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Columbus Blue Jackets Odds

best columbus blue jackets betting oddsColumbus Blue Jackets odds have never really been very good. This is because the team has never won a major championship in the National Hockey League (NHL) – not even outside of the Stanley Cup. It does seem like their form is picking up though, with the Blue Jackets having made the playoffs more times in the last three years than they had in their entire history. They also saw their best ever performance in the league fairly recently. The team could possibly build on this but will they seize the opportunity to do so?

If you would like to find out more about betting on the Columbus Blue Jackets, make sure to read on. We have created the ultimate Columbus Blue Jackets betting guide filled with helpful information to aid our bettors in making the right choices. Some of the topics we focus on include the Blue Jackets odds to win the Stanley Cup, their performance history and some interesting facts and stats. We also provide a list of the best online gambling sites to place bets on hockey. So, what are you waiting for?

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Columbus Blue Jackets Odds to Win Stanley Cup

The Columbus Blue Jackets aren’t playing particularly badly but they aren’t playing particularly well either. They are currently in a middle position on the NHL table where they may have a chance of making it to the playoffs but only if they improve their performance and increase the tally within the wins column.

With regards to the Stanley Cup, we do recommend US bettors thinking of placing a future bet on the Blue Jackets hold off on it. The team isn’t playing convincingly despite coming off their best ever performance in the playoffs. We suggest first waiting to see whether or not the team does actually make it to the playoffs and then having a good look at the bracket structure they may have to face before placing a bet on them at the best US sports betting sites.

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Columbus Blue Jackets Performance History

Considering the performance of the team over the past few years, you can’t blame us for being careful. However, the Columbus Blue Jackets could possibly get better this year. They have a few great NHL players, and careful trades could pay off. Still, they don’t really have a big payroll or market to choose from.

On the other hand, any Eastern Conference team up against them has a good chance of winning. After all, that’s the nature of professional sports. Someone has to lose, and someone has to win. Technically, we’re not supposed to say this, but predictions are fairly easy when the Columbus Blue Jackets are playing. Most of the time, their defense isn’t great and their offence lacks conviction.

Of course, they could surprise the entire league at any time. Yet, the smaller team doesn’t really have the resources to retain good players who want to earn a lot. Some say that this is the curse of small teams, and it has been proven time and again.

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Interesting Columbus Blue Jackets Facts

If you are looking to bet on the Columbus Blue Jackets, make sure to keep the following statistics in mind:

  • The team has never won a Stanley Cup title. In fact, they have never even made the Conference Championship finals.
  • The Columbus Blue Jackets have never won a division championship. Their best ever finish was third.
  • In the last decade, they have made it to the playoffs on four occasions. Three of these appearances have come in the last three seasons.
  • The team’s best performance in the playoffs was making it through to the second round. Their postseason record so far is 1-5.
  • Their coach John Tortorella previously led the Tampa Bay Lightning to their first-ever Stanley Cup win.
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