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Should I Keep the Same Numbers in Keno?

Recently updated on January 1st, 2023

Keeping the same numbers in keno is one of the best strategies you can use. Most players think that, eventually, the numbers need to appear. However, there are some disadvantages that you need to think about when you use this strategy.

Read this guide to learn if using the same numbers in keno is a good idea. Find the benefits and drawbacks of using this strategy in keno.

Numbers in Online Keno

Benefits of Keeping the Same Numbers in Keno

Many benefits come with keeping the same numbers. Here’s a list of some of the benefits you might enjoy when you use this strategy:

  1. You don’t have to think much about your strategy because it’s the same.
  2. All you think about when you keep the same numbers is how much your bet amount will be.
  3. Keno is a game that relies heavily on luck, so keeping the same numbers might be a good strategy.
  4. You can play more games in online keno because you keep the same numbers.

Disadvantages of Keeping the Same Numbers

With any game that you play at online casinos in the United States, there are going to be some drawbacks. So, it’s important to consider the cons of using certain keno strategies. Here’s a list of some of the disadvantages that you might encounter when you decide to keep the same numbers:

  1. When you use the same numbers in online keno, and they don’t hit, your losing streak will become longer.
  2. You need to have a healthy bankroll because of the long losing streak you might encounter.
  3. There’s no variation when you keep the same numbers in online keno, meaning the game can quickly become monotonous.
  4. You lose the chance to test out strategies in certain scenarios.

How to Choose Numbers in Keno

Besides keeping the same numbers, there are other strategies that you can use when you play the game. Here are some strategies that are popular with real money players:

  1. Learn the odds of each number and choose the numbers with the best odds.
  2. Choose hot or cold numbers and interchange between the two categories when one hit.
  3. You can choose your numbers based on important dates in your life. For example, you can choose your birthdate or a relative’s birthdate.
  4. Select numbers based on a pattern of popular numbers based on previous games.
  5. Use your lucky numbers and play them in a game. With this strategy, all you have to decide is what number represents luck for you.
  6. You can use a random number generator to choose your numbers in online keno. That way, you don’t have to think about coming up with a strategy.

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