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Wimbledon Odds

Wimbledon Tennis Gambling Online

Wimbledon betting is one of the most exciting forms of tennis betting. The tournament pits the best of the best tennis players in the world against each other. As one of the oldest tennis competitions on the planet, the prestige of the tournament never wanes on tennis fans. Betting on Wimbledon championship has taken a life of its own, seeing bettors all over set their predictions on who is going to claim the coveted Grand Slam competition. The competition is held annually, famous for some of the most shocking upsets in tennis betting history. It is for this reason that top US online gambling sites often hold promotions for the tournament.

If you would like to learn more about Wimbledon betting offers, make sure to keep on reading down below. We go through all US bettors need to know about Wimbledon betting online. Read through our bet on Wimbledon tennis betting guide and find a list of the best sports betting sites along with the latest tennis betting tips Wimbledon, among many other things.

Best Wimbledon Betting Sites 2020

Looking to place a wager on all of your Wimbledon betting picks? Well all you need to do is sign up to one of the sportsbooks listed down below. You are sure to find some of the most competitive tennis betting odds Wimbledon there.

Wimbledon Betting Links

Wimbledon Odds Explained

The odds in tennis work just like any other sports betting game; the players with a history of dominating the sport are pegged as favorites. The sportsbooks online will have different tennis betting odds for different players at every stage of the competition. That means that if you wager on Roger Federer winning the tournament from the start of the tournament, the payout will be much higher than someone that bet on him to win in the semi-finals of the tournament.

Players should note that Wimbledon tennis odds are different for male and female tennis players. It is important to make sure that you shop around for the best Wimbledon betting odds to ensure that you have a chance of winning the most money possible.

Wimbledon Women’s Odds

This generation of women’s tennis has been dominated by Serena Williams. While she may have aged well, it is probably the best time to bet against her. She continues to remain the main drawcard in lady’s tennis.

With many of the Wimbledon betting predictions pegging her as the overwhelming favorite. Some of the names that are placed prominently at the apex of women’s tennis include Garbine Muguruza, Kasatkina and Ostapenko. Make sure to have a good look at the Wimbledon ladies betting odds at your sportsbook before placing your bet.

Wimbledon Men’s Odds

Men’s tennis has been dominated by tennis rivalries and 2018’s Wimbledon Men’s final showcased another battle of titans. The tournament’s most decorated player, Roger Federer, faced his oldest foe in Rafael Nadal in the final. Needless to say, Nadal walked away with the trophy. It could’ve gone either way, which is the reason why betting on tennis is so much fun.

While the player that dominates the sport at the moment can change with each Grand Slam tournament, it is prudent for players to check the ATP world rankings before they bet. These rankings are determined by looking at a player’s form over the different competitions. Men’s Wimbledon winner betting odds tend to be very competitive for this reason.

Wimbledon Sports Betting Sites

Popular Wimbledon Betting Lines

Our Wimbledon betting guide looks at some of the most popular betting offers at US online bookies. The bets listed below are some of the best available at our sportsbooks. To learn more about tennis bets, make sure to visit our tennis betting page.

  • Wimbledon Outright Betting – this relates to the wager on the overall winner of the tournament before a game has been played. It is important to check which players have the best odds to win Wimbledon as the tournament goes on. You may be lucky enough to find yourself a good deal.
  • Live Betting Wimbledon – bookies have embraced the thrill of tennis betting by offering live bets on the next point, the player that will win the next set and so forth. Players can bet and win in Wimbledon tennis matches before the game is finished.
  • Wimbledon Handicap Betting – handicap bets relate to the score of each set and the overall game. It pertains to the over/under betting odds of a game between tennis players pegged as favorites and the underdogs.

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Wimbledon Tennis Betting Tips 2020

Find Wimbledon betting tips today that not only help US gamblers in identifying tennis games to bet on that add value to their enjoyment of the sport but also minimize risk. It serves no purpose to bet on games that you have no interest in watching. Thus, we’ve provided bettors with Wimbledon betting 2020 tips to help them make educated bets online:

  • Research players and head-to-head matchups – this will give you an impression of how players fared last time and in recent results. Some players come to a Wimbledon tournament on the back of an injury and it affects their performance.
  • Focus on one circuit – bettors should zero-in on either the Men’s or the Women’s circuit so that they can fully immerse themselves in the learning everything they need to know about the game. You can also zero in on a specific set of Wimbledon winner odds this way.
  • Keep track of your favorites as well as their opponents – tennis bettors should maintain a record of players that are seeded high on the ATP world rankings before the tournament starts and during.
  • Context of the match – Some players have a history of performing optimally during indoor games and struggle with outdoor games. Bettors should investigate the context of the match before placing a bet. We often have a look at this in our Wimbledon betting preview guides.

These tennis Wimbledon betting tips are in no way a trick to help bettors win without having knowledge of the game. Gamblers need to have a genuine interest in the sport in order to make
competitive bets.

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