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What are the different types of slots?

There are various types of slots games to choose from. These games are famous for their simplicity and huge jackpots. Slots games have been in existence for over 200 years but remain as popular today as they were when they were first introduced.

Although the games have evolved with newer technologies and various versions and themes, the simplicity of the games remains the same. The best thing about slot games today is that players can choose which slot versions they prefer.

Players’ choices can be based on the slot’s game jackpot, theme, or game version. We are going to look at the different types of slot games and how they differ from each other.

Types of Slots

Classic Slots

Classic slots are the most traditional types of slot games. These slots are also known as one-armed bandits for their lever that you would pull to make a spin. These slots are commonly referred to as three-reel slots, and they are the most basic slots games. Classic slots are best for slots beginners as they are the easiest to play.

The basic game rule for classic slots is to land on three similar symbols. Classic slots are relatively faster and more exciting, which makes them the most preferred slot games.

Five-Reels Slots

Unlike classic slots, these slots games never had levers; five reel slots came with buttons from the onset. Players have to press the spin button to activate a spin. Five-reel slots come with more paylines, which increase your chances of winning. Five-reels allow players to make between 20 and 25 combination lines.

Even the pioneering five reel slots were digital and not mechanical like the first classic slots. Five-reel slots are more famous in online slot casinos. These slot games are best played online because of their video graphics nature.

Progressive Slots

Progressive slot games are famously known as progressive jackpots slots. This type of slots requires players to place a maximum wager, and the jackpots accumulate with every bet made. Progressive slot games have a network of connected slots games and every player on the network contribute to the jackpot prize.

Progressive slots are also referred to as accumulated jackpot slots because the jackpot accumulate until one player takes it all.

These slots can come in either three- or five-reels forms and they would usually have varied slots themes.

I-Slots (Interactive Slots)

I-slots are online interactive slots games with scenes and mini games within. Players in I-slots games get to create storylines as they advance in the game. Each game mode will trigger rewards such as instant payouts and free spins with multipliers.

I-slots games feature various themes such as bank robberies, travel agencies, and many other themes that most players find entertaining.

Virtual Reality Slots

With the emergence of the metaverse and virtual reality and augmented reality, headsets comes a new world of gambling. Slots games developers are now adopting these new changes and adding slot games to the virtual gaming world. Virtual reality slot games immerse players into the land-based casino experience wherever they may be.

3D Slots

3D slots can be any type of slots with 3D visuals. These slots can feature multiple reels, multiple paylines and other types of slot games. The best thing about these games are the graphics which can be very visually appealing.

Slots games are famous for obvious reasons; they are easy to play, thrilling and they have enormous jackpots. Although these games have been in existence for a very long time, game developers still find a way to make them more attractive to players. Slot games will thus continue to be played for as long as time.


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