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Fontainebleau Fires Back at Wynn’s Lawsuit over Employee Poaching Case

In recent legal developments, Fontainebleau Las Vegas has taken a firm stand against allegations brought forth by Wynn Las Vegas regarding employee poaching. The clash between these two prominent casino operators has escalated, with Fontainebleau filing a countersuit in response to Wynn’s accusations. Las Vegas is known for its bright lights and high stakes, and now that drama extends beyond the casino floor.

fontainebleau las vegas battle against wynn las vegas over employee poaching case

Wynn Las Vegas Throws the First Punch against Fontainebleau Las Vegas

In February 2024, Wynn Las Vegas accused Fontainebleau of poaching its employees. Wynn claims these employees had signed non-compete clauses in their contracts, essentially prohibiting them from working for a competitor for a certain period.

Fontainebleau Fires Back

Fontainebleau strongly denies these allegations. They say the former Wynn employees who joined their team were unhappy at their previous employer and decided to leave voluntarily. To further defend their position, Fontainebleau filed a counterclaim against Wynn.

The Plot Thickens: Heated Emails and Accusations

The situation gets spicy with the inclusion of a fiery email exchange between the CEOs of both companies. Fontainebleau included this email exchange in their counterclaim, showcasing the tension between the two leaders. Wynn officials downplay the email, calling it a publicity stunt and maintaining that the core issue of employee poaching remains unaddressed.

Wynn’s Perspective: Protecting Their Investment

Wynn Las Vegas believes Fontainebleau actively recruited their employees, violating their employment contracts. They argue that Fontainebleau, being a new resort, couldn’t attract top talent on its own and resorted to poaching. Wynn feels this tactic was unethical and is seeking legal recourse.

Fontainebleau’s Counterargument: A Different Story

Fontainebleau paints a different picture. They claim that several of their current executives previously worked on the Fontainebleau project while it was under construction, staying at the Wynn Las Vegas during that time. These executives, according to Fontainebleau, were naturally drawn to the idea of working at the new resort once it opened.

Vacationing CEO’s Email Roils Las Vegas Casino Dispute

The plot thickens further with Fontainebleau’s claim that Wynn CEO Craig Billings sent a profanity-laced email to Fontainebleau CEO Jeff Soffer regarding the departing employees. The counterclaim alleges this email showcased poor judgment from Billings, who was reportedly on vacation when he sent it.

Stay Tuned for the Next Chapter

With both sides having filed their claims, the case now heads to court. The future remains uncertain. How the judge views the employee recruitment methods and the enforceability of non-compete clauses will determine the outcome. This legal battle promises to be an intriguing spectacle in the world of Las Vegas high rollers.



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