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Best NFL Betting Sites 2021

best nfl betting sites

More than $95 billion dollars is spent on bets placed on National Football League (NFL) games each and every year. By far, the NFL is the most popular sporting league to bet on. Sportsbooks know this which is why they go out of their way to provide you with a variety of lines throughout the regular season. You can trust that NFL betting online is not just limited to the old point spread.

When the playoffs roll around, there is a boom in options, especially on Super Bowl Sunday. (Who hasn’t been interested in prop bets involving the length of the national anthem?)

If you would like to find out more about wagering on NFL football games at online sports betting sites, you have come to the right place. Below we go through all you need to know about the topic. Areas we cover include:

  • Football lines
  • How to read odds
  • Betting tips and strategies
  • Team guides

We also list all our favorite NFL betting websites so that you can ensure that you get the most out of your betting slip should you be lucky enough to win.

Where to Bet on NFL Games Legally


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Best NFL Bets Today

Have a look at our NFL best bets in our blog each and every match week!

NFL Links

nfl betting lines

NFL Betting Lines 2021

There are many ways in which you can get in on the NFL betting action. Some of the most popular lines at the best sports betting sites include the following:

Moneyline Bets

Also known as to win betting, this is a wager that focuses on predicting who will win a match. Sometimes, it can be hard to find some good profit margins in these bets if a match features a big favorite and an underdog.

However, often these are the bets that many beginner sports bettors want to start with because as far as betting options go, it is the easiest to understand.

NFL Betting Spreads

This bet is meant to level the playing field between the favorite and underdog. A number that is predetermined by the sportsbook is added to the underdog’s final score and that same number is subtracted from the favorite’s final score.

Bets on the underdog payout in both win or lose situations as long as it is below the predicted score difference. The favorite needs to win by a certain number of points for bets to payout. Often, you win more cash on spreads than on moneylines.


A totals bet is also known as an Over/Under bet. With this bet, you wager on whether the final total score of the game between two teams will come in below or above the sportsbook’s line. Many believe that totals are by far the easiest bets to get correct.

Some of the most popular over under bets placed on the NFL season is the Win Totals variant. At the beginning of the season, you can bet on whether a team will go over or come under a certain number of wins.

NFL Prop Bets

Props are event-based bets. Those zany bets involving betting on whether Bill Belichick will wear a suit at the Super Bowl are prop bets. The outcome of the game has no bearing on the success of a prop bet.

There are two types of prop bets: skilled and fun bets. Skill bets focus on a measurable attribute that you can research. For example, you can bet on whether Odell Beckham Jr. will score a touchdown. Fun bets are those wagers that involve betting on elements you cannot predict.


Parlays are the wagers that betting websites make the most money on. To place a parlay, you need to fill a betting slip with a number of bets. It can be a combination of spreads, moneylines, totals, etc.

To win the best, all predictions on the slip need to be correct. By including so many variables on a single slip, you increase the odds against you, which means bigger payouts. However, these bets are extremely hard to win, which is why we only recommend that you use the betting option strictly for entertainment purposes.


A teaser is similar to a parlay except that you are given points to adjust the spread. This reduces the risk of a parlay bet. This means that you can perhaps get one or two of your selections wrong and still win a payout.

Teasers feature higher odds than normal bets but lower than that of parlays. However, we still don’t recommend that you focus your bankroll on these types of bets.

NFL Betting Futures

As far as NFL betting goes, we think futures are the most fun to place. They’re like putting your money in a long-term deposit bank account. You place a bet on an event that is due to take place in the future, for example, the winner of the Super Bowl or season MVP at the start of the season. Then you wait to see if you are right.

These bets are very difficult to get right, which is why they offer high odds. Even a small bet could yield great returns. We don’t recommend that you place too many futures but one or two on different league outcomes is always great.

Check out our specific NFL betting guides:

nfl betting odds

How NFL Odds Work

If you are going to make NFL bets predictions, you need to know how to read odds. Luckily, it’s all very easy to do, so you’ll soon be wagering.

The first thing you have got to know is that there are three different types of odds formats. American, decimal and fractional. Most of our betting sites use American odds, which is what we explain below. (However, if you want to find out more about the others, be sure to visit our Odds guide.)

So, when you visit a sportsbook, you’ll see a load of NFL betting lines that look like this:

New England Patriots -145

Seattle Seahawks +130

In this line, the Patriots are the favorites whereas the Seahawks are the underdogs. You can calculate how much you could win on a bet on either team by looking at the number and sign (plus or minus) next to the name.

For example, a bet on the Patriots will yield $100 from a $145 bet. However, a $100 bet on the Seahawks will yield a $130. We are able to calculate this by using the following formulas:

  • Positive – Odds x (Stake/100)
  • Negative – (100/Odds) x Stake

You need to shop around for odds before placing a bet. You never know which online NFL betting sites may surprise you with a good line.
nfl betting picks

Online NFL Betting Picks: Tips & Strategies

Every avid football bettor is looking to build a successful NFL betting model to ensure that they win the most wins possible. While we still haven’t been able to emulate the success of Bill Benter and his horse racing algorithm, we do still have some tips that help you get more wins.

  • Look for line movements at NFL football betting sites. This way, you perhaps get a chance to make more money on a wager if the line moves in your favor. For example, in Super Bowl LIII, sportsbooks first pegged the Los Angeles Rams as favorites. Public betting trends then saw the New England Patriots rebranded as favorites a few hours later. The reason is simple; you don’t bet against the Patriots in the Super Bowl.
  • You should have a look at overall patterns and stats regarding bets on the NFL. You will find helpful titbits that make predictions easier. For example, did you know that 30% of all matches are decided with a margin between three and seven points? You could find all sorts of statistics like this.
  • Read prediction blogs and NFL betting Reddit threads. You will get a better idea of how others think a game is going to go and why they think that. This is helpful in getting you to think about your own selection critically. Did you consider the points that influenced the decision of the blogger or Reddit user?
  • Try to take advantages of specials placed on NFL playoff betting lines. Sportsbooks run specials during that time because more people place bets on those games. So, you have an opportunity to make more money, or extend your bankroll.

Check out our other popular betting guides:

nfl public betting

Fading the Public: NFL Betting Trends Explained

Betting against the public (also known as fading the public) is one of the most popular NFL betting strategies. Basically, how it works is that you have a look at public betting trends for an upcoming game. Then, bet against the outcome the public has favored.

This strategy is usually reserved for big games, such as the playoffs or Super Bowl. As mentioned above, more people tend to bet on these games, which usually means more inexperienced bettors screwing around with the line.

In general, people who aren’t avid sports bettors tend to bet based on a gut feeling rather than on factual information. So, they are more likely to make bad bets.

This strategy used to be very good but it is debatable whether it still works with sports betting becoming more normalized. However, if you would like to learn more about betting against the public in the NFL, reading our dedicated guide.

nfl teams

NFL Team Guides

Looking to bet on a specific team at American football betting sites? Well, have a look at our team guides below. Our experts provide their thoughts on how each team will perform this season.

American Football Conference

National Football Conference

Live Betting

Live bets are wagers placed on games that are taking place in real time. Odds are adjusted according to the events taking place in the match. So, for example, let’s say the Baltimore Ravens have a 14-point over the Cleveland Browns in the first quarter of the match. Odds will be heavily in favor of the Ravens to win the game during this time.

But let’s say the Browns’ head coach (a position akin to being Spinal Tap’s drummer) gives the team a great speech at halftime, and the team brings it back in the third quarter. Odds will be readjusted to reflect the situation. This means that bets placed on the Browns at this point will payout less.

All-in-all, live betting just provides you with another chance to make money. You can place all sorts of live bets, including moneylines, props, totals and more.

With regards to live betting, we urge you to engage in responsible gaming, especially if you are using an NFL gambling app. It is very easy to lose a load of money in a very short space of time with live bets. So, while there are some great opportunities to be had, don’t let this be the beginning of your gambling problem either.

super bowl betting

Super Bowl Betting

Outside the FIFA World Cup and UEFA Champions League finals, the Super Bowl is the most bet on sporting event in the world. It is estimated more than $4 billion dollars in bets are placed on this single game each and every year. After all, there is really no other way to make a big match like this more exciting than placing a bet on it.

Pretty much every respectable sportsbook provides a wide range of betting options on the Super Bowl. This includes all the bets you could place on a regular match as well as some truly unique prop bets that are not available at any other time of the year. Some examples include how long the national anthem will be or whether the declared MVP will announce that he is going to Disney World after the big game.

You can make a lot of money with Super Bowl betting but we do advise you not to get too carried away with exotic props.

nfl season win totals

NFL Betting Win Totals

One of the most popular NFL futures involves attempting to predict a team’s win totals. You don’t really have to bet an exact number as the sportsbook will often set a line that you can bet over or under.

These can be difficult predictions to make, especially early on in the season. However, they provide or could provide you with some amazing payouts. There is a load of strategy involved with making season total picks, which is why we recommend you have a look at our dedicated Season Win Totals guide.

nfl history

History of the NFL

The National Football League was formed in 1920, but was only nationally recognized as the country’s top football league in 1922. Although the game went through many different developments in these early years, the league initially differentiated itself from the college divisions by its passing-heavy gameplay.

The NFL’s popularity really exploded in 1958 with the NFL Championship match, commonly known as the greatest game ever played. The match saw the Baltimore Colts take on the New York Giants in a thriller that ended with a Colts overtime victory.

In 1966, the NFL merged with its biggest competitor – the American Football League. It was then that the league was divided into two conferences and the Super Bowl was created. The league’s decision to increase television coverage of live matches resulted in another popularity explosion.

Over time, there has also been a huge boom in betting on the NFL. In 2014, over $100 million was wagered on the Super Bowl at Las Vegas alone, despite declining TV ratings. This figure is rumored to have reached billions at online sportsbooks. It seems that NFL betting is here to stay for a good time.

NFL Betting Explained – FAQs

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