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What Are the New Florida Scratch Offs?

The new Florida scratch offs, by the Florida Lottery, are new ways you can become a millionaire instantly. With up to billions in total winnings these are some of the best ways to try out your luck. We introduce you to the new Florida scratch offs games that can be played from as little as $1 and up to $30.

Introducing New Florida Scratch Offs

Of the newest scratch off games is Florida 300X THE CASH, which features more than 15 million winning tickets and a special bonus spot. With the special bonus spot, you can win $100, $200, or $300 instantly. This $30 game also features 28 prizes from $1 million to $15 million, and the odds of winning are 1 in 2.93.

Another one of the newest Florida scratch offs is WHOLE LOTTA $500S, WHOLE LOTTA $500S is a $5 game with a total cash prize of more than $76 million. This new game features the top eight prizes of $500 000, with the overall odds being 1 in 4.08.

The other new additions are a $2 and a $1 game. These new scratch card games are respectfully called $50 000 DIAMON MINE and 3-2-WON. You stand to win up $50 000 with the $50 000 DIAMON MINE. The top prize for 3-2-WON is $3000.

All the above scratch offs games were brought onto the market in September 2022 and are already on sale.


New Florida Scratch Cards – Where to Buy?

Scratch offs are one of the most played games. This is due to their speed of play, the potential payout, and the simplicity of the game.

Fortunately, the new Florida scratch offs have also already hit the market and are available for sale at all lottery retailers. Players have already started flocking to the lottery retailers to try out their luck on these scratch offs.

If you prefer convenience, you can enjoy some of the best scratch offs games online. The best thing about playing scratch-off games online is that you play from anywhere. Online casinos will also give you a free welcome bonus when you sign up. Online scratch off games are also cheaper and very easier to play.

New Florida Scratch Offs – Conclusion

Scratch off games have been played for just over 60 years and these lottery games remain relevant even to this date. This is possibly owed to the fact that scratch offs have evolved with the times.

The best thing about new Florida scratch offs is also the fact that players stand to win a lot of money. Some of the proceeds from these scratch off sales will also go towards charitable causes. This makes the new Florida scratch offs worth trying out.

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