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Best MMA Betting Sites

mma-betting-websites-usaMixed Martial Arts betting (or MMA betting) is one of the most widely searched sports gambling options in the United States. This is because MMA circuits, such as Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Bellator and King of the Cage are popularly-followed sports in the US. There are so few sports out there that are able to deliver the adrenaline-pumping action that MMA combat sports are able to. Will a fighter tap out or get knocked? How long will the fight last? Nobody knows, but you can bet on it all at the best US MMA betting online sportsbooks.

So, how can gamblers get in on MMA betting USA? Well, all you need is to read this guide and understand how to bet. All of our top listed online gambling sites offer MMA sports betting, so keep your bankroll ready. We’ve also ensured that they are licensed and regulated for US bettors.

Bet on MMA Matches Here in 2020

If you are looking for the best MMA betting site, look no further. The sportsbooks listed below all offer a wide range of betting options that allow you to make great wagers at top odds. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today and start betting now!

MMA Betting Links

MMA Betting Lines Explained

When you visit a US MMA betting site, you will find the following sports betting lines available to you:

  • Moneyline – these are bets made on a particular fighter to win a bout. For example, if bettors were to wager on a matchup between Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov, all they would have to do to win a moneyline bet on this match is select the right winner.
  • Total Rounds – these bets are known as over/unders in other sports. Basically, bettors try to guess the total number of rounds a fight will last before a winner is decided. With MMA fights being as short as they are, this is generally quite a difficult bet to make. This is in contrast to other sports, where it is recommended that gamblers try their hand at these bets.
  • Winning Method – this is a bet made on how the fight will be won rather than who might win it. In MMA, there are three ways to win a match up: knockout, submission and score. Guess the outcome correctly and you will win the bet.
  • Parlay – a parlay bet allows bettors to string multiple bets into one bet. For example, making a number of moneyline bets at once. In order to win the payout, bettors will need to get all predictions correct. These bets are very hard to win. MMA parlay betting sites aren’t very hard to find. All of the sites listed above allow you to make parlay bets on multiple MMA events if you like.
  • Props – these are extra bets made on a specific event taking place in a particular match up. This could be something like a fighter landing a particular manoeuvre a number of times or the fight being won within a certain time frame.

How to Bet on MMA Fights – Weight Classes Explained

To starting betting on the MMA, you’ll need to understand the weight classes and matches. In the UFC particularly, there are certain major events to follow. For example, Fight Night 142, UFC 231, etc. these matches are held at different arenas across the United States. Which means that attending the fights can be costly. Luckily, there’s always live coverage on local networks and streaming sites for these title fights.

Much like boxing, the MMA follows certain weight class categories. However, these are a little less comprehensive than boxing. In MMA betting, we recommend learning the following weight classes:

  • Women’s Straw Weight – 105 lb (Women)
  • Flyweight – 112 lb (Men & Women)
  • Bantamweight – 118 lb (Men & Women)
  • Feather weight – 126 lb (Men & Women)
  • Lightweight – 135 lb (Men)
  • Welterweight – 147 lb (Men)
  • Middleweight – 160 lb (Men)
  • Light Heavyweight – 175 lb (Men)
  • Heavyweight – unlimited (Men)

Once you’re familiar with these classes, we recommend checking the fighting styles of each competitor. Understanding their style helps gamblers to make an informed bet on this combat sport. However, always be aware of insider information and avoid it. This is illegal to share and profit on.

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Online MMA Betting Odds

If you’re wondering “how do betting odds work in MMA?”, look no further. Our guide below has all the answers for you!

Most sportsbooks offer odds in three standard forms. At American online MMA betting sites, you’ll most likely see the American odds system in use. Still, there are a few international bookmakers who offer European and British formats.  So, we’ve explained how to read odds displayed using each of these systems to our US bettors down below.

  • American – these are based on $100 wagers, and usually look like this: +125, -100, etc. So, if you bet on McGregor to win on -250, you’d need to calculate it with this formula: $100 (100/250) x100 = $40. For a +250 wager, use this (wager x odds)/100.
  • Decimal – at European bookie sites, you’ll be given decimal odds. These work as follows: 1.75 to win, with a bet of $75 (wager x odds – wager). So, you’d say 75 x 1.75 = 131.25 – 75 = $56.25
  • Fractional – most UK bookies work in fractions, for example 1/6. This would be your wager multiplied by the (left number by the right number). Or 200(1/6) = $33.33.
How to Bet on MMA

MMA Betting Tips

There are so many tipsters out there who claim to provide bettors with best MMA betting advice. We won’t claim to make such, but we do believe that there are a few tips every US gambler should keep in mind when making a bet on an MMA fight. These include the following:

  • Try to avoid sticking to total bets. While these bets may be easier to win in other sports like football or hockey, they have proven much harder to win in MMA fights. This is because most circuits only allow fighters to go at it for a total of three rounds. Due to the short number of rounds, the margin for error is quite great.
  • Pay attention to a particular fighter’s combat style. Some fighters will fair better against others simply because of the manner in which they engage. Then, there’s also physical attributes that could help some fighters get the edge over their opponent. Make sure to pay attention to this before making a bet.
  • If you enjoy making live bets, you need to look at fighters that have shown more energy throughout the contest. It has often been shown that betting on such competitors results in better wagers.
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