NFL Football Betting

NFL Football is as American as sports get. The sport is deeply ingrained in the core of American culture. You probably remember who the quarterback in your high school football team was don’t you? What’s just as popular as the game itself is betting on the games. NFL football betting has become part and parcel of the sport. Every game in the NFL has millions of us placing one kind of bet or another whether at sportsbook or amongst friends. If you would like to win big with online NFL football betting forums, try out the top NFL betting sites below. We have put together a comprehensive NFL football guide with a focus on types of bets, odds and how to use the right type of bet.


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Types of NFL Bets

There are five standard NFL bets Moneyline, Spread, Parlays, Totals and Future bets. There are three sub categories of bets which are not unique types of bets per se, but unique in the timing at which they are placed. These three bets are Quarter line, half line and halftime line bets. Quarter line bets are wagers on the standing of the game at the first quarter of the game. Naturally, the half line bet is on the scores after the first half of the game. Then, the halftime line bets are wagers on the outcome of the second half of the game. Essentially, the game is reset to zero for a halftime line bet.

In explaining the various bets, we will use the 2017 Superbowl finalists: New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons.

NFL Football Betting Lines – Moneyline Bets

This is a wager placed on either the underdog or the favourite to win.

e.g. New England Patriots -145

Atlanta Falcons +130

A bet on the favourites New England will yield US$100 from a US$145 bet while a US$100 bet on the underdogs, Atlanta Falcons will yield a US$130. In this case, the risk and rewards are high on the underdogs. If you watched the match in the 2017 Superbowl, you’ll know that the favourites one in that match. Get a better understanding of Moneyline bets and how they work in our break down of moneyline betting.

NFL Football Betting Spread

This is a type of bet that is meant to level the betting field between the favourite and underdog. A number predetermined by the bookmaker is added to the underdog’s final score and that same number is subtracted from the favorite’s final score.

e.g. New England Patriots -3

Atlanta Falcons +3

The final score at that game in 2017 was New England Patriots 34 and Atlanta Falcons 28. Now, any bet on the Falcons lost because they lost by more than 3 points. If the Falcons final score had been say 32, the bet on them would have won even if they lost the match. That is because they would have covered the spread and lost by less than 3 points. Puckline bets in hockey use the same principle of point spread betting.

Totals Bet on NFL Football Games

A totals bet also known as Over/Under bets and represented as (O/U). The bet is a wager on whether the final total score of the game between two teams will be below or above what the bookmaker has set. This is maybe a safer bet because you don’t have to consider the tricky variables that a point spread bet brings to the betting table. Or the precarious bet of picking an outright winner the Superbowl.

Season Win Totals

The sports book sets out a number of wins it expects a certain team to have in the season. Bettors can then bet on whether that team will win more (over) than the total the bookie has set or less (under). These bets are made before the season starts, however, season win totals bets will sometimes be updated half way through the season. Almost like a halftime line bet but for Over/Under totals.

Parlays and Teaser Bets

Parlays merge a combination of spread bets, moneyline and totals. The payout in the event that all the lines you bet win is extremely large. However, because the variables increase the odds of getting all lines correct decrease.

A teaser bet is just like a parlay except that you are given points to adjust the spread. This reduces the risk of a parlay bet. However, you still have top get all lines in your combination correct. With Parlays and teasers you can bet on multiple teams the risk increases exponentially but so do the rewards.


These bets are exactly what they seem to insinuate – they are bets on future games. Such bets are usually on big events like the Superbowl.  Odds to win the Superbowl are released within a week after NFC/AFC championship games. You can place futures prop bets on potential results, predicted MVP, who will win a certain division etc.

Top 3 Tips on How to Bet on NFL Football


  1. Shop for the best point spread or money line at different sportsbooks
  2. Study the odds and stats over the seasons of the teams to see what the likelihood of a bookies outcome is before placing tips
  3. Start with basic bets if you’re a beginner e.g moneyline or basic totals bets