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Best PUBG Gambling Sites

pubg betting sitesAlthough PUBG betting isn’t as popular as gambling on other esports, it is still an option for bettors truly entranced by the category of sports. The game is widely-known for providing players and viewers with heart-stopping experiences, especially on the professional stage. One way to ensure that any PUBG event is just that more exciting is to place a wager on it. By doing this, you ensure that you truly do have someone to root for and a vested interest in the result.

If you would like to find out more about betting on professional PUBG matches and events, make sure to keep it here. We have created the ultimate guide to betting on Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds down below. Some of the areas we look at include the types of bets you can place on PUBG games and some good betting tips to keep in mind. Then, we also provide a list of the best online gambling sites for bettors looking to wager on eSports.

PUBG Betting Sites – List

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what is pubg

What is Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds?

Player Unknown’s Battleground (PUBG) is a battle-royale game developed by the PUBG Corporation and released in 2017. The game sees a single player or a team of players attempt to outlast all others on the map as they survey the area for scarce resources. It is a kill or be killed scenario, which creates great excitement and adrenaline rushes like no other.

Since its release, the game has grown to become one of the most played games in the world, consistently making the top 10 list on a wide variety of platforms. The title’s extremely competitive nature and popularity is what has led it to become a staple at esports events.

Each year, a large number of tournaments are held, with some of the biggest names in esports competing to take home prizes as large as $350 000. Gamblers and fans of the game can now also get in on the action by placing wagers on the outcomes of said events.
pubg betting lines

PUBG Betting Lines – Explained

There are a couple of different PUBG betting lines available to avid esports bettors online. The most popular include the following:

  • PUBG Match Betting – this bet is essentially a moneyline. All you are doing is predicting the winner of a match.
  • Tournament Winner – if match bet is a moneyline, then a tournament winner bet is a future. Here you select which player you believe will win the tournament long before the final actually takes place.
  • First Kill – with this bet, you predict which player will get the first kill of the game.
  • Most Kills (Player) – as the name suggests, you predict which player will get the most kills throughout the match up.
  • Live Betting – these are bets made on games that are already in-play. Sometimes these games allow for players to win more cash with better predictions due to having some knowledge of the form of players.
pubg betting tips

Top PUBG Betting Tips

There are a couple of PUBG betting tips you need to keep in mind if you are going to make better bets. These include the following:

  • Begin with safe bets – rather than trying to understand over/unders and the layout of a professional esports environment, we suggest that you begin with a simple moneyline. Picking a potential winner for a match is much easier than reading through all the stats required to make good over/unders or prop bets.
  • Compare betting odds – there are a couple of sites that offer lines on PUBG tournaments. Who says that the first one you picked has got the best odds? Make sure to have a good look at the odds on offer at multiple esports betting sites.
  • Research teams and players – just as with any sport, you want to be clued up about the competitors. You do not want to bet against players like Shroud too often for no apparent reason. Know the strengths and weaknesses of the competitors and you’ll already start winning more often.
  • Stick to your budget – before you start betting on PUBG, you want to set a budget. While gambling is fun, nobody wants to go broke while engaging in what is supposed to be a hobby.

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Online PUBG Betting – FAQs

Can I bet on PUBG online?

Yes, you can bet on PUBG online. There are many esports betting sites that provide players with the chance to bet on esports.

What are the best PUBG betting sites?

Here is a list of the top PUBG betting sites:

  1. BetNow
  2. BetOnline
  3. Bovada
  4. MyBookie
  5. Intertops

How do you bet on Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds?

Gamblers can bet on match and tournament winners, first kills, and over/unders with regards to kills, among other options.

Is betting on PUBG legal?

Yes and no. It is legal to bet on PUBG in any state or country that actively allows sports betting and online gambling. If your state does not allow it, then you are not allowed to bet on professional PUBG games.

Can I play PUBG for free?

Some versions of PUBG are free. For example, you can play PUBG for free on Android devices. However, the PC and console versions of the game you need to pay for. You are going to need to practice on one of these versions if you are going to play competitively.

Which is better: PUBG or Fortnite?

The answer to this question is based on your opinion. Both games provide players with exciting experiences. Fortnite tends to be wackier and offers a different take on the battle royale concept with the building mechanic. PUBG offers a more realistic experience with players engaging in military-style combat.

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