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MLS Western Conference Odds

mls-western-conference-oddsMLS Western Conference betting (also known as MLS Western betting) sees gamblers bet on all the MLS soccer teams found on the western side of the United States. With many of the teams within the Western Conference considered to be the best in the league, there are loads of nail-biting matches available to bet on featuring league favorites, such as Los Angeles Galaxy, San Jose Earthquakes and FC Dallas. Some teams even have some big-name players within their squad to make bouts a whole lot more unpredictable.

If you are interested in learning more about betting on the MLS West, then carry on reading down below. In our all-inclusive guide, we take a look at the teams that make up the conference, how to bet on MLS Western Conference games, betting tips to keep in mind and more. So, read on and get betting on this competitive sporting event online at US gambling sites now without any hassles!

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Popular MLS Western Betting Lines

If you are at all familiar with soccer betting, deducing the betting lines available to gamblers when wagering on the MLS Western Conference shouldn’t be all that difficult. However, if you are completely new to this form of sports betting as a whole, we’ve got a quick guide down below that can help you out:

  • 3-Way Moneylines – these are the most popular bets made on soccer. Gamblers try to predict the outcome of the match. There are three ways a standard regulation time match can end: a victory for one of the two teams or a draw.
  • Spreads – the most popular form of betting in the United States. With these wagers, a sports betting site sets a favorite for a match-up and gives them a handicap. Gamblers then bet on whether or not the team will be able to overcome it. It is a way of evening the odds between two teams.
  • Over/Unders – these bets are also refereed to as totals. The aim of these wagers is to predict the total score of the game – both teams combined. We generally recommend going low with most soccer games, but that’s just our advice.
  • Futures – these are bets made on a team to win some type of big game in the future, for example, the MLS Cup or Western Conference Championship. Generally, the further in advance you make the bet, the higher the odds will be. While these bets offer big payouts, they are ridiculously hard to get right, particularly if you make them before the season has even begun.
  • Props – these are bets that don’t really involve the outcome of the game, but rather involve betting on a specific happening taking place in a game. An example could be betting on which team will score first.

All MLS Western Conference Teams

The 12 teams that make up the MLS Western Conference are:

Top MLS Western Betting Tips

Looking to place a bet on a MLS Western Conference game? Then, make sure you consider the tips down below before placing a bet. We can’t guarantee that they’ll help you place winning wagers, but they will at the very least help you make more educated bets at soccer betting sites.

  • Playoffs Are A Defensive Game – during the regular season, most teams tend to play more offensively, taking all the chances possible to score goals. However, during the post-season, most teams adopt more defensive gameplay. The reason is that it is so easy to go out en route to the MLS Cup. With this in mind, we recommend that players stick to unders.
  • Small Winning Margins Are Normal – statistics suggest that most games in the MLS are either drawn or decided by a small winning margin (for example, one goal.) Thus, we suggest that you don’t get too crazy with spread bets unless you are really sure.
  • Bet Against Table Bottom Feeders – unlike other soccer tournaments, there is no threat of relegation in the MLS. Therefore, there is no spike in performance in teams located at the bottom of the table as seen in other leagues. Thus, towards the end of the season betting against teams that have done badly throughout the season can prove to be profitable.

MLS Western Championship Odds

While the odds below are expected to change in the future, they currently provide a good look at how the MLS Western Conference is shaping up. It seems that relative newcomers Los Angeles FC have been tipped to win it this year for the first time in their history. With the team leading the conference, it does seem very possible that they’ll win. Well, at least MLS betting sites think so.

Los Angeles FC-166
Los Angeles Galaxy+370
Portland Timbers+1050
Seattle Sounders+1050
FC Dallas+1300
San Jose Earthquakes+1600
Minnesota United FC+1850
Houston Dynamo+2550
Sporting Kansas City+3500
Real Salt Lake+6950
Colorado Rapids+11600
Vancouver Whitecaps FC+14500

MLS Western Conference History

The Major League Soccer Western Conference was created in 1996, when the league held its first season. Since this time, the team has expanded from five teams to a total of 12 teams. While many teams in the conference have gone through name changes, the only side that has disbanded thus far is Southern California-based Chivas USA, which was arguably replaced by Los Angeles FC some years later.

Overall, the Western Conference is seen as much more competitive than the Eastern Conference, with the division producing more winners. It is also home to Los Angeles Galaxy – the most successful team in the entire league with five MLS Cup victories.

The competitive nature of the conference has led to the formation of some intense rivalries that prove really exciting to bet on. Some of the most notable include “El Tráfico” (Los Angeles Galaxy vs Los Angeles FC), Real Salt Lake vs Sporting Kansas City and FC Dallas Vs Houston Dynamo.

Although the last two MLS Cup draws were won by Eastern Conference teams, it seems that the West will soon be returning to prominence in the MLS. Bookies everywhere have pegged Los Angeles FC and Los Angeles Galaxy as favorites to win in 2019. With New York City FC pegged as the favorite for the Eastern Conference, it seems that the country’s two biggest cities will once again be at odds with one another.

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