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Do Online Casinos Track Your Internet Protocol Address?

Yes, online casinos do track your Internet Protocol address. That’s because casinos are locally based and are required to track and store player IP addresses for auditing purposes. This is particularly important for the US, UK, and some European countries’ casinos.

The regulators in these countries require casino operators to track players’ IP addresses. Read this article to find out all the reasons why a casino site will track your IP address.

IP Address

Top Reasons Why Casinos Track Your IP Address

Casinos mainly track your IP address to ensure they offer services to players in their jurisdictions. For example, regulators want to ensure that services are not provided outside of the US for casinos based there.

Casino websites are required to submit the IP addresses of all their site visitors. However, other reasons compel casino sites to track your IP address.

Here is the list of the top reasons why a casino will track your IP address:

  • some casinos want to send out targeted ads to their players. So, for that reason, they will track your IP address.
  • Some international casinos will also track your IP address to send targeted ads.

How to Protect Your IP Address from Being Tracked

1.      Use a VPN

The best way to ensure that no third parties or casino websites can identify your IP address is by hiding it. You can hide your IP address by getting a VPN [virtual private network]. A VPN will allow you to conduct your online business without providing your real Internet identity.

With a VPN, your Internet Protocol address and location will be hidden from online casinos. Plus, you can still play your favorite casino games online.

2.      Play at Crypto Casinos

Another option to prevent online casinos from tracking your IP address is playing at decentralized crypto casinos. The best part about these casinos is that you can fund your wallet with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many others. The best part about crypto casinos is that no one will track your transactions because the only information recorded is your wallet address.

At cryptocurrency casinos, no one knows your name, address, or contact number. Many players gravitate towards crypto gambling sites to maintain their identities online.


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