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MLS Futures Explained

mls-future-betting-lines-usaMajor League Soccer futures (also known as MLS futures) see bettors in the United States place bets on happenings in the league due to take place sometime in the future. This could include betting on the MLS Cup or the season’s most valuable player, among other options. All bettors should really know is that as with all futures, these MLS bets promise big cash prizes because they are very difficult to get right. They also make watching matches closer to the end of the season a whole lot more exciting, especially if you have picked a real potential winner.

If you would like to learn more about placing Major League Soccer futures, then keep on reading our nifty guide down below. We discuss all the different types of future bets you can make on the MLS as well as the tips to keep in mind when doing so. We also list all the online gambling sites with the best MLS future odds. So, what are you waiting for?

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What are Major League Soccer Futures?

Wagering on futures represents a parting from the popular type of betting. As a general, futures betting involves wagering on a single game or happening that is due to take place sometime in the future. This could include predicting the result of long-term tournaments, such as the Eastern Conference Championship, or the result of individual accolades, such as season MVP.

The important thing to keep in mind is that bettors need a solid understanding of the league, as well as a bit of luck to make accurate bets. For MLS futures, the odds for every team are comparatively high, even for those that are favourites. This is because winning future finals in the MLS is very difficult even for top sides. Thus, the payout you get when you win your future wager tends to be bigger than those seen in other types of betting.

Overall, it can be rather difficult to make these bets and get them right. We do not recommend making them a large part of your betting portfolio because in addition to them being hard predictions, they also take long to be decided. This means part of your bankroll will be tied up for a very long time.

Popular MLS Future Betting Lines

Although the league isn’t quite as famous as other US sports leagues, there are a couple of different MLS futures available at top soccer betting sportsbooks. Some of the most popular with our bettors include the following:

  • MLS Cup Winner – bettors place a wager on a side to lift the MLS Cup at the end of the season. Arguably, this is one of the most popular bets available on the league as a whole. Often, most novice sports gamblers tend to stick with making this wager due to it being so easy to understand.
  • Eastern/Western Conference Championship Winners – in the lead up to the MLS Cup final, two conference finals are played to determine the finalist. These are the two second most important games in the season. Bettors have two future betting opportunities here.
  • MLS Most Valuable Player – this is a bet placed on which player could be named MVP of the league season. It is much harder to predict than the Cup winner but could prove to be even more lucrative if you are lucky enough to select the right player.
  • Golden Boot Winner – these are bets made on a player to be the season’s top scorer. This can be difficult to predict as form is fleeting and there are loads of good players in the MLS.

Best MLS Futures Betting Tips

We get why many bettors tend to be drawn towards making future bets at MLS betting sites; they offer big payouts and knowing that you were able to predict the winner of the league is quite rewarding in itself. If you are looking for some tips to help you make some better future bets, we’ve got a few that are guaranteed to help you make more educated bets.

  • Don’t Make Opposing Bets – now, we need to explain this advice properly. When we say don’t make opposing bets, we say don’t bet on two teams in the same conference to win the MLS Cup. The reason is that they will never both be able to make it to the final. The MLS Cup will always be contested by an Eastern Conference and Western Conference team. To stand a better chance of winning cash, you really should be making bets on teams in both conferences.
  • Consider Hedging – as we suggested above, make multiple bets, but on teams that actually may have a chance of winning. So, if you were to bet on the MLS Cup, it would pay to have an Eastern and Western Conference pick. If they both make it to the final, you win either way.
  • Don’t Make Too Many Future Bets – as already mentioned above, making future bets ties up your money for quite some time before you are able to see any rewards. It is for this reason we recommend only making a few future bets and not making them the staple of your overall betting portfolio.

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