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How Do You Spot a Poker Bot?

Recently updated on January 4th, 2023

A Poker bot wasn’t a problem back in the day because they were not as sophisticated as they are today. The bots were no good at playing No-limit Texas Holdem. However, things have changed because, over time, poker bots have become more complex and sophisticated.

You’ll find that some of them are capable of playing a solid 6 Max poker game. Sometimes, the more modern poker bots are designed based on the equilibrium play or the GTO. If they are good enough to play the game, there isn’t a foolproof way to exploit these poker bots. However, there are ways to spot them if you suspect you’re playing against one. Read this guide to find these ways.

How to Spot Poker Bots

What is a Poker Poker Bot?

Poker bots are computer programs designed to play poker without a human overseeing the gameplay. Bots are illegal and unethical at online casino sites in America. For example, unlike human players, poker bots are never susceptible to tilt and never misplay a hand.

Moreover, a poker bot will never get tired of playing a poker game. The bots can play indefinitely, which means they can make more money in the long run. Sometimes poker bots act as placeholders for players who want to stay in the game for a long time. That’s why poker bots are never designed to win a large sum of money.

Top 5 Ways to Spot a Poker Bot?

Here are five ways to spot a poker bot in a live game if you suspect you’re playing against one.

1.      Poker bots never respond to chats

If you play poker, this may not be much of a sign that you’re playing against a bot. That’s because not many players respond to chats, especially if they are multi-tabling. However, not responding to chats is one of the behaviours that poker bots display.

2.      Bots tend to play too many tables

Many people use poker bots to get player rewards or accumulate a large sum over time. Remember, many poker bots can’t win large amounts.  However, they spend a very long time playing a solid game, meaning the money accumulated over time can amount to a jackpot win.

3.      Poker bots make moves quickly

Human players tend to take some time in situations to think about their next move. But a poker bot will not do that because they are programmed for the poker action. A poker bot will use the GTO poker strategy and will not take long to decide.

4.      Poker bots never make mistakes

Sometimes, a poker bot will make random and weird moves that human players would normally not. If you see that the player you’re playing against makes interesting moves that most poker players wouldn’t make.  Then it would help if you thought about whether this is a poker bot.

5.      Poker bots play all the time

looking at the time a player spends at the table helps determine if you’re playing against a poker bot.  Humans can play a perfect GTO strategy, and they can also play many tables at a time. But they cannot do it indefinitely without sleeping. However, poker bots don’t need sleep, so they can play for hours without getting tired. So, if you notice a player online all day and night, they are most likely a bot.

If you think you are playing against a poker bot but aren’t sure, contact the casino you’re playing at and alert them of your concerns. They have better ways to detect whether a player is a poker bot or not.

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