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Does the MIT Blackjack Team Still Exist?

Unfortunately, the MIT blackjack team no longer exists, but they managed to crush casinos for almost two decades, making millions in that time. We think that this blackjack team would still be playing if casinos allowed them to. There is nothing casinos hate more than losing money to card counters.

The MIT team was outnumbered when casinos networked to stop the team. Following a series of Investigations, which involved matching yearbook photos of Harvard and MIT students, the team was identified.

MIT blackjack team

What Is the MIT Blackjack Team?

The MIT Blackjack Team was a team of blackjack card counters that included players, leaders. and investors. In 1979, Bill Kaplan, a professional blackjack player, came across a flyer at the MIT campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The flyer was a call for interested students to join the MIT Blackjack Club. In 1980, the MIT blackjack team was born with a capital investment of $90,000. The team rapidly doubled this amount, and in no time, players were making $160 an hour.

By 1984, there were 35 members consisting of a combination of MIT and Harvard students. At the team’s height, there were about 80 members spread across Atlantic City, Las Vegas, Europe, and Caribbean countries.

MIT Blackjack Team Members

Trying to name each team member would be nearly impossible, but a few are worth the mention. Here is the central group of people that played a vital part in the formation and development of the team:

  • Bill Kaplan
  • Jane Willis
  • Jeff Ma
  • Mike Aponte
  • Semyon Dukach
  • John Chang
  • Laurie Tsao

Where Are They Now

You are probably wondering where these players are now. Well, some made drastic career changes, and others didn’t. Semyon Dukach is no longer a pro player, but he is now an angel investor who is always looking for new investment opportunities.

Jeff Ma went into sport. He landed his most notable gig in after he became a sports columnist and predictive analyst for ESPN.

Arguably,  Jane Willis had the most drastic career change. She is now one of an award-winning  lawyer. She is currently a partner at the Boston-based firm Ropes & Gray.

Mike Aponte returned to professional blackjack. In 2004, he won the World Series of Blackjack. He currently teaches students proven methods and techniques on how to win blackjack.

Johnny and Laurie Tsao got married, but it is unclear whether they are still together. Johnny is a coach and speaker. He also had his name added to the Blackjack Hall of Fame. Tsao is still a pro blackjack player. In 2012, she was spotted at Caesars’ Palace hotel in Las Vegas. She was later banned from the casino and playing in the area!

Bill Kaplan Blackjack

The founder of the MIT blackjack team is now the CEO of FreshAddress. The company creates emailing strategies for businesses. He is also an expert in analyzing the risk and rewards of growing successful companies.

To play blackjack as good as the MIT team, you will need to be matched with pros like Jane Willis or be able to analyze risks and rewards like Bill Kaplan. You can start working on your skills with our  top blackjack guides!

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