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roulette royale casinoRoulette Royale is arguably the most popular online roulette game in the world. It is a different version of the European roulette with only a single zero in play. Players get a chance of winning a big jackpot trying to predict where the ball will land on the roulette wheel. When playing Roulette Royale online, you need to apply the best strategy to win because progressive jackpots work in a different way.

The table game is developed by the leading casino software supplier, Microgaming. You can download the Roulette Royale APK file on your computer PC or smartphone device. We recommend players get the Roulette Royale app on their mobile device so that they can enjoy the game on-the-go. We’ve featured some of the top online casino sites that offer the game online.

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How the Roulette Royale Game Works

One of the drawcards of Roulette Royale is that it features several progressive jackpots that a player can win. The chance to win tons of credits is available with every bet that players make. Each bet is then added to the pool prize. The minimum jackpot prize is valued at 15 credits. To be a winner, all you need to do is call the same number twice.

The jackpot gets even bigger if the same numbers are repeated more than twice. Get the same number three times in a row and claim a whopping 200 credits to your name. Four hits in a row will grant you a jackpot prize worth 3000 credits. The biggest jackpot prize will be granted to the player that can hit the same number five times in a row.

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Roulette Royale Casino Unlimited Money

Unlike other table games online, Roulette Royale is designed to suit a player’s speed and level of experience. You can manually configure the game, choosing the rate at which the roulette wheel spins as well as the range at which you want to play between normal and expert mode. Here are the differences between the different modes of play:

  • Players who choose the expert mode will find that it has a lot more features than the alternative. You can access the history of bets you’ve made, to help you identify cold and hot numbers.
  • For more experienced players, the expert mode allows you to switch to the autoplay feature, along with placing neighbor bets and other sophisticated bets.
  • The expert mode also gives players the chance to save up to 8 bet templates which you can use as at any time as a winning strategy.

Roulette Royale App

If you are an avid gambler, then you probably know that online roulette is great on your mobile device. There are tons of benefits that come with playing your favorite game on a smartphone or tablet device. You can literally play anywhere and anytime. Microgaming has customized the Roulette Royale APK file to fit the most popular mobile operating systems in the country.

The most significant reason to try Roulette Royale is the number of zeroes on the board. While the American roulette game has a single zero as well as a double zero (00), Roulette Royale uses the European version board with just one green field for the single zero. This difference might seem like a minor detail, but it pertains to the odds in the game. European roulette has a slightly lower house edge than the American alternative.

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