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Baseball Betting Odds

Many gamblers in the United States argue that baseball betting is the most popular form of sports gambling in the country. Well, with the number of bettors signing up every day at the best online sportsbooks to be on Major League Baseball (MLB) or the World Series that cannot be denied. Baseball betting is different from basketball or football betting in that it often provides gamblers a better chance of

In fact, baseball is known as the best sport for sharp bets – random large bets on underdog teams that promise to payout loads of cash if you win. Another exciting thing about baseball betting is that it has an extended time frame in spring and this means that bettors have more games to bet on than with other sports.

If all this makes you keen to get in on the action, but all you can think to yourself is, “how does baseball betting work?” Well, you come to the right place! We have created the ultimate sports betting guide for wagering on this amazing sport. Read on below and learn all you need to know about baseball betting at the best online gambling sites.

Top Online Baseball Betting Sites 2020

The sportsbooks below provide US bettors with best baseball online betting odds and lines. Be sure to sign up to one to make money betting on baseball today!

Top Sites In America

Baseball Betting Links

Baseball Betting Lines Explained

It’s essential to know to the wagering options available when betting on baseball games at top US sports betting sites. Although reading baseball betting lines is easy and the sport has got some of the best odds, it’s not necessarily the first choice for many new sports bettors. Below are some of the top recommended betting lines for new bettors to look out for when placing wagers on baseball.

The Run Line

This is a mixture of money line and point spread. On the run line, the favored side will be signified with -5, meaning that the respective team must win the game by over 1.5 runs. The underdog team or the losing team will be represented with a +1.5, meaning that the specific team must lose by less than 1.5 runs. In most cases, USA bettors wager on favored teams because the chances of winning are higher.


This is when gamblers bet on which team will win the game. Moneyline bets available on a specific team determines the amount of money that could be earned by a US bettor on a bet. This is considered as one of the easiest and best ways of wagering on baseball games. In addition to that, most tipsters focus on these wagers with their baseball betting picks.

However, the payout available on the moneyline betting odds can be quite confusing for some bettors, especially the novice bettors. The team that is considered the winning team is one on the moneyline, and it will be represented by a negative sign before the numbers.

The losing team or the underdog will be represented by the opposite sign, a positive. These two signs determine how a bet may pay out. Bettors will be paid less when betting on favorites as opposed to when betting on underdogs.

Over/Under or Total

With this betting option, gamblers have an opportunity to wager on the overall number of runs scored during the game. Baseball betting over under rules basically work the same way as on any other sport. US gamblers bet on whether it is going to be under or over the provided number. However, there are cases where the score matches the number offered, and in such a case, the bettor’s initial bet will be paid out without a loss or a win.


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Best Baseball Betting Tips

When you are new to sports betting, you’ll need all the help there is to win real money after placing bets. So, below are some of the baseball betting strategies and tips that our team of experts has laid out to help US bettors win big. (We must mention though that there is no perfect baseball betting strategy and that the tips below will only increase the odds of you winning on a more basis.)

  • Keep Your Distance From Favorites – many bettors like wagering on the favorites meaning due to relying public bias. Some of the most famous teams such as Red Sox, Yankees and Dodgers will forever have a higher payout rate and most bettors will bet on them regardless of the odds available. This doesn’t mean you should always bet on them though. Make sure to check baseball betting stats before placing any wagers. You never know, old favorites may be performing really badly.
  • Always Capitalize on Underdogs – it is important to note that losing teams eventually win and you can often farm out when those opportunities when they are about to do so. While statistically, you are more likely to lose these bets, if you do win them, the payout will be amazing.
  • Follow Baseball Betting Trends & Bet Against the Public – Many US gamblers always bet on the favorite teams based on the players that are on that team and the number of times that the team has won in the previous seasons. But, in many cases, the bettors lose if they wager based on this information. Seasons vary and thus it may not always be wise to follow betting trends based on past favorites.

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Understanding Baseball Betting Odds

Reading baseball betting odds isn’t all that hard. All you have got to know is that odds will always be displayed in the American format at online sportsbooks that cater to US bettors. This system makes it easy to calculate how much you could potentially win on bets.

A betting line for bases will be displayed at US sportsbook in the following manner:

Atlanta Braves -121

Cincinnati Reds +112

With the betting line provided above, gamblers would win $112 for every $100 they bet on the Reds. However, they would need to bet $121 on the Braves to win $100. Bettors are able to see this by looking at the sign next to team names.

Always be sure to shop around for odds. Some sportsbooks will provide better odds on certain matches.

US Baseball Betting Online Conclusion

To sum it all up, baseball betting has grown to be one of the US’s biggest sports betting options. When you bet online, you get access to so many exciting bonuses and promotions, let alone some big real money wins! So, feel free to visit any of the best sportsbooks online featured on our site and start betting on baseball for real money today!

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