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Best Casino Software Providers

casino software providersA lot of people don’t pay enough mind to casino software when picking a site to play at. Once you have made sure that the casino you want to join is safe, you should turn your focus to their gaming library. After all, the reason you are signing up to a casino is to play games. So, if the casino software is of poor quality, you are in for a bad time.

Many gamblers also do not know that casino software provider supplying a site with games also impacts their odds of winning a game and bet limits. For example, the max bet on a Realtime Gaming blackjack game may be $5, but the max bet on a Betsoft game can be $10. (This is all hypothetical, of course).

Knowing this information makes choosing a casino so much easier! If you would like to find out more about online gambling software providers, stick around. Below we list the best casino software providers and also help you ask the right questions when choosing a casino.

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Top 10 List of Online Casino Software Providers


1.      Microgaming

Many industry pundits view Microgaming as the company that launched the online casino business. The company started off as a casino operator in 1994 but later grew to become a software developer, providing thousands of casinos around the world with software. Their library literally spans hundreds upon hundreds of games.

Some of the great things about casinos powered by Microgaming is that they are usually safe to use. As mentioned above, they have a massive library of games, including progressive jackpots that have paid out millions over the last few decades. Finally, if you want to play licensed games, such as Game of Thrones, Jurassic Park or Terminator 2, you need to play at Microgaming casinos.

Unfortunately, the one big drawback of Microgaming casinos is that they do not operate in all markets. For instance, if you live in the United States or Australia, you will not have access to their games.
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2.      Realtime Gaming

Realtime Gaming (RTG) is one of the oldest casino software developers out there. Formed in 1998, the developer has grown into one of the most popular providers in the world. Hundreds of casinos make use of their software, which includes more than 170+ games.

Some of the advantages of playing at RTG casinos include the fact that they have a large selection of games. If you are a blackjack or video poker fan, you will also have a wide range of games available to you. Also, casinos supplied by the software provider operate in most countries, including the United States.

However, some of the drawbacks of playing at RTG casinos is that you can’t play live dealer games as they don’t offer any. Conversely, some casinos powered by the software provider are pretty bad at paying out players.

3.      NetEnt

NetEnt is the Batman to Microgaming’s Superman. The casino software provider has been around since 1996. They have a vast selection of games that even include live dealer titles, which is not valid for all providers. They have been known to create award-winning games that have won the hearts of many players.

Some of the most significant advantages of playing at a NetEnt casino is that the software provider has a massive library that features a wide range of games, including slots and table games. There are many licensed-theme slots available, and the software operator is available in more countries than Microgaming.

The one big issue with NetEnt casinos is that you really need to make sure that you do your safety checks. Like Realtime Gaming, some of these casinos may not be the best places to make deposits at.

4.      Betsoft

If you want to play good-looking games, you need to join a Betsoft casino. The software provider has built its name off of providing casinos with experience-intensive 3D games. Playing a Betsoft slot is more akin to playing a video game than gambling. With a massive game library, there will always be something to play.

Some benefits come with playing at a Betsoft casino. Firstly, the large game library is filled with exciting games with themes that are sure to catch your eye. Secondly, most of their games are compatible with mobile and are available in casinos that accept all sorts of players.

However, there are some arguably big drawbacks to take note of, including the fact that the software provider has a pretty shady record in some areas. Mainly working with casinos that don’t always like paying out jackpots.
igt casinos

5.      IGT Casino

So, if you have played a slot game in a brick-and-mortar casino, you have probably played an IGT game before. International Gaming Technology (IGT) is a casino software provider that was formed all the way back in 1971 – before the internet was widely available to people. Over the past 40 years, they have carved a name for themselves as one of the best casino game providers in the world.

There are so many pros associated with choosing IGT casinos. Some include the fact that they only choose to work with legitimate casinos. You can also play many of the games you would be able to enjoy on the Las Vegas Strip online. An example includes the famed Cleopatra game that basically put them on the map.

The drawbacks of playing at an IGT casino is that they haven’t made as many online ports of their games as many players would like.
evolution gaming

6.      Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming has been around since 2006. Its are well-known for providing casinos with live dealer games. Their experiences are seamless enough to win awards and keep players coming back for more.

If live dealer games are your thing, we really recommend signing up at an Evolution Gaming Casino. They have loads of live games; some of which are even compatible with mobile. Also, you’ll find that their streams don’t have any issues unless you have terrible internet.

Unfortunately, their games aren’t available to all online players around the world.
rival gaming

7.      Rival

Rival Gaming has become widely known for their i-Slots, which allows players to live out a soap opera in a slot game. With over 260 games, the developer has grown strength to strength in providing casinos with games that are fun to play and very profitable too.

Some of the advantages of playing at Rival casinos is that they are easy to find. They also have a load of games to play. The drawbacks come in the fact that these games aren’t as good-looking as those produced by Betsoft, Microgaming or NetEnt.

8.      Playtech

Playtech has become pretty well-known for creating superhero-themed slot games. So, if you enjoyed watching any of the Marvel or DC films that have come out over the last decade or so, you will enjoy playing at a Playtech Casino. To complement their slots, they also have a wide range of table and casual gambling games.

Some of the advantages of playing at Playtech casinos is that the software provider has an extensive library of games that includes immersive slots and more. They also offer live dealer games, which, as mentioned earlier, isn’t always common.

Unfortunately, Playtech games aren’t available at all casinos, which is really unfortunate if you were looking to play those superhero-themed slots.
wgs tech casinos

9.      WGS Tech

WGS Tech went out of business a few years ago, but they went to the drawing board and came back with a plan to light up your computer screen. The casino software provider has a load of games available that are easy to play and run on most devices.

Unfortunately, when compared to some of the more prominent developers out there, WGS Tech’s games may seem a bit lacking. They have a smaller game library than competitors, and graphical fidelity is lacking somewhat.
arrows edge

10. Arrow’s Edge

Arrow’s Edge is the new kid on the block. Having been established in 2014, the developing studio has worked quickly to increase the back catalogue of games. The great thing about Arrow’s Edge games is that many are compatible with mobile. Also, they offer players unique experiences that attempt to blend all the most-loved attributes of classic games with the mechanics of cutting-edge technology.

The one big drawback of Arrow’s Edge casino software is that it is hard to find a casino that is powered by it. With the developer being relatively new, they still need to play a bit of catch up with regards to their users.
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Why Casino Software is Important

So, there are few essential ways in which casino software providers impact your gambling experience, including the following:

  • Mobile compatibility – most people gamble on their mobile phones. If a software provider does not have many games available on mobile, then the casinos they power are not worth signing up to.
  • Instant play and download availability – not everyone like downloading software from the Internet. If you are one such player and there is no instant play option at the casino, you are going to be annoyed. Also, if you prefer the download option, you need to make sure that it is compatible with your system. For example, the casino software isn’t always compatible with Mac computers.
  • Live dealer games – as mentioned in our list, not all providers offer live dealer games. So, you will have to check if the casino you would like to play at is powered by a provider that offers these games.
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Online Gambling Software – FAQs

Which is the best software provider?

There are loads of options available, but our experts enjoy RTG, Betsoft and NetEnt games the most.

Which software provider supplies the most casinos?

Well, there aren’t any hard numbers out there on this, but both Realtime Gaming and Microgaming seem to power a load of casinos. This is perhaps due to how long they have been in the industry.

What makes a software provider great?

There are a few areas we look at when judging software providers, including:

  • The quality of games (Do they run well? Are they fun? Do they look appealing?)
  • The size of the game selection (are there a variety of slots and table games to play?)
  • Is the software available on different platforms? (Mobile and PC)
  • Does the provider work with trustworthy casinos?

Is casino software reliable?

This depends on the software provider. If you play at casinos powered by any of the providers listed above, you are sure to run into minimal issues.

Can you buy online casino software?

Well, we don’t think there is any reason to buy it if you can download it from a casino site. But if you are really interested, you will have to contact the providers themselves.

Does casino software impact payout time?

No, this is dependent on the casino and banking method you choose. For example, one RTG casino may take months to pay you out, whereas another will pay you out in four days.

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