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Do Casinos Monitor Your Play?

Yes, casinos monitor your play, but not for the wrong reasons. Remember, some online casinos have offers such as VIP programs and players’ loyalty programs. For these reasons, casinos might track your play and reward you accordingly.

However, although casinos monitor your play, they cannot control the outcomes of the games. This is because the outcomes of the casino games are not necessarily determined by the casinos. Instead, they use a system called the Random Number Generator (RNG) for that. This system basically controls the outcomes of the casinos’ games and ensures that these outcomes are random.

How Casinos Keep Track of Your Winnings and Losses

Casinos use video surveillance such as face recognition technology, real-time behavior analytics, and algorithms to track players. There are also some land-based casinos using face recognition technology that associates players with their playing profile. Land-based casinos also use playing cards to track players.

Some casinos also use chips to track on which tables they were used, among other things. Digitally enabled chips are also used to see if players have taken the chips outside casinos.  This is so that they can be able to disable them once they are taken outside the casino. This is done to prevent players from attempting to use chips that have been tampered with to cheat.

Casinos monitors your play

Reasons Casinos Monitor Your Play

Casinos monitor your play for multiple reasons. Contrary to popular belief, the reasons casinos monitor players are not vile. Below are some of the basic reasons why casinos monitor players:

To Avoid Cheating

There are people who will try to rip off casinos every now and again. To protect themselves, casinos have put surveillance in place. If a player has an unusual winning streak, that player might be monitored to see if they are not employing any dodgy techniques.

To Resolve Potential Disputes

If a dispute arises between a player and the casino, both might want to review what had transpired. This could be a time when you might appreciate the fact that casinos are monitoring your play. Players and dealers can ask to review the surveillance to see what had happened. Video surveillance could thus help resolve disputes.

To Build Rapport

There are instances when casino personnel might approach a player. This could be for various reasons, including when a player is a high roller or a casino regular. This could be to build a rapport that could keep the player coming back and to even reward that player.

To Reward Players

Many online casinos have bonus and loyalty programs and promotions. For this reason, casinos might want to collect players’ data in order to reward them accordingly. Some casinos have loyalty programs to reward players based on the amount they spent and their loyalty to that casino. For casinos to get this information, they have to monitor players.


As it is possibly now clear, casinos do monitor your play, however, this is basically not for the wrong reasons. Players thus do not have to worry about that, mainly because it does not even affect the casino games’ outcomes.

Online casinos and land-based casinos use different monitoring methods. Although land-based casinos use video surveillance, players are not surveyed when playing online. Online casinos use systems such as real-time behavior analytics, and algorithms to monitor your play.

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