ statistics.
  2. Learn about the statistics of the MLS Cup.
  3. Remember home field betting advantage is always given to the team that has the most points throughout season.

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MLS Cup Odds and Statistics

Here are few statistics about the MLS Cup that are useful to US sports bettors.

  1. Less than 50 % of MLS Cup final matches have required extra time – this bit of info should come in handy in helping bettors to decide what type of wager to place.
  2. The home side often wins by 5 times for every 2 losses on average. However the last two consecutive seasons have had the home side losing.
  3. In 2016 the only MLS Cup final to have a 0-0 score happened
  4. Only four Major League Soccer Cup finals have been decide by penalty shootouts.
  5. Only three matches in the MLS Cup final have had more than four goals
  6. LA Galaxy has the most MLS Cup titles, five in total.

These few stats will help USA gamblers to determine what the odds of a certain outcome are. For example, knowing that only three finals have had more than four goals in total will help when making a Totals Bet. A safe but not as profitable bet would be a double chance bet on either team winning since the MLS is volatile and unpredictable. Our tips are not hard and fast rules however they will greatly help boost your betting odds. Do as much research as you can to make your MLS Cup betting as lucrative as possible.