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UEFA Champions League Betting

best champions league odds online usaUEFA Champions League betting (also known as UCL betting) is extremely popular in Europe, which is unsurprising seeing that it is the biggest multi-national European club soccer competition. It sees the best clubs in the world go up against one another in an effort to be named the king of Europe. Although the tournament is not as popular in the United States, each year sees viewership numbers grow as more soccer fans get enticed by the competition’s magic. Growing alongside viewership numbers are bets on the competition as many fans seek to increase the already intense excitement.

If you are looking to learn more about soccer betting Champions League, make sure to carry on reading. Below we explore the different types of betting markets often made available on the world’s most famous club soccer competition. We also have a look at general wagering tips and provide some pointers with regards to odds. So, read on and get the Champions League betting advice every beginner gambler needs along with a great list of recommended US online gambling sites.

Best UEFA Sports Betting Sites

Looking for the best Champions League betting odds? Make sure to have a look at the US sportsbooks listed down below. We can assure you that each offers a good list of betting options at very competitive odds.

What You’ll Find In Our UEFA Champion’s League Betting Guide

Popular UEFA Champions League Betting Lines

When it comes to football betting Champions League, the following betting markets have proven to be rather popular with gamblers around the world.

  • 3-Way Moneyline – these are the simplest bets US bettors could possibly make on a soccer match. All you need to do is select the manner in which the match will end, which can be either a win for one of the two teams or a draw.
  • UEFA Champion’s League Asian Handicap Odds – Asian handicap odds have become increasingly popular at global sports betting sites. Ultimately, these rules result in odds being reduced for both teams. The main aim of handicap betting lines is to get odds as close to even as possible. When using these rules, bets on unevenly matched teams may see bettors win a sum of money even if the team didn’t necessarily win the game due to the handicap. Think of spread betting.
  • Over Unders – these bets see sportsbooks setting odds on the final outcome of a match in relation to the number of goals scored. For example, bookies may set the over under odds of a match between Inter Milan and Barcelona at 2.5. This means that bookies expect the match to feature between two and three goals.
  • Futures – these are bets made on a team to win the whole tournament. US bettors can attempt to bet on the winner throughout the season. Champions League outright betting odds offer some of the biggest payouts available depending on when you place the bet.
  • Top Goal Scorer – one of the most popular bets related to the competition is that of who will be the yearly tournament’s top goal scorer. Bookies tend to base odds on players on several different factors, such as form, previous performance and the team they play for, among many others

UEFA Champions League Final Betting

We decided to separate betting on the final because just like with the Super Bowl, NBA Championship and Stanley Cup, US sports betting sites like to create interesting Champions League final betting line to wager on when the final comes around.

Bettors can place all the usual wagers they would be able to place on a regular match, but there are a few UCL betting odds they may want to have a look at too. Exotic prop bets often made available on the final game include the following:

  • Who will the toss
  • Which team will pick which side
  • Will the game go to penalties
  • How many penalties will be missed
  • Will a player miss a penalty

In addition to looking at crazy new bets that may be available to you, make sure that you also have a look at if the soccer betting site is running any Champions League betting promotions. This is a great way to make some extra cash on your bets.

champions league odds

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Best UEFA Champions League Betting Tips and Predictions

Everybody has got some football betting tips Champions League they swear by these days. We’ve got some too, and here they are:

  • Make safe future bets on likely winners – Although UEFA Champions League final odds fluctuate over the season based on the performance of teams, bookies generally tend to peg teams like Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Barcelona and AC Milan as favorites to win the competition due to their performance history within the competition. Making future bets on any of these teams isn’t a bad idea as more often than not, they are likely to win. Just make sure to take recent form into account before making bets.
  • Search for the best odds – when we say this, we want bettors to take two actions. First, we implore you to look for the best odds on a bet you would like to make by looking at multiple sportsbooks. Secondly, if you are planning in engaging in Champions League futures betting, try to plan your bet so that you are able to take advantage of the best odds possible. Often, odds are even set right after the group round draw takes place. However, as the competition progresses, and teams are eliminated, odds begin to change. Overall, we recommend that bettors watch a few games before making a bet.
  • Top Scorer Bets Are An Easy Win – over the last 10 years, only two players have taken home the title of the tournament’s top scorer: Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. If you ask us, it’s a 50/50 chance of winning.

Make sure to check our blog regularly for access to our most recent UEFA Champions League betting picks. We update them as the tournament progresses, so that we offer bettors the best possible predictions.

UEFA Champions League Odds Explained

As we’ve said time and time again, reading odds is nothing to be afraid of and should never ever put you off placing a wager. Reading odds is very simple. It is important to note that there are three formats in which they can be displayed: American, fractional and decimal.

For the purposes of keeping this explanation brief, we will be explaining American odds here simply because this is the odds format you will most likely come across at US sportsbooks, but if you want to learn about the others (and you should), you can do so in our odds guide.

So, when you visit a US sportsbook, UEFA betting odds on a specific match will be displayed in the following manner:

Barcelona -110

Draw +220

Zenit St. Petersburg +221

Now, it’s important to pay attention to the symbol located next to the team’s name as it indicates whether a team is a favorite or underdog. In this case, Barcelona is the favorite because they have got a minus next to their name. This means that Zenit St. Petersburg is the underdog. It is also unlikely that the match will end in a draw.

We use $100 increments to calculate winnings on a potential bet. Betting on Barcelona means that we will need to bet more money to make a greater amount of cash. Bettors will need to wager $110 on Barcelona to make $100. However, bettors will win $221 on a $100 bet if they wager on Zenit St. Petersburg. A draw would payout $220 on a $100 bet in the listed match-up.

As always, make sure you shop around for the UEFA Champions League latest odds. You don’t want to miss out on making a bet at a sportsbook that would have paid you more.

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