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Roulette Lessons – Play Roulette Like a Pro

Cooper | October 23, 2020 | Updated on: December 20th, 2023

top roulette lessons Roulette is said to be the easiest game for beginner to play. Our experts tested the casino game and came back with useful roulette lessons. You can research the game on the web but learning happens when theory is put into practice.

As the most loved game, roulette has managed to capture many players through their unique versions. The game is best enjoyed at top online gambling sites. Let’s get into what we learned while playing roulette.

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Expert Roulette Lessons

The first lesson you need to know is how roulette works.  Roulette is a table game that uses a wheel and a ball. The ball is thrown on the roulette wheel while it is spinning. Eventually, it will rest on a number when the wheel comes to a halt. You bet on where the ball will land.

The wheel has 38 compartments with numbers ranging from 0-36. Some variations (namely, American roulette) have an additional ‘00’ compartment. The numbers on the roulette table are also color-coded. One side is red and the other is black. So, you make sure that you understand the types of roulette bets.

Variations of Roulette

These are the three basic types of roulette online you will find at casinos:

American Roulette

The house edge in America Roulette starts from 5.26%. The game has both the 0 and 00 compartments, which raises the stakes in the game.

French Roulette

French Roulette is not as popular as other versions. However, it has a much lower house edge than American roulette. It is mostly the same as European roulette but the tables differ. In addition, the rules are slightly different.

Europe Roulette

The house edge for European roulette is 2.7%, which makes it the version of the game that most players like. This roulette game has 36 numbers with one 0.

best roulette lessons

Types of Roulette Bets

The main bets in roulette are inside and outside bets. Here is a list of these bets:

  • Split Bet – made on the dividing line between two numbers.
  • Column Bet – a bet placed on 12 numbers.
  • Corner Bet – this is a bet placed on four numbers.
  • Dozen Bet – the bet is made on twelve numbers on four rows.
  • Even Bet – a bet on even numbers.
  • Odd Bet – bets placed on odd numbers.
  • Street Bet – three numbers on the table following each other like 1,2,3 or 4,5,6.
  • High Bet – these bets are set on numbers from 19-36.
  • Low Bet – you make bets on numbers between 1-18.
  • Straight Up – only bet on one number.

Roulette Payouts

We list the bets and the payout ratio to expect:

  • Corner Bet (inside bet) – 8-1.
  • Dozen Bet – 2-1.
  • Column Bet (outside bet) – 2-1.
  • Odd Bets – 1-1.
  • Even Bet – 1-1.
  • Street Bet – 11-1.
  • Low Bet – 1-1.
  • High Bets – 1-1.
  • Split Bet – 17-1.
  • Straight Up – 35-1.
  • Street Bet – 11.1

Roulette Lessons – Strategy

Here are some roulette tips to keep under your sleeve when you play the game:

  • We suggest that you don’t increase your bet when you lose because it’s not going to help you win. Honestly, you don’t know where and why the ball rests on a certain number. Your chances of calculating this probability are slim and most people never pay attention to this.
  • It’s more realistic to predict the area where the ball will bounce instead of the correct number. This means you won’t always know where the ball will land but you can at least guess.
  • You should understand the language used in the casino game, including the bets available.
  • Lastly, you need to remember that roulette is based on chance, which means you won’t always win. However, some betting systems can help you reach your winning goals.

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